GAPACU-ED D' Reunion Planning

Last Saturday…

I had a good time catching up with Marriane and Carmen at the Village Den. I expected to see a lot of all old faces from way back high school but sad to say only 2 arrived. But that’s okay as long as they won’t miss the Reunion Day. Yan ang importante!
Anyways, we manage to finish the agenda that night the planning of our get-together. We were planning while having chikka about how we are doing now in between. It’s been 8 years past and we are excited to reconnect with former classmates who have been part in the 4 years of studying at Cagayan de Oro National High School. I really wonder how they are all doing since our class is composed of different characteristics, complex and talented people.

The reunion planning…

Together with Marriane and Carmen we plan the details of our reunion and discussed every detail and possible questions that other may ask or want to include. And here was what we have decided:
  • Where: Midway Beach Resort, Lasang, Divine Mercy
  • When: Weekend.September 18-19, 2010
  • Assembly time: 6:30 AM, Mcdonalds DV Soria
  • Departure: 7:00 AM
  • Tentative Reg. Fee: Php 500

  1. During my online survey most of them likes beach so we decided Midway Beach Resort is the perfect place since meron din silang pool, group cottages for overnight stay, zipline and more activities to enjoy. A perfect place for bonding talaga!

  2. The tentative registration fee is Php 500 pero this will change if marami ang mag confirm and meron ding magsponsor sa major expenses. I know this may seem to be big but this is also the main reason as to why sa September na ang reunion. Para na din to give others the chance to save. Pero sa hindi talaga maka-afford the whole bill just conact me ill arrange whatever you can give basta ang importante is ang presence nimo. Just help me convince others to sponsor nalang dayon. Hehehe … And please sa mga ka-afforrd share your blessings and sponsor. ;)

  3. The When. Well, we weigh things over talaga. During the survey most people are available during weekends lang, so majority wins. Then others from far towns are going to file leave of absence just to attend this event so might as well give them much time to spend with us.

  4. Assemble time is early because we need to travel from CDO to Initao. So we could spend much time na talaga.

  5. To others who will not file leave of absence you can attend on Sunday activities instead.

  6. The itinerary. Might be meron pa changes kasi Marriane and I will check the place pa. But here are the fix activities:

      • Saturday:

      1. CDO Departure

      2. Midway Beach Resort Arrival

      3. Lunch

      4. Catching up

      • Sunday:

      1. Lasang for zipline adventure. (Or if you want naa sad Lasang Park you decide which is which.)

      2. Devine Mercy. Might as well hapit ta diri since malabyan mani in going back CDO.

  7. Couple issue. Ahmm.. we decided that this event will be exclusively for us GAPACUED Family because as what Marriane said “Mas nice magcatch up na dili matunga ang attention because of the babies and GF/BF”. But don’t worry guys! We will meet your GF/BF, Husband/Wife and babies on December sa Christmas Party. (Basta paningkamotan nato na madayon. Think positive!) But this September na event take it as your vacation or give yourself a break and have fun like we used too in highschool. As in reminisce ever jud!;)

So thats it! Kung naa mo comments suggestions, reaction, questions and whatsoever feel free to comment below. This is Venussmileygal reporting. hehehehe ;)

Pizza Foodtrip

This month Ive been crazy over pizza. It started one lazy Saturday, I got hungry but I was so lazy to go out and buy something to eat. So I tried the pizza delivery service available here in Cagayan de Oro. I have several choices but I first tried Pizza de Oro. I ordered 1 box of De Oro Overload Pizza which left me craving for more because it was so delicious. I love the white sauce and the crunchy crust. And so the next day I ordered 2 boxes of De Oro Overload Pizza again. By the way, delivery is for free without any minimum purchase.

The second pizza delivery Ive tried is from Bianos Homemade Pizza. I ordered 1 medium Ham n' Pineapple and 1 regular size Hawaiian to accumulate an amount not less than Php 200 since minimum purchase of Php 200 is free delivery. If you purchase lower than that then they will charge a delivery fee of Php 30. My fave so far is the Hawaiian.

Next, pizza foodtrip with 3 friends at Big Flat Bread (BFB). We ordered the bigger size of Knickerbocker Pizza, Lasagna and a 2 liter drink cooler. You may wonder how we manage to finished it all. Well, there's what we all call "balot" or "pasalubong". lols... Supposed to be marami kaming uubos kaya bigger size inorder namin kaso iniwan kasi ng insan ko at ng boyfriend niya (LQ ang show kasi!) at hindi din dumating isa ko pang insan na naligaw saan ang BFB ( kaloko talaga!).

Fire Fly Toothbrush By Dr. Fresh

I was interested with the Fire Fly Toothbrush By Dr. Fresh which I just recently discover online today. My little Justine is a type of kid that easily grow tired of things which doesnt interest him so I made it a point to buy toothbrush that has cartoon characters in it so that he will look forward in brushing his teeth. We have been advised by a dentist to let him brush his teeth more often and every after he eat sweets because his teeths are mostly broken. He likes candies to much and good thing lately he stop drinking milk on feeding bottle already because dentist said it's one of the reasons why his teeths are broken also.

Learning about Fire Fly Toothbrush By Dr. Fresh will definitely help me since it has blinking handles that attracts kids. This would really make my little bogoy brushing his teeth an exciting experience since it has features that will flash brightly for every one minute brushing on lower and upper teeth respectively. It is designed for 200 uses that reminds us to replaced toothbrush more often and it also comes in variety of colors that kids able to choose whatever it is that they like; Clear, Blue, Pink, Green, Red and Yellow.

Fire Fly Toothbrush By Dr. Fresh is available exclusively at Watsons and Beauty by SM Department Stores.

My Top 3 Fave Post At GESM

Week #5 Blogversary Contest of is here. And it’s another contest GESM readers look forward into joining. Ofcourse, because definitely every readers has their own fave post. This weeks contest is about "Your Favorite GESM Blog Post". Hmmmm.. Medyo nahirapan talaga ako pumili kasi I have several favorites in this blog pero good thing I manage to picked my top 3 fave post of GESM. And here it goes…

  1. Mga Dahilan Kumbakit Single Ka Pa Rin - Nahirapan talaga ako sa paghahanap sa post na eto, nakalimutan ko kasi when to sinulat ni Orman. Anyways, fave ko to talaga kasi kuhang-kuha lahat ng mga dahilanan at wake up call na din eto sa mga single ladies/gentlemen out there like me. Hindi ko nga lang alam until now kung saan ako babagay sa 10 reasons na sinabi ni Orman but eto ang sure hindi ako #7 at ayoko then maging #10. lols Heto ang panalong ending ni Orman sa post...
    Sa tutuo lang, eh ano naman kung single ka pa rin di ba? At least kung may giyera, mag-isa kang tatakbo – wala ka nang iisiping asawa’t anak na ililigtas. Kung single ka, kahit 100 pesos lang ang pera mo, makakakain ka pa rin sa Jollibee. Pero siempre kung uukol, bubukol. Kung para sayo talaga yan, darating yan. In the meantime, be happy. Masarap ang mabuhay.
  2. Things To Celebrate About Being Single (Again!) - Fave ko to kasi when I got desperate to have a relationship this reasons would make me stop and think na being single has a lot advantages and is not that bad after all basta huwag ka nga lang magpaka single forever.
  3. Para Ito Sa Mga Trinaydor Ng Kaibigan - Eto kasali sa top 3 fave ko kasi I know a lot of friends na pagnabasa etong blog post na eto would definitely relate into. I remember after reading this blog post I immediately shared it in my personal facebook and all other social media sites para mabasa ng mga friends ko ang mga payo ni Orman ng matulungan sila in coping up with traitors. ;)

Ganda Ever So Much!

McDonald's Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Glasses

For every purchase of value meals you can avail the McDonald's Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup contour glasses for only Php 25. McSaver Meals worth Php50 are not applicable. My mom and I already got a complete collection of McDonald's Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup glasses. I first bought one when Justine and I dine in McDonald's Ororama branch. When my mom saw the glasses with football figures embossed in it she was fascinated and wants to collect all the colors.

This contour glasses are offered until supply last so grab your complete collection too.
  • 27th May – Header - Green
  • 3rd June – Volley - Pink
  • 10th June – Save - Lime
  • 17th June – Strike - Purple
  • 24th June – Bicycle Kick - Blue
  • 1st July – Kick - Charcoal

Kuya Johnny's Birthday

I just had a food-filled visit at Kuya John's house today. It was actually a long overdue plan since a few weeks ago his wifey Ate Sharon got sick. Both ate Sharon and Kuya John has been a dear friend of mine and even if Kuya John and I are no longer workmates we often hangout just to chill and food trip. Its nice to hangout with them since I learned a lot about practical living and how to be a better mom. And I can be myself when Im with them too. They are my picture perfect couple because they may have opposite personalities but they always complement each other- my inspiration that marriage ain't bad after all.

One thing I will never forget about this couples is that napaka-caring, toughtful and maalaga. Just like today, its Kuya Johnny's birthday I didn't actually expect that they will prepare something but when I arrive at their house pina-ubos agad ako ng isang plato ng spaghetti kasi nga im too thin na daw. hehehe... The celebration was just simple pero busog talaga ako. Happy birthday Kuya John and thank you Ate Sharon for the yummy cakes that you baked, I so love it!

Speaking of the couples toughtfulness, when I went home they gave me a heart-shaped cake for pasalubong to Justine and my mom. ;)

Justine requested me to put on the icing flowers that I take home.