April Romwe Haul

The following clothes arrived today!

This was a surprise actually because the package arrives in 9 days! Usually it takes 30 days shipping. Romwe.com didn't just revamped their website and payment method but as well as the shipping.

Love the quality of the clothes. The printed shirt is soft and just the perfect fit. And I love the hoodie. Its thick and comfy, really perfect for cold weather I guess I wont be wearing this one much but Im excited to wear it in the cold weather. The distressed leggings on the other hand, is also in great quality.

Online Shopping Romwe Haul
Birds Pattern Printed Beige Shirt
Online Shopping Romwe Haul

ROMWE Color Block Letters Print Red Hoodie

Online Shopping Romwe Haul

ROMWE Distressed Black Slit Leggings

Flash - "Let there be light" Photography Workshop

Attended the free photography workshop that hosted by Colours Digital Foto last March 15 at Centrio Mall. It was limited to 100 registrant at first but due to the demand they increased Workshop slots to 300. I was able to register online when the in-store registration was already close. There a lot of photographers joined the actual event. And the good thing the workshop is that it was open for everyone even for a newbie like me. And I must say I learned a lot from the pro's although there are some topics Im having hard time to comprehend. Basically the workshop is all about the benefits in using flash photography. It was handy for me because I dont used much my flash because I was relying on the built-in flash in my DSLR camera.

They invited 3 great photographer in Philippines as speakers...

Ricky Ladia - Strobist Photography
Ricky Ladia
Alex Ruelo - Wedding Strobist Photography
Alex Ruelo
Rommel Bundalian - Street Strobist Photography
Rommel Bundalian
Here are some of the freebies I got at the workshop...
Latest issue of Digital Photographer Philippines magazine!

Jay Tablante behind the scenes Cosplay shoot!

Here's my #OOTD at the event.

Easter Sale at Romwe

Romwe White Lace Blouse

Still looking on what to wear for travel vacation and summer escape? If you still cant decide Romwe have tons of adorable girl’s clothes to dress up for summer and travels.

Up to 75% off on more than 1000 styles. Sale start from April 15 until April 22, 2014. Hurry up visit Romwe.com to grab some limited pieces on sale! Happy Eater Day!

And talking about hot clothes for summer Dont missed this white lace blouse in 3D embroidery. Romwe is offering it for $11.99 on April 17th, save 64%. The sale will start at 1:00AM GMT April 17th and last for 24hours only. Hurry because only limited pieces available.

White Lace Blouse

How to Cure a Bad Day

My ingredients to happiness when I'm having a bad day...

So here's one of those days when you start of not good. I was just so disappointed that something I am excited with since last month came to a sad ending a few days before it supposed to happen. I was really upset and in a bad mood that I hate everything and everyone. So I decided not to go home until I cure this negative feeling...

1. Coffee and doughnuts. Sweets is a perfect comfort food for a person with a bitter heart. And Kaffe Kreme is a perfect treat to a coffee addict like me.
Krispy Kreme Centrio

2. Watch a movie that will make you laugh out loud. For the 3rd time Ive watched Diary ng Panget The Movie again! I know... I know... Ive seen this several times already on the big screen but it's just that my feet brought me to the mall and the only thing in my mind is that I need to laugh to erase the bad mood. Well, it was effective because after laughing out loud and feeling so kilig at Eya and Cross, I felt better.

Diary ng Panget The Movie

3. Shopping and grocery! The perfect cure I guess... ^_^ Well, getting upset and in a bad mood gave me an excuse to buy something for myself. :D Or it could also be my way of comforting myself since no one will comfort me... Okay lets just believe the first reason because the later sounds bitter. hehe... I also did some grocery after so atleast I wont feel guilty buying un-necessity stuff. And besides when I'm stress grocery shopping is my ultimate therapy. Well, atleast I don't fell sorry if I bought too much because my family can use and eat everything that I bought.

So I found this sale undershirts from Bench. Ah finally! I bought simple tees perfect for my skirts.

Bench Undershirts Sale (1)
Bench Undershirts Sale (2)

I also found this cheap tops from a boutique at the neighboring mall.


After the things I did above here's me, in an OOTD pose, wearing a smile and finally went home feeling better and now ready for work.

Monday OOTD

It Girl!

What's your super personality?

Took a personality quiz from Maybelline. I know its just for fun but I kinda agree with the analysis though. ^_^ Take the quiz too to know what's your personality. Who knows you will be lucky and win a Maybelline gift packs or an Instax camera!

And here's what they have to say on mine...

"It Girl. You’re an on-the-go gal, and sometimes find that there’s not enough time in a day. You have a great zest for life and nothing can keep you down!"

Maybeline Personality



It's Friday and for most its fly day too since its the start of weekend. Well, as for me I wake up early... in the afternoon, so I can finish half of my work coz me and my friends are going out tonight to watch a movie.

What movie did we watch? Will we watch Diary ng Panget The Movie! Yes I know right? If you followed me on Instagram and Facebook you probably knew this is my second time to watch the movie because I posted last Saturday that Ive watched the movie... all by myself. This time around I tag along with friends who has not watched the movie yet. I just cant resist Cross and his sexy abs.. este eyes/look! Chos! :D

After the movie we visited newly opened Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Limketkai Center. And oh I enjoyed the Pomelo Fru-tea, this is CBTL's latest thirst quincher for summer. Perfect for summer indeed!

Back at home, back to work... When I went online I came across this Youtube video titled 10 Stories Of Greatness from Globe Tattoo. It's a video featuring people who became popular via the internet with their tweet, blog, and/or video that they have posted online. Hence, the reason title of this blog post now.

"These individuals have shown that greatness can be achieved when you defy expectations. Learn about their stories and the 10 age-old truths that the generation has defied."



Top Romwe| Thrifted Shorts| Flats Figlia

Geek Print

Romwe Geek Print Tshirt
Summer is coming, I am looking for a comfortable, all-match and fashionable t-shirt. Then here comes the awesome news that Romwe launch a new product--Geek Print Grey T-shirt. With this “geek” topped, it overshades any other T-shirts of this summer.

You must be very familiar with Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple), Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft) and Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook). When talking about them, we come up with a word geek. In dictionary, geek refers to a person who is preoccupied with or very knowledgeable about computing. It is high time that we redefined the meaning of geek.

Nowadays, a geek should be a man pursuing the ultimate not only in computing but in dressing. We are the younger generation, who have unlimited creativity. We follow the "geek" creed: What we need is original and novel, blind follow and folly is inexcusable.

This Geek Print Grey T-shirt has a classic and comfortable round neckline and a cool eye catching unique "GEEK" print. The double lines hem is durable and chain stitch. This t-shirt is 94% cotton, very soft and skin friendly. Cotton is very absorbent and suitable for wear in summer.

Cool, wild, classic, casual, cute what is your style in it? Denim shorts, pants, skirts, leggings... Which you want to go with it? It will surely make you stand out, when you go to malls or parties, hang out with friends or traveling. It's incredibly versatile!

Geek Chic Outfit

Good news is that this ‘Geek’ shirt is on big sale on April 10th at 1:00am GMT. Sold at the price of $9.99, original price is $26.99, up to 63% off in 24 hours only. Only 300 units are in stock . Hurry up!

Strangers Can Be a Blessing Too

I came across this blog post titled To the Woman Behind Me in Line at the Grocery Store. It reminded me of a personal experience during those time when I was so down and out and don't know where to find help.

6 years ago, I also met my angel in disguise from a totally stranger.  I was working at a small firm here at our local place that time and the salary was not good because the business was not doing good also. After a few months working, I sneak out during breaks to hunt for better jobs. Then came a time when I desperately needed money to buy food and milk for my son. I break down and cry at the office, out of frustration. I message some friends and ask for help. And so while waiting, I distract myself to calmed down. I went to a chatroom and entertained myself at chatting at random people. Until I got a message from a guy in Yahoo Messenger.

He is also from Cagayan de Oro and currently on his vacation because he work as a seaman. We talked random stuffs, until our conversation went to each of our problems. He has some problem with his current girlfriend and family that time, and he unloaded it all on me. He gave me advice and words of encouragement on my problem. He also, without hesitation, told me that he will help me. I thought he was just kidding, when he said that he will gave me money for me to atleast not worry for that day. He told me to just smile and don't think to much of what the things that gives me worries and sadness. To be honest, I felt a bit better after that.

Before he bid goodbye, he ask my phone number and where in the city is my work located at. I know it was silly and stupid, considering that he is a complete stranger and a man, but I gave it to him. A few minutes after, I was surprise... He called me on my phone and said he is somewhere near the office. I didn't believe it at first, but something is telling me to check if its true. So, nervously, I did check him out and saw that indeed he was there, with the phone in his ear talking to me.  When he saw me he ask if its really me. And when I came to him, he took my hand and gave me the money and said "Hi! I know its unusual for me to be doing this, but I hope you will take this money. I hope this will help you for now. Don't worry pay me when you already have extra money. No rush. Take care." And then turn around and left. With the Php500.00 peso in my hand, I was not able to move for a moment and not even had the chance to say thank you. I really couldn't believe it. I only said thank you to him when I came back at the office and see that the money was still in my hand. I message him on Yahoo Messenger because I don't have a load on my phone. After that we don't have much communication. He was busy processing his paper because he is going back to work, 5 days after that.

A few months after, he was in town for a vacation he sent me a text message asking how I was and how was life and that's it. I sent him a message saying, how thankful I am for his help and that may he be blessed always for his kindness. He responded, "No do not praise me I'm no angel, im not the type of person who is kind." I was nervous that time because this time he might ask me something in-exchange for that help he gave me, but he didn't. When I responded to his message, we just texted shortly and that's it. We never meet again ever since that day he helped me. We use to send each other hi and hello's on Friendster but after Friendster was gone we no longer have a communication. We also lost each others phone numbers.

Right now, I am wondering how he is doing. I do hope that he is blessed and happy because he deserves it. I will forever thank him for he not only help me that time but he has also thought me a lesson to live by... Smile and trust that for every struggles you experience there's always hope and answer for it. Strangers can be a blessing too.

Here is the letter from the blog True Stories of a Midwest Yankee: To the Woman Behind Me in Line at the Grocery Store

#100HappyDays Week 4

Yay! How fast time flies... Im now at my 4th week of finding reasons to be happy everyday.

Day 22. Bonding after his school activity at the mall.

Day 23. Kiddo will be closing first chapter of his education on Saturday! #100HappyDays

Day 24. Attended Holy Trinity School Thanksgiving mass early in the morning with kiddo yesterday. #100HappyDays

Day 25. My mini brownies is ready to be devoured! So delicious and kinda chewy. I should bake more for the family because I almost finish this already. ❤ #100happydays

Day 26. My favorite junk food when I was young... ❤ #100happydays

Day 27. Proud mommy moments! ^_^ #100HappyDays

Day 28. Dessertssssss!!! ❤❤❤ Invited for #MonsterKitchenAcademy Graduation Ceremony. @BakingSchoolCDO #100HappyDays 

Black + White Strips

ROMWE White And Black Fluid Striped Shirt3

Black and white is the fashion arena classic chapter never fade, low-key, sophisticated, elegant. This makes a black and white fluid striped shirt the most appropriate attire suits for all occasions and a must have. This amazing black and white fluid striped shirt can absolutely bring you surprise beyond your imagination.

Do you have one in your wardrobe now?

If you dont have one yet then here's a good news for you! I have to tell you the latest news about Romwe so that you won’t miss it. Romwe.com has a big sale on their black and white fluid striped shirt.  This White And Black Fluid Striped Shirt will be $9.99 on April 3rd, lasts only 24 hours! 400 pieces for $9.99! Don’t miss out.

ROMWE White And Black Fluid Striped Blouse

ROMWE White And Black Fluid Striped Shirt

ROMWE White And Black Fluid Striped Shirt2


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