The Blogger

Hey there! It's Venus the goddess of love and beauty... errrr the blogger behind 😜💃
I work online as a freelance virtual assistant and occasionally blogs my passion, hobbies, and everything in betweens. I'm also a noob mobile gamer... well specifically Age of Wushu, Survival Heroes, Eclipse Isle and Homescape. 😆 I love to listen music but most of them are the 90's hits... 😝 I'm also interested in K-pop but ever since 2NE1 disbandment I'm not much active in listening to Kpop but instead music soundtracks of Korean drama's Im watching. And yes, I do like watch Korean dramas as well, and occasionally, Chinese dramas.
In this blog, you will mostly read my personal thoughts or more like dramas 😅, experiences, events attended, online and offline shopping, my fave foodtrips and personal styles.
I love passing on information that I’ve known or researched myself of which reason I own a couple of blogs.
  • Emotera Goddess - My online journal on my life offline, when not geeking online... Mostly on fashion, beauty hauls, hobbies, and experiences.
  • CDO Guide - It's my online city guide to the Golden heart of Asia -  Cagayan de Oro City of where I currently live!



Topic: Blogging 101
Topic: How to Use Social Media/Networking for Blog Promotions
It was attended by the Mass Communication students.
Topic: Content Development in Blogging
Topic: Different Types of Blog
It was attended by more or less 270 Information Technology (IT) students.
Topic: Social Media
Topic: Blogging 101
Topic: Social Media Promotion
  • July 21, 2013 -  SM CDO Stylistas 2013 (Fashion Blogger Stylist)
Won Best Stylist

  • February 28, 2014 -  SPC Search Engine Optimazation Workshop (Speaker)
Topic: Blogging 101
Attended by Computer Secretarial students.