My Own 30 Day Blog Challenge

I've read a fellow CDOBloggers blog about her 30 day blog challenge and she is currently on her 1st day. After reading her first day post I thought to myself why not do a 30 day blog challenge to myself also to motivate myself. You see I've been having a lot of backlogs since last year and until now I haven't recovered yet. I thought time will come ill be back on track but as time goes by its becoming worst. There has been a lot of things to blog and share but still I cant find the words to say. So this time Im taking action. I'll start my own blog challenge too.
I will blog every day about things I did for the day. And since today is April 1st, its a perfect time to start my 30 Day Blog Challenge. Hopefully this will be effective and would bring back my enthusiasm in blogging.

Goodluck to myself!

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