Earth Hour 2011

Thankfully I have manage to participate Earth Hour last night. Although we turn off our lights around 8:40 in the evening already. I was late 10 minutes because I've slept while waiting for the clock strikes 8:30. I was really tired from my cousins wedding earlier that day. Good thing mama still woke me up and reminded me about the time and after turning off all the lights and took a photo of the lamp with the clock I went back to bed. The reason I wasn't able to see who among our neighbors turn off their lights too and how the city looks like during Earth Hour. (BTW, for those who don't know our house can see an overview of the city.)
When I woke up again, the sun is already up. I ask mama what time she turn the light back on and she said around 11:00 PM already because she fell asleep too... That means our Earth Hour was extended too more than 2 hours... :D

Lola's Note

I definitely know what's on your mind right now... Me too can't understand what it says when my lola gave it to me last week. And so I let her dictate everything she wrote there for me to familiarize what really is meant to everything she had written in the note. It's actually a list of groceries and things she wants me to buy before she will go back home to Camiguin Island.

Chocolate Buddies

I love chocolates. And as time passes by I have had a few chocolate buddies which satisfies my crave, help hunger moments and even comforted me... So let's check out my latest chocolate buddies.

Kitkat is actually my ultimate midnight buddy lately. Dinibdib ko ata ang slogan nila 'Have a break, have a kitkat'. :D So when I already feel bored at work or hungry I just munch in kitkat. 

Back when I was still working at SM CDO Department Store I never forget to buy Samba chocolate balls. So after long hours of work as a cashier this choco balls comforts me. 

Last week I was craving of chocolate bars. So I bought a Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut, I usually love Tango Almond Nut but I was in a hurry so just grabbed Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut. Unlucky enough the Cadbury turns up to be disappointing because when I ate it, all I ever tasted was chocolates and raisins no nuts and cashews.

My Own Headset Reviews

When it comes to gadgets I am really not an expert. So when I planned to buy something I ask my techy guy friends on which is a wise investment. Now recently, my boss just recently bought me a new headset. And since I failed to share my experiences about my previous headsets, I’ll start talking it first. The 2 headsets where actually purchase by our web developer which is my senior and is also based here in CDO.

iNtex Computer M/M Headphone Wireless Roaming (IT HP904 FM

The first headset I have was the iNtex Computer M/M Headphone Wireless Roaming (IT HP904 FM). This was given to me by my boss along with the eMachines laptop. It's a 5in1 headset; wireless headphone, wireless net chat, monitoring, FM radio and wired headphone. The headset is comfortable to use aside from the interference you catch when using it. To be able to use it on audio calls and listening to music you will need to fine tune it, just like scanning for a radio station. More often it catches radio signals so you need to scan and reset again and again until you hear the audio you want to listen. Since its wireless you will also enjoy not having to worry about the wire when you move but one downside also is that when you move and the headphone catches interference you sometimes lost the audio you are listening. Definitely not a good headset for me since I am using the headset for my recording task. 

Genius Deluxe Coil-Up Cable Headset

So after a month of dealing with the iNtex headset downside, my boss bought another new headset which is the Genius Deluxe Coil-Up Cable. This  headset provides an adjustable headband, coil up cable, rubber mic and In-line VR + Mic mute. It works fine, very comfortable, no interference and the mic is good for recording. However, just recently my Genius headset’s mic is not working anymore. Caller on the other end can’t hardly hear me or worst… can’t really hear me talking. Sayang! 4 months to go nalang sana para mag 1 year na xa.

When buying this kind of headset handle with care when rotating the mic down. I had a feeling my mic was damage in the pivot part because of careless up and down rotation of the mic.

Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB

Now that both headsets doesn't have a workable mic, my boss bought me yet another headset. However, this time boss picked the type of headset to purchased. I first browse a Logitech headsets at Amazon. (Boss preferred this coz he is using a logitech headset too) Boss choose a Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB and then asked me to check if it’s available here locally. After looking around at several stores, I finally found the Logitech headset at Interface, Limketkai Mall sold at the price of Php 1, 995. (Amazon Price: 31.99 usd)

Anyways, both the Genius and iNtex headsets are still useful even though it has no mic, it's still usable when listening to music. Hope this post will help you in a way in purchasing your own laptop and headset too!
eMachines by Acer D725 does not have a built-in mic, the exact reason why my boss kept on buying me a headset.

Be Tsunami Safe

Hoping no casualties when tsunami hit Philippines. Tsunami seen already waving within Philippine territory. Prayers go out for everyone's safety specially to my relatives who are living near the beach.
Thank God! I brought our grandmother here in Cagayan de Oro... My uncle is so busy right now helping the local government with preparations in case tsunami will also reach Camiguin Island. Since the island is very close to the danger zone areas.

Source: ABS-CBN

Jonie's Sizzlers and Roast

February 12...

I dine at the newly opened Jonie's in Divisoria.

Most of the food they served are sizzling meals. 

Sizzling Steak House

Sizzling Bangus

Picture! Picture!

It's 3am but me and my cousin are still wide awake and giggling while ransacking my dresses. I was actually checking out which dresses I don't wear anymore so I can give it to her. My cousin is so fascinated with my dresses that she ask to atleast try it on and have photos taken. So we did a photo shoot with my dresses. I was so willing also since it'll be a great exercise for me to get to know my not-so-high-end digital camera and admire my dresses of which if they could talk they would probably say "hey you! do you still wanna wear me?!" hahaha...

Okay... I only uploaded some pictures which I like. Forgive me with the effects... hehehe still trying to learn photo editing.

Just bought this dress at the tiangge...

I bought this at Chili Girl Boutique. If you noticed I often buy clothes in this boutique since most of their items are not so expensive. I've worn this only once during the 2011 welcoming. I gave this dress to her since it looks good to her than to me.

I ordered this one online, I just forgot which online store it though.

I ordered this at Let's Shop Online theres 2 of them actually, the other is blue was even use in a friends pictorials...

CDOBloggers Like T-shirt from Jem Ferrer

I finally got my CDOblogger t-shirt designed by Jem Ferrer. This t-shirt is part of Buy a Shirt, Plant a Tree project and to know more about this project check it out at

My Fave Footwear's

I dont have much footwear's to boost but I do have several pairs that for me is a fab and very useful. Im more of a on the go person. Working at home tolerates my lazy attitude, yes laziness like just seat on the chair while my face stuck at my lappy's screen the whole day and not going out on weekends. I don't go out much, and if ever I go out I make it a point to schedule everything on the same day so that the next day I won't go out again. Yeah I know right! You don't have to emphasize how boring my life is...

Anyways, back to the topic... Here are some of my fave footwears which styles I really love and comfortable in wearing most of the days.

Adventure Buddy This pair has been my adventure buddy from Camiguin Escapade, CDObloggers Mapawa Trekking and First Water Rafting Adventure...

Everyday Buddy. Mostly I wear this pairs  with shorts, mini skirts, t-shirts or casual whole dress. I bought this pair out of pity from a neighbor who is a reseller of MSE products. Her costumer returns this because it doesn't look good on her feet... Yeah just like that! So to help her out I bought it and it turns out a fab pair. I wear this most of the time now since it's flat which good for mall strolling with Justine and running errands. :D

This is the latest addition... I just bought this a week ago at Chili Girl Boutique. So I can have a second everyday body.  

Kikay Buddy. I also love wearing kikay and sexy dresses this pairs are perfect to go with... More likely I wear them on formal events, meetings or days wherein feel ko lang magpaka-sosyalan epek at rumampa na parang fashionista! hehehe...
The high-heels  and gladiator sandal are both ordered from Natasha.

This one is cheap bought at Maykel's (May kilid-kilid! Nahahaha...) Kidding aside it was actually bought at local department store.