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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Im supposed to spent my day today catching up with my backlogs but I remember I need to finish the designs on my fellow CDOBloggers blog themes. Basically what I do is hunt a theme for their blog, install, customize and often I design a logo also.
I have actually started working on this yesterday but I din't get to finish because we had out March monthly Meet-up. And so here's what I did...

IBlogUCDO.com is own by Mommy Dharlz. I changed the theme and added Labels since she didn't put any labels on her post. This labels are important  for categorizing your post of which I did in this blog. I specifically place a category on the navigation menu for readers to easily check on the specific things they want to read on her blog. As you can see the featured post slider ain't finished. I leave it to her to personalized but I did send her instructions on how to change it. I'm excited also to see what she come up. :)

Teacher Roxanne's blog TheKagayanon.com is the next one I did for finishing. Yesterday, I bought the domain, import-export her posts from Wordpress to Blogger. Why I choose Blogger? Simply because they offer free hosting and Roxanne dont want to invest for a hosting yet. She just paid me for buying the domain... So today what I did is finalized the theme layout then design and add her header logo and banner ads. And here's how it look... tadddaa!

This 2 blogs are not the only ones I helped in setting-up, personalize and installed as ads ready theme. I have also worked on 3 other blogs before. Yeah! That's how generous and helpful I am... But honestly, after today I realized I should charge a fee on the next one. :D I mean not necessarily big just enough maybe to reward my appetite who has full of cravings. lol

Anyways, last year I helped Macky on his MyMindanaoLifestyle.blogspot.com too... And I have teach him some basic how--to's on his blog as well as how to have more visitor on his blog.

Then just early this year I'v worked on Vic's Vicmadz.com and design his logo.  ;)

As well as Jacqs' CagayanDeOro.info... This one is in Wordpress so I also installed must-have plug-ins for her. The name of her blog before is Cagayan de Oro but I change it to CDO Info Guide which I think is more nice. Watchatink?

Thanks to Btemplates.com for all the blogger themes and Fabthemes.com for the Wordpress theme.
For those who also wants my services on your blogs and websites just message me through my contact page. ;)

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