Zuhair Murad Couture Spring/Summer 2014

It would probably a dream come true if someday I will wear a couture from Zuhair Murad. I just love his designs! I know its kinda too late to make a post about Zuhair Murad Couture Spring/Summer 2014 but I wont let this collection pass by without sharing it in my blog. I actually love almost all the designs in this collection that is why I will just share to you the runway video and see for yourself why I love his designs.

I would love to hear your favorite design in this Zuhair Murad Couture Spring/Summer 2014 collection do post in the comments below.

Looking Back At My Facebook Journey

Today, I am sharing with you my Facebook Movie made by Mark Zuckerberg and his team in Facebook. The video is all about the highlights in my 4 years on Facebook. Technically, I started Facebook 5 years ago but I created a new Facebook account to separate work and personal updates. And yes, the reason I signed-up for a Facebook account before was for work. Until some friends and relatives from the past and the present started adding me on Facebook that I find it hard to mix work updates and personal updates.

I could see that the highlights in the video was base on the most liked, most commented and probably the most viral photos and status post. Most viral means that a lot of people saw that update, probably because of the friends that are tagged on the photos or post and the comments in the post.

After watching the video there's only one thing that describes my journey in Facebook... Friendship. My video is all about the friends that I've reunited, met, gone and stayed...

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!

Have you seen your Facebook movie too? How was it?

#ShoeSelfie: Leather Ankle Boots from SammyDress.com Finally Arrive!

Sammy Dress Ankle Boots

Today's one of those days when I wake up feeling tired or should I say stress from problems, but ended feeling blessed by the end of the day. Since I'm stuck with no solution to my problem I shrug it off, continue on daily routine and trust I'll find solutions along the way... Im so glad I did with an added bonus that made me smile.

Sammy Dress Ankle Boots
Happiness in the box!

The leather ankle boots that I ordered at SammyDress.com last December arrived today at the Post Office and they message me earlier to pick it up. Wohhooo! This is my second attempt in purchasing shoes online the first one is from Romwe of which was successful and now this one from Sammy Dress. There are lots to choose from but why shoes on my initial order? I just cant resist ordering the boots from SammyDress because there are a lot of affordable and stylish boots. And you know I cant resist boots specially if the style is not yet on my collections. ^_^

Locally my shoe size is 6 but I ordered size 37 on SammyDress.com. Which was just the right size, no more no less. The quality is good, no flaws. Though there was a  little tear strip on the side of the package probably someone wants to get a peek on its contents. Good thing though the box is thick.

A new baby is born... Camel Ankle Boots
Sammy Dress Ankle Boots

Sammy Dress Ankle Boots

Ohhh! I cant wait to wear this on my next outfit shots. 

Have you tried ordering at SammyDress.com?