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#Foodtrip: Capricho Art Cafe

Happy flyday Friday everyone!
As I mentioned previously I will share more details about this new (to ourself that is) cafe we visited for our midweek chill.
Capricho Art Cafe is not just a typical cafe that serves refreshments and food to its costumer. It also offers art pieces which are painted by local artist in the city. This art pieces are also sold at an affordable price.
The food and drinks on the menu is not expensive. Probably because of its location, which is just outside Liceo De Cagayan University, wherein students are the regular costumers.
I ordered the frozen choco drink and bacon & egg sandwich while my friend ordered the strawberry drink and aloha burger (yes that's aloha burger... as you can see something is missing in it). Honestly, we didn't enjoy our order much besides the fries that we finish in a snap. :D
Tips: They have affordable combo meals/snacks, make sure to ask on the crew.
There are some food and drinks in the menu that are not available.

Address: Capricho Art Cafe
Rodelsa Hall, Liceo de Cagayan University
Rodolfo Pelaez Avenue, Carmen,
Cagayan de Oro City

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all!

How did you you spent your Valentine's day? As for me, just went out with my friends. The original plan was to watch a comedy show but then for some reason was canceled. My plan B was to just stay at home and work. Yes! Work on a weekend! :) Dont want to go out because it'll be crowded everywhere since a lot of people are dating... (Just picture me strolling alone while everybody are in pairs.) However, my friend woke me up with a call to go out... We ended grabbing lunch at Bubble Tea, Centrio Mall and just stroll right after.

The Great China Circus

Received a complimentary tickets for The Great China Circus featuring acrobats of Hebei and my friend and I watched it earlier at Limketkai Mall. We had fun on most of the amazing acts that was presented. Most particularly the Wushu, chair stacking, plate spinning, vase and table juggling, candle balancing (contortionist) and the romantic aerial dance. I was expecting more on that aerial dance though… It was kinda “bitin” for me!
Took some photos and recorded some videos of the show but will follow the video because I still need to edit it. Meanwhile enjoy the photos! ^_^
A photo posted by Venus Smileygal (@venussmileygal) on

Have you watched The Great China Circus show?

Snoe Beauty Now in Cagayan De Oro

Got invited at the opening of the Snoe Beauty in Centrio Mall. Snoe Bueaty is a homegrown beauty brand in the Philippines. They offer organic or natural skin care, make-up, hair care and a lot more cosmetics. To check more about their products you can check out their website at
Snoe Beauty Centrio Mall Cagayan De Oro

Snoe Beauty Centrio Mall Cagayan De Oro

Snoe Beauty Centrio Mall Cagayan De Oro

Snoe Beauty Centrio Mall Cagayan De Oro

With Ralph Layco brother of the owner of Snoe Beauty CDO.

Would like thank Snoe Beauty for this gifts… I like the fresh custard face and body powder. I love the smell and the cool feeling after putting it to your body, really refreshing.
Snoe Beauty Centrio Mall

On the first opening day, Kagay-anons who purchase with a corresponding amount gets to take home this Special kojic with glutathione beauty bar for free.
Snoe Beauty Centrio Mall Cagayan De Oro

And yes I got one for free too since I bought this Hair Heroes Therapeutic Relief with Sage Tea tree and Peppermint for me to try. According to sir Ralp its proven effective as anti-dandruff shampoo and one of the best seller product.
Snoe Beauty Cagayan deOro

While testing and checking out some of Snoe Beauty products here are my wishlist which Im eyeing to buy next time…

Location: Ground floor of Centrio Mall, CM Recto entrance.
Twitter: @SnoeBeautyInc
Instagram: @SnoeBeautyInc

#WonderfulMindaNOW: Cagayan De Oro Recommended Places

I mentioned in my previous post that I will be exploring Cagayan De Oro for #WonderfulMindaNOW campaign right? Well, I really had fun going out and about in the city that I'm thinking of doing this more often. Will be featuring more of this local go to places in Cagayan de Oro in my CDO guide blog, but ofcourse will also update outfits and personal thoughts here. ;)
So without further adieu here's the top 10 go to places I can recommend.

1. Oh My Pastry & Cafe

Looking for the best silvanas and homemade pastries in CDO? Checkout Oh My Pastry at Yacapin - Velez!

The delicious Silvanas and Sans rival from Oh My Pastry!

Cozy and relaxing spot! Selfie and Instagram worthy... ;)

2. Lifestyle District

Lifestyle District the all-in-one hangout, relaxation, dining and entertainment destination in CDO!

3. PopRock Bakeshop & Cafe

Where you can find the tastiest Banoffe. A must try dessert! Pop Rock also serve affordable meals.

PopRock Bakeshop & Cafes Banoffee...

4. Sonrisa Vista Resort

Sonrisa Vista Resort the newest and coolest resort in the city. Its a work in progress but the place already offers a lot of entertaining things to do.

Indian Village at Sonrisa! Enjoy Indian experience with their tipi's.

5. Dave's Beanery Cafe

Dave's Beanery offers serenity from the hustle and bustle of the city. A great place to just chill!

Specialty main dish is Beef Mania. Panini with fries is a must try too!

6. Stargate Dream Vacation Resort

Nice view of the Cagayan River at Stargate Resort swimming pool.

7. Inilog Grill

Inilog Grill is where Kagay-anon's chill, listen to live music and have fun at night. Inilog Grill serves Pinoy foods. They have live acoustic music, free use of dart boards and has sports TV.

Fresh Hito, available in the following recipe: deep-fried, adobo, grilled and ginataan.

8. Vicente De Lara Park.

One of the oldest park in #CDO. The park is located in front of the Provincial Capitol building where the government of Misamis Oriental seat. It also serves as ideal place to jog in the morning and to stroll in the evening as it has pleasant atmosphere and romantic view.

9. Missy Bon Bon Breadshop

Famous bread shop in #CDO... Missy Bon Bon! They offer breads, cakes, sandwiches, pasta, all-day filipino breakfast, all-day pancakes & toast and gelatos.

Bread selections

Gelato selections...

10. Guru Climbing Gym

If your looking for a sports activity in #CDO try wall climbing at Guru! They have exciting walls for you to climb that will surely satisfy your adventurous sid

Have you been to this places in Cagayan de Oro? What are you and your friends favorite places to recommend? Share it at the comment section below. :)

An Interview with Vina Morales


Me with Miss Kagay-an 2012 Greanne Trisha T. Mendoza who also interview Miss Vina for MagTV Na!

Me with Miss Angelina Lim owner of Ystilo Salson Limketkai.

Vina Morales at Ystilo Salon Limketkai

Last October 11, 2013, Actress-singer Vina Morales visited Ystilo Salson Limketkai branch for Ystilo Salon’s 15th Year Anniversary. I had the chance to interview with Miss Vina and it was actually my first time to do a celebrity interview. Good thing I prepared some questions on my mobile notepad. ^_^ So here goes a video of my interview.

La Ilongga At Ororama Food Court

Remembering College days... I used to spend my lunch breaks here at La Ilongga at Ororama Supercenter (on the photo above). 
And the photo below which is puso salad is my fave vian. Since its been a long time since I have visited and dine in this place I indulge myself earlier. However, the food seem to taste different, its no longer as tasty as before. Sad. :(

StyleCandy Boutique's Opening

I am a regular costumer of Kristine Faye Tan's online shop --Kimishka that is why I was glad to know that she will be opening a boutique called StyleCandy. The boutique opened it's door to Kagay-anon fashionistas last February 4, 2011 and ofcourse I was there!

You better visit Stylecandy to checkout some great fashion fabs...

I bought a green flower ring accessories during my first visit at the store...

StyleCandy is located at D1 Tomasaco 34 Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City- the bldg across Loreto's, beside Hosana Korean Church.

The Baranggay Elections 2010

I hope you'll spare me because ill be blogging some past happenings starting from now. I've been busy and got no time to blog much. Though I have posted some, but theres a lot more I haven't shared.

This medicines was given to my mom during a free medical check-ups a week before the Baranggay Elections 2010. Definitely during election season running officials for the government are very generous. A lot of cash giveaways, free events, feeding programs as well as free medical check-ups happens. Here in our town around Php400 was given to every legitimate voter from the currently winning Baranggay Official while the losing party just gave Php100 per voter. Unfortunately, such freebies and giveaways has taken a big influence to voters in casting their votes.
For me its actually okay to receive what has given to you but it should not be the basis of whom you will vote. It wouldn't have any problem if such official has showed progress in our town but sadly they didn't.
  • Garbage everywhere
  • Many roads needed repair
  • Fiesta activities are lousy
  • No programs for the youth during summer.
I just hope that people will think twice next time, not merely sharing the changes that they want through their mouth but use their heart, mind and hands to get the change that they want.

Harvesting Lanzones in Camiguin Island

Yesterday I left Cagayan de Oro to visit my lola and uncle in Camiguin Island. It was a fun experienced visiting my birthplace. Even though going there was a tiring because I rided the "wrong" bus.

I woke up early to catch the early ferry boat to Camiguin. When I arrived at the Agora bus station at 5am there's already a bus ready for leaving so I ride in immediately. And because I slept late the following night I slept in between while on the trip going to Balingoan Port. Until I noticed that it already took me a lot of time traveling from Agora to Balingoan. I looked at my watch and was shocked to see that its already past 9am when supposed to be at 7am ill be in Balingoan Port already. When Arrived at the bus stop in Balingoan there I see the name of the bus I just rided and it was D&C Express I really thought it was Bagong Lipunan bus because it has the same color red color. Duh! I must be still sleepy when I rided that bus...
Tip: Buses like Bagong Lipunan and Bachelors are non-stop buses so the trip just takes 1-2 hours or less from Agora bus station to Balingoan. And this buses offers aircon and non-aircon.
So when I arrived at Balingoan bus station I rode a tricycle that will take me to the Balingoan Port. Shuttle Ferry 11 was about to live at 9:30am so im just minutes early.

I arrived in Camiguin Island past 11am. I headed to my lola's house. Eat. Rest. And on the afternoon we went to Bio-ong to get some lanzones. There were already lots of ripe lanzones everywhere and a lot more waiting to ripe. My lola's working student and a cousin harvested some of the ripe fruits which I will be bringing back to CDO. This was my anticipated activity in this travel because its a chance for me to eat-to-sawa with the lanzones freshly picked from the tree. Its been 3 years since I've had my first experienced of picking lanzones right from the tree. And for a city girl like me this experienced shouldn't be missed!

Tip: Only ripe lanzones should be harvested with the use of knife, unripe lanzones should be untouch and wait until it is ripe to be harvested.

After helping in harvesting lanzones we went home. I could still catch the last trip back to CDO at that time but my lola doesn't want me to travel last trip because ill arrived in CDO already dark and I have a box of fruits to carry, its not safe for me daw. So I went J & A Lagoon instead I roam around watch fishes in there big pond.
Tip: In J & A lagoon you can catch fish from there fishpond and you decide how to cook the fish you catch. They will weight the fish you catch and you'll pay the total kilograms you catch. So the bigger you catch the more expensive depends on the price per kilo. Cooking of the fish on your decide dish is free though. ;)

I also tried there Halo2x while waiting for the freshly catched fish which I ask to be cooked into soup. My lola was right not to travel back to CDO because it was gloomy in CDO and a friend just texted that it was raining hard, lightning was scary and there was power interruption.

The next morning I left Camiguin Island at sunrise...