Hello Venussmileygal!

Hey there! Have you notice something new on my blog?
I just updated my blog header as well as my blog name! I use my online nickname to be the name of my blog -- Venus Smileygal. This used to be my domain and blog name before but since I was a newbie back then and the domain was not registered on my GoDaddy account. The registrant didn't remind me for the renewal date and I only knew when I lost it already. To keep the long story short, I lost my domain, someone else bought it immediately (because it has a page rank  of 3 and high traffic) and so I started a new domain and blog name. ㅠㅠ Sad memory!
Anyways, I commissioned Jeini to draw me this cute digital doodle of myself. I discovered Jeini when I was doing a blog hopping. I read her blog and discovered her cute doodles. I asked her to draw me in one of my fave outfit and signature pose. Check it out in this post. 
As a little treat (for the delay of delivery) she generously gave me another a super kawaii chibi of me... :D It's so cute and adorable cant get enough of it!
If you're interested to have your own cute doodle as well visit here at Ajeinomoto.com.
Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend!