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Welcome back to!


Hi y'all! I'm so happy today because I finally got my original domain --! 

After how many years of waiting I finally bought the domain at a cheap price.  I was so surprise because it was very expensive the last time I checked. 

If you're wondering how I lost this domain.... 5 years ago, I updated my header image and reverted my blog name from EmoterGoddess to Venussmileygal. I created a blog post for that (read here) with the story how I lost my original domain.

Earlier this year I've been meaning to go back to blogging but every time I attempt to create a blog post it all ended to draft. I got overwhelmed of so many things I want to share in my blog and also I don't know where to start after a long time of on and off in blogging. 

Getting back my original domain inspired me to blog again. I think this is a sign. I also get this domain in time for Holy Week break, where I have a few days off from work. So I have time to work on some updates on my blog.

I still don't know where to start. I still feel overwhelmed of so many things I wanted to share, but I'm gonna take it slow. I will keep in mind the following benefits of blogging for me...

Blogging is the process of writing a blog, an online journal in which you share your thoughts. And just like how I did before when I was younger where I write down my thoughts in a diary notebook, writing my thoughts in my blog will help me unload everything that's on my mind. 

Blogging will make you practice gratitude more. Sharing about the places Ive been, food I've tried, things I bought, and the achievements helps me to realize that I am blessed. And sharing this in my blog reminds me to be thankful for every small and big things and experiences.

Blogging will remind you of good memories. Reading my past blog post helps me remember good times with good people. And also reminds me of the things that Ive experienced and achieved. Some past memories also inspires me on how to live in the present.

Blogging will give you opportunities and freebies. I must admit, seeing some progress in my Google Adsense also inspires me to actively update this blog. And there are still businesses who still continually reach out to me for collaboration. Reminds me of the good old days, where I used to shop online for free and received so many products in my house. My outfits before are mostly sponsored. Even though I don t go out more often now but I miss dressing up.

Liebster Nomination 2016 From Kitty Journal

Hi y'all! Hows life?
I'm currently addicted to Instagram and getting the hang of Twitter, that most of the time I spent most of my spare time there rather than blogging. I am not sure if that's good or not. What do you think?
How about you which social network do you hangout the most? 
By the way, if  were not yet friends on Insta and Twitter feel free to connect with me and shoot me a comment on my profile so I can follow you back. I'm @Venussmileygal on both social networks. ^_^
 Today, I am going to answer questions that Kai of sent for Liebster nomination.
Thank you Kai for the thoughtful nomination. I enjoyed answering the questions...

1. What’s the story behind your blog name?
Venussmileygal has been my online nickname. And so when I created a personal blog I name it after my online nick. However, back then I am not managing my own domain and hosting so when the domain named expired and was not renewed immediately, the domain was taken away by others because it has a page rank of three and has high traffic. Got totally devastated and I almost stop blogging. When I slowly recovered from that blogging breakdown, I rebuild my blog on I name my blog Emotera Goddess because I am very emotional that time.

2. Who’s your inspiration in life?
My son and my mom. They are my drive to work hard and stay healthy because I know they need me.
And as for my son, he inspires me to be a better and stronger person everyday. I strive to be good and mindful because I know he looks up to me.

3. For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

Family and career... Hopefully in love life soon. :D

4. What’s your favorite dish and why?

Tough question.... I actually love a lot of food. 

5. Name one person that left a huge impact on your life.

My son. Having him had a large impact on my life because when I had him every aspect of my life changed. He opened my eyes to something that I didn't see, learn things I didnt know or would never thought I should learn, and find courage to face the cruel circumstances in life. Being a single mom is tough but I am able to stand and move forward to give him a comfortable life now and a brighter future.
6. Do you play any musical instrument? What are those?

No, but I would love to continue learning guitar. I initially learned guitar way back highschool but I stop. 

7. If you were given a chance to talk to God, what would it be and why?

Would probably ask me Him when does He plan to send me the love of my life? hahaha
But seriously, I just want to thank Him for all the blessings He has given me now and for always there behind me, extending His hand when I lost my path, carrying me when I cant stand, wipe my tears when I cried a lot and gives me a big hug when I needed it the most. :)

8. Would you ever travel to a non-air-conditioned bus?

I actually prefer non-aircon bus specially in long trips because I have low tolerance of cold air. I feel dizzy and easily get stomach spasm when long exposure to cold air condition. 

9. Do you have a planner? How do you keep them neat and accordingly?

I do have a lot planners which are already old. In fact, what I am using now is an old planner from previous years. :D
And that's how I keep it neat and order by not using it that much. hahaha! Kidding aside, I am no longer as religious as before in making use of planners. I am kinda sort of a spontaneous person.

10. Name one restaurant you would like to have/own someday.

A fancy coffee or pastry or tea shop. I've been dreaming of owning a cafe like those we see in Korean dramas.... Quaint, has fancy cups and saucers, decorated with flowers and hand paintings, and has a garden. :D

11. Ramen or Pablo Cheesecake?

Ramen. ;)

There you go everyone. I hope you enjoy getting to know me a bit through this questions... If you have some questions for me, feel free to send them to me in the comment sestion below. I would love to answer them on my next blogpost. ;)

Hello Venussmileygal!

Hey there! Have you notice something new on my blog?
I just updated my blog header as well as my blog name! I use my online nickname to be the name of my blog -- Venus Smileygal. This used to be my domain and blog name before but since I was a newbie back then and the domain was not registered on my GoDaddy account. The registrant didn't remind me for the renewal date and I only knew when I lost it already. To keep the long story short, I lost my domain, someone else bought it immediately (because it has a page rank  of 3 and high traffic) and so I started a new domain and blog name. ㅠㅠ Sad memory!
Anyways, I commissioned Jeini to draw me this cute digital doodle of myself. I discovered Jeini when I was doing a blog hopping. I read her blog and discovered her cute doodles. I asked her to draw me in one of my fave outfit and signature pose. Check it out in this post. 
As a little treat (for the delay of delivery) she generously gave me another a super kawaii chibi of me... :D It's so cute and adorable cant get enough of it!
If you're interested to have your own cute doodle as well visit here at
Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend! 

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey everyone! Its been awhile since Ive shared something here in my blog...
I wanna thank Ira of Journal of Style  and Kay of Shoes and Glitters for the Versatile Blogger Award (TVBA) nomination. I know its has been weeks that past since I was nominated, but hey better late than never right? :D
What I like when participating in blogger nominations is that it gives you an opportunity to connect with your readers and get to know them by nominating them.
So here's seven random facts about me for you to get to know me better...

7 Random Facts About Me 

  • Im a single mom to a smart boy.
  • I work at home as an administrative assistant.
  • When shopping, I knew what I want but I always end up undecided  and takes awhile to decide which is which.
  • I love watching teen movies, fantasy, sci-fi and romantic comedies. I dont watch horror or suspense movies and TV shows.
  • I love Korean pop and enjoys watching Korean TV series. Which eventually influence me a lot to like Korean foods and culture.
  • Unlike school days where I dont like class recitations. I enjoy sharing my blogging knowledge through workshops. I really miss the workshops that our local bloggers group, CDBloggers, use to organize.  
  • This blog use to be after my online nickname, Venussmileygal, as well as my domain. I didnt have much any idea back then on some technical part of blogging. The domain was bought for me by a friend coz I dont have a Godaddy account. When its time for renewal of the domain he didnt bother renewing my domain and was bought by another who is very interested because my blog has a PageRank 3. I was so sad and almost stop blogging because of it. Good thing my blogging passion didnt die there and this blog was relaunch as Emotera Goddess. ^_^ 


My Versatile Blogger Award (TVBA) Nominees:

Elizabeth of ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
Jalisa of The Style Contour
Gemma of Jacquard Flower
Gabrielle of A Glass Of Ice 
Abby of The Frugal Blogger
Diana of Different Colors & Different Styles
Rachel of Daily Luxe
Ella of Ela Bella World
Tina of Just A Tina Bit
Shelly Stuckman of Arizona Girl
Marija of Style Sense Moments
Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online
Ems of The Womom
Jacqs of Jenjacqs
Len of Len Parent

About the Versatile Blogger Award 

1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to the blog.
2. Select 15 blogs you have recently discovered and nominate them.
3. Tell 7 things about yourself.

Blogging and What-Nots

How was weekend everyone?
Attended the general meet-up of the local bloggers group that I am a member of... CDO Bloggers. This has been a comeback gathering because its been a long time since we had a meet-up. Its so good to see everyone again...
And I also want to share good news... for me that is... that yet again I was among the Top 20 Fashion & Beauty blog in the Philippines. This time im ranking 9th spot. Yay! Way to go!
Thank you as always to you my readers and visitors... :)

Blog Meter's Top 15 for Fashion & Beauty

Happy flyday Friday everyone!
I am wearing a big smile because I just discovered yesterday that I am the 15th best fashion and beauty blog in the Philippines for the month of August! ^_^
You may check the other sites who made it to the best 20 here... Top 20 – Fashion & Beauty 
I want to thank you, my readers, for you are the reason I reach this spot. 
I apologize for this short update... I am suppose to talk more but I cant think straight because of my aching head. Im gonna have to rest.
Enjoy the weekend!

New Instragam Update

Hi everyone! How was the midweek so far?
I was supposed to share my August Wrap-up post but I havent finished the post. 
So here's a quick update... 
Im so happy with the latest update of instagram.... The new filters are awesome and handy! And then instagram now also supports landscape/portrait photo uploads and multiple photos in one post (you just have to install a Layout app). Read more about this updates on instagrams blog, links below.
Lets follow each other on instragam! Id be happy to connect with everyone. 
Follow me as @Venussmileygal on instagram and comment your username below so I can follow you back. You can also leave me comments on my photo updates so I will know. ;) 
Til my next post... Have a great week ahead!

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

I am always thankful and happy to see fellow bloggers who read and leave comments in my blog post. It always felt good to connect with everyone through blogging. In connection to this, would like to send my gratitude to Zarrah of for the sisterhood of the world blogger award.

Here are my answers to Zarrah's questions...

1. What keeps you from blogging?

Before it use to be the quality of my writing. Ive been blogging since 2009, and I have always been blogging on personal thoughts and experiences. However, when I started to gain sponsors and advertisers the pressure to produce a well-written post and insightful articles to gain more advertisers, eats my enthusiasm to blog. Thank God! I have overcome this and the idea of quitting blogging is no longer on my mind...
Recently though time is keeping me to consistently update my blog. I am currently juggling with my online jobs,  blog hopping/commenting and growing my instagram followers... Speaking do follow me on instagram and ping me Ill be happy to follow back. (Insert shameless plug! >.<)

2. What are 3 essentials a blogger must have?

Laptop/PC. Ofcourse... because how can you set-up a blog and write a blog post without this.
Camera. Because for me photos gives more life to a blog post.
Passion. You need to have passion in blogging in order to share something to your readers. Your readers can read your enthusiasm on your blog post and it will be an essential factor for them to keep coming back and read your blog. This enthusiasm will also fuel your desire to keep your readers updated as you progress in the blogosphere.

3. Best comment on your blog so far.

The best comment are those that answers the questions I ask in my post or those comments which relates to my post, for I know they are reading my post. It warms my heart knowing they took time to read my post. I will no longer mention specific commenters for they are many to mention.

4. What is the best thing about blogging?

Before I knew about blogging Ive been writing personal thoughts and experiences in my diary notebook. Back then it was me myself and my diary... Blogging relive that hobby of mine.... to share and document memories worth keeping, but this time with other people to read and add their ideas/suggestions/tips through the comment box. I feel like I gain more friends to connect and converse with. That is why I always appreciate those who comments on my blog post.
And ofcourse, I get to earn something and shop for free. Thank you sponsors and advertisers! ;)

5. Can you name 3 blogs that inspire you the most?

During those time when I dont like blogging and sharing anything on my blog. There's 2 blogs I have always been reading and following... I just enjoy how they share their personal experiences... they are and The third would probably be random fashion bloggers, they are many to mention so will make it general. :D

6. As a blogger, what do you think we can contribute to the community?

Sharing positivity and honest to goodness reviews/information. As a blogger we have the power to inform not just local community but international community as well. We can promote our local community through our blogs. We can also lighten up someones day through our blog.

7. If given a chance to switch lives with someone, who will it be and why?

Kendall Jenner. No Im not a fan of the Kardashian. In fact I havent event watch their reality tv show besides some videos on Youtube whom Ive accidentally watched. I just love Kendall's style and every time I see her in a new outfit, I always feel the need to have it or wear it. I am also a self-confess model wanna-be.

8. What camera are you using?

Most of the time my Sony Experia Z mobile phone and then my Nikon D90 whom, until now,  I am still learning to master. Blah! (>.<)

9. What is your photo editor?

When I am in hurry and lazy Picasa 3 but when im in the mood Fotor.

10. Give a quote that best represent your blogging life.
I have two quotes....
No matter what you're going through, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you'll find the positive side of things. ~ Demi Lovato

To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you. ~ Tony Dorsett

Blogs I Nominate to answer my 10 Questions

Official Seol | Styleccentric Fashion | "Ice cream" whispers Clara | WhatWouldVWear | Star Dust Bohemian | Different Colors & Different Styles | Made in Mauve | '96 Wild Heart | KellMeNow | Looks by Lau

  1. What made you decide to start blogging?
  2. How did you came up with your blog name and blog url?
  3. What is your number one blogging DON’T?
  4. What are your trade secrets in gaining lots of follower on your social media accounts?
  5. Do you plan your blog post or #OOTD post?
  6. When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
  7. Aside from blogging what are the hobbies you enjoy?
  8. Do you want to learn any specific languages? Why?
  9. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
  10. If you were to give a newbie blogger an advice on blogging, what would it be?

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award recognizes the unique voices of women bloggers around the world.

To accept this award, here are the rules:
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions they have set you.
  • Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. Nominate ten people.

Lifestyle Blogger Nomination

Hi everyone! Just want to share this good news. I was nominated as one of the Lifestyle Blogger of the Year from our local newspaper. Thanks to the people who trusted me and my blog. And thank you also for the vote of confidence.

Urban Life the Lifestyle Section of Mindanao Gold Star Daily recognizes the importance of Lifestyle Blogs, as a unique place, where people share different topics and connect to a wide spectrum of Audiences. This competition aims to promote Lifestyle Bloggers to continue on their creative craft in Blogging, and with your continued support they may carry on sharing their Thoughts, Work’s and Life to everyone.

Visit Urban Life – Mindanao Gold Star Daily page and vote for me as lifestyle blogger if you think I deserve it. Social Media is 20% of the total score but I still want to ask your help to vote for me. Thank you in advance everyone!

2014 Blog Wishlist

EmoteraGoddess 2014

What I want to achieve for my blog this 2014...

1. Blog more. Last year, I have so many things to blog for but was lazy to even just update pictures of it.

2. Find a "photographer". Since I started fashion blogging I realized it was not easy when your in this journey alone. You need to have supporters and paparazzi. :D Other fashion bloggers got their boyfriend, sibling and assistant who took their outfits shots. Sadly, I got none of the mentioned person. Hopefully I can have someone who will take my outfit shots this year. If you have the same dilemma I'm open for collaboration just message me!;)

3. Own a tripod. An alternative for number 2 is the tripod. Some fashion bloggers took their outfit shots with their tripod so why not try it right?

4. Video blogging. I have lots of videos stored in my external hard drive. It's probably not to late to edit and share them. And yes hopefully capture more and share it here in my blog. :)

5. Master photography. Last year, I manage to get some items in my wishlist one of which is a DSLR camera. This year I should make use of it and enhance my photography skills.

6. Plan! I'm not a planner type of person. I tried buying a planner before but it all ended in my drawer... Dusted and bored to death with no plans written on it. This year will yet again try to be a planner bit by bit until I'll get use to it. I didn't buy a planner notebook for myself but a blogger friend gave one as a gift. Now I have another reason to really use it. ^_^

7. Travel places. So I can use my planner! haha I should seriously try this to gave my life a different scenario. Will start with nearby places maybe in Cagayan de Oro and hopefully if budget permits go national and then international. (*crossing fingers*)

8.Share more. Until now Im still searching for reasons and trying to bring back my enthusiasm to blogging. I really can't figure out why it took me so long to find that enthusiasm in sharing things in my blog. Hopefully, this year I can share more in my blog with the help ofcourse of my "photographer", tripod, planner and travel experiences.

9. Companion. All this things I listed would be much more fun and possible if I have a companion who'll support my crazy adventures. It doesn't have to be a boyfriend (though I'm praying for one.. :P) but whoever who is willing to share their time with me.

10. Go out! I shouldn't just work in my home office, or dining room table. I should take my laptop to the mall, or coffee shop once a week or so.

Camille Co for Olay Conversations #OlayProudofmyAge

I saw this video of Boy Abunda interviewing fashion blogger Camille Co for Olay Conversations. Just taught of sharing this because I like thought of the interview in connection to blogging ofcourse. I do like and strongly agree with Camille when she said "that there's no wrong way of blogging. It's supposed to be really personal for you." If your blogging for the purpose of sharing what's your passionate about and sharing your personal experiences then its possible there are no rules in it. It can be sharing personal fashion, hobbies, sports, food, travels and more. And as Camille said "Its your blog, its your page, your own voice."

Watch the video interview to find out more...

BYS Cosmetics Bloggers Meetup

BYS Cosmetics invited lady bloggers from Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and Iligan to introduce there products. Thanks to Ria Jose for making this possible! :)

BYS Cosmetics (5)

Looking Forward For Social Media Influencers Summit

It has been awhile since I attended a summit or a gathering of fellow bloggers and social media practitioners. So when I learned about Social Media Influencers Summit that will be happening in Cebu, I got interested and tought of joining. Was even more hype up when the organizers sent me an invitation to attend the event. This could also be a chance to visit some friends who's in Cebu. (Wooohoo!)

Social Media Influencers Summit

Social Media Influencers Summit will be March 16, 2013 at JCenter Convention Center of JCenterMall at Mandaue City, Cebu. There are around 300 social media influencers and users expected to attend th event.
The summit’s theme is the summation of two words: “Trending” + “Forward”
“Trending” means “the general direction in which something tends to move.” Each individual or company may have separate goals, but the ultimate goal of any “Social Media Influencer” is to create a buzz for its cause to make it appear on the “trending” topics of the social media networks.
“Forward” is being used to depict the innovation/presentation that each social media influencers should do to reach and influence the target audience. Buzz is not created by all. It is practiced by those who had mastered it. And this craft is fast changing with the dynamic preference and attitudes of the social media users.

Aside from the summit there were activities set before and after.

Cebu Bloggers Society Appreciation Night 2013 and Social Media Influencers Summit Launching.
February 15, 2013 (Friday) at 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Harolds Hotel
Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City

Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 JCenter Convention Hall
March 16, 2013 (Saturday)
JCenter Mall, AS Fortuna Avenue

Mobile Trip 2013
March 17-19, 2013
On Selected locations

What Im looking forward on the event?

I am looking forward on hearing our very own CDObloggers President Vic Marion Madriaga, who will be talking about Social Media Success Story for Advocacy. His one reason I want to attend the event because I want to give my support.

Much more than that I am also interested to listen to the speakers since they will be tackling interesting topics on Social Media and its impacts. Here are the speakers and their topics:

  • Maria A. Ressa - Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 Keynote Speaker

  • Vic Marion Madriaga - Social Media Success Story for Advocacy

  • Maria Irene Aserios - Impact of Social Media Influencers in national and Local Politics

  • Mary Jane Cabrera - Community Social Media Influencers at Work: The Iloilo Bloggers Experience

  • Hannah Almira Amora - Facebook Success Story: How we raised One Million Pesos in Three Months

  • Atty. Ethelbert Ouano -Minding Social Media Rights and Responsibilities

  • Janette Toral - Am I a Social Media Influencer

  • Fitz Gerard Villafuerte - Maximizing the use of Social Media for your Business

  • Lisa Marie Mirasol - Social Media for advocacy Success Story: One for Iliganof Iligan Bloggers Society

With this line up of speakers I would surely looking forward to go home with lots of inspiring stories on being a social media influencer and also how to be an effective social media influencer.

I cant wait for March 16, 2013!

Social Media Influencers Summit is sponsored by Megaworld Corporation, Smart Telecommuniction, J Centre, Blue Water Resorts, Pinoy Great Deals, Click Photo ClubBluewater Maribago. With Partner Organizations; iNewMedia Online NetworkCebu Bloggers SocietyCebu Blog Camp, Ilo-Ilo Bloggers, Google Business Group Cebu.

Mobile Blogging Via My iPhone 3gs

Hey readers! Im blogging right now via my iPhone 3Gs... Its nothing new actually coz I used to blog via my iPhone before. I just didn't get to share my experiences mobile blogging via iPhone 3Gs however I did shared my first ever experienced with my first smart phone Samsung S5230W Star WiFi.
So what is it I'm going to share now? Well, I just recently migrated to Wordpress and this is the first time I'm using the Wordpress mobile app. I've downloaded this app for awhile already but I just use it now. ^_^ Its very convenient actually so as long you have an internet connection you can publish a blog post. I will surely be using this more often now that my personal blog already in Wordpress. Back then I've usually utilized my Blogger app in updating this blog where it was freely hosted before. I will just make a separate post on my blogging experienced with Blogger app.
Here is the snapshots I got when you access your self hosted blog via mobile.

Now here's a snapshots when I started blogging. You can see above the options cancel and publish. Next are the title, tags and categories. Options below on it is the write, settings, preview attachments, videos and image. Tap the screen below categories and now you can start blogging.

Selecting the categories in your blog...


Lets go to uploading photos...

Now this is how it looks when you finish uploading the pictures... Html code. Be sure you dont any letter or delete anything from to the /a> coz it will be the reason your image wont display.

After adding photos you can now preview and publish your post!

Have you tried blogging through your mobile? What smart phone are you using? Will looking forward to hear your experience too! :)

Unexpected Blessing

Just a few minutes ago I opened my Yahoomail to recover a password of my Twitter account. I rarely checked this email, only times like this that I need to log to recover/change a password on the social networks that is associated with this account. So since Im already log-in after the verification process in Twitter, I go on and checked emails one-by-one and delete those are not important. As I progress reading through and deleting 1 email caught my full attention and I actually read it a few times before I went checked my other Paypal account. I received a payment on one of the affiliate websites I sign-up before. I never really give much attention to it and after installing the banner on one of my blog (of which I rarely update) I just left it and never monitored. Imagine my surprise receiving an amount of which is really a big help for me now since boss has not sent salary yet. And I had so many bills waiting for me to pay. Wheew!
God indeed never leaves me alone. He never fails to remind me to be patient with everything, to always hope for the best and to be always thankful of what I have right now. Surprises will come on the right time... in the right place, just like today! :)
Thank you God! I was so surprised that I got so emotional. I am amazed at God's grace even if this isn't the first time that He has helped and blessed me specially in times when I want to break down.

I was listening to my Emotera Playlist in Youtube that on a perfect timing the song "I Know You're Not Alone" by Sweetbox played. 

30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY 1 - The Samaritan Blogger

Im supposed to spent my day today catching up with my backlogs but I remember I need to finish the designs on my fellow CDOBloggers blog themes. Basically what I do is hunt a theme for their blog, install, customize and often I design a logo also.
I have actually started working on this yesterday but I din't get to finish because we had out March monthly Meet-up. And so here's what I did... is own by Mommy Dharlz. I changed the theme and added Labels since she didn't put any labels on her post. This labels are important  for categorizing your post of which I did in this blog. I specifically place a category on the navigation menu for readers to easily check on the specific things they want to read on her blog. As you can see the featured post slider ain't finished. I leave it to her to personalized but I did send her instructions on how to change it. I'm excited also to see what she come up. :)

Teacher Roxanne's blog is the next one I did for finishing. Yesterday, I bought the domain, import-export her posts from Wordpress to Blogger. Why I choose Blogger? Simply because they offer free hosting and Roxanne dont want to invest for a hosting yet. She just paid me for buying the domain... So today what I did is finalized the theme layout then design and add her header logo and banner ads. And here's how it look... tadddaa!

This 2 blogs are not the only ones I helped in setting-up, personalize and installed as ads ready theme. I have also worked on 3 other blogs before. Yeah! That's how generous and helpful I am... But honestly, after today I realized I should charge a fee on the next one. :D I mean not necessarily big just enough maybe to reward my appetite who has full of cravings. lol

Anyways, last year I helped Macky on his too... And I have teach him some basic how--to's on his blog as well as how to have more visitor on his blog.

Then just early this year I'v worked on Vic's and design his logo.  ;)

As well as Jacqs' This one is in Wordpress so I also installed must-have plug-ins for her. The name of her blog before is Cagayan de Oro but I change it to CDO Info Guide which I think is more nice. Watchatink?

Thanks to for all the blogger themes and for the Wordpress theme.
For those who also wants my services on your blogs and websites just message me through my contact page. ;)

My Own 30 Day Blog Challenge

I've read a fellow CDOBloggers blog about her 30 day blog challenge and she is currently on her 1st day. After reading her first day post I thought to myself why not do a 30 day blog challenge to myself also to motivate myself. You see I've been having a lot of backlogs since last year and until now I haven't recovered yet. I thought time will come ill be back on track but as time goes by its becoming worst. There has been a lot of things to blog and share but still I cant find the words to say. So this time Im taking action. I'll start my own blog challenge too.
I will blog every day about things I did for the day. And since today is April 1st, its a perfect time to start my 30 Day Blog Challenge. Hopefully this will be effective and would bring back my enthusiasm in blogging.

Goodluck to myself!

The CDObloggers 2012 Kickoff!

CDOBloggers Inc just recently inducted the new set of officers for the year 2012 last February 26, 2012 at Lokal Grill. Members had fun chill-out and bond! Everyone had a blast singing there hearts out, showing off all there powerful pose and use all the strength in just one game. Yeah, im not kidding it was one hell of a game that our President Vicmadz organize. (-.-) Will definitely not join on another game the President will organize. lol
Anyway, after the videoke the induction took place. Officers as well as members had an oath taking ceremony and then signing of Memorandum of Agreement(MOA). Followed by a message from the Founder/Board Member Chiq Montes and the newly appointed President Vic Marion Madriaga.

Cagayan de Oro Bloggers Officers for 2012

President: Vic Marion Madriaga
Vice President-Internal: Venus Mabale
Vice President-External: Roxanne Hambre
Secretary: Jacques Agbon
Public Relations Officer: Eleanor Aguilar
Treasurer: Rob Gunayan
Auditor: Elva Agbon

As one of the set of officers we will word hard for this year and hope to gain more active members. We already set out a project plan for the whole year that you will surely look forward. Please do check the activities below and save the dates. We hope to meet and greet you all. ;)

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Why do I Like Blogging?

  • I like blogging because I like the feeling of sharing information and my thoughts.
  • I like blogging because I like the idea that through my blog I was able to express my feelings.
  • I like blogging because I am able to help others on the information or tips I posted.
  • I like blogging because I was able to go travel with pleasure; Manila, General Santos, South Cotabato and many more to come. (fingers cross)
  • I like blogging because I have the reasons to take photos everywhere, anything and everything. lols
  • I like blogging because I can have free access to events.
  • I like blogging because I can sometimes eat for free at the newest resto in town.
  • I like blogging because I have an extra income.
  • I like blogging because I became a speaker at blogging workshops and impart my knowledge.
  • I like blogging because I am able to meet lots of people.
  • I like blogging because I met Matt Mullenweg in person. ♥♥♥
  • I like blogging because its the reason why I am a member of CDObloggers Inc.
  • I like blogging because I met this wacky people!

WBFC: Google Friend Connect

It's weekend and im joining Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #7. I do hope im not yet late! This actually my second time to joined this and my first was last week which is the Follow Twitter Account. This week its going to be a Google Friend Connect so I hope to gain lots of hugs and Google followers from fellow bloggers in this WBFC! ;)

Click the image above for more info on Weekend Blog Follower Caravan.