#Wishlist: Sexy Sandals!

I love shoes! I started this addiction last year when I bought my first ever boots. Since then im buying mostly boots but lately I now also like heels and sandals. I more often can't resist buying shoes specially if its so pretty and fits perfectly on my feet, not to mention is a match on my dress. ^_^

Here's some shoes from Martofchina.com Ive been dying to own and wear...

Unique Metallic Wing Gladiator Pattern Black Flat Sandals

Unique Metallic Wing Gladiator Pattern Black Flat Sandals

Turning a Skirt Into a Sexy Dress

Hello goddesses! I am excited to share to you this great fashion tricks I bumped into while window shopping online. ^_^

Lace Middle Calf Skirt

The Alcatel Onetouch Soleil of Sun Cellular Plan 350

Look what I got from strolling at Centrio Mall... A new Alcatel Onetouch Soleil from Sun Cellular!

alcatel one touch soleil

Its been months since I planned to get a postpaid account for mobile and now I finally am subscribed to Sun Cellular Plan 350. Its actually a good deal already coz aside from having a new phone for free I also get to have sun to sun unlimited call text and 250 text to all networks every month. Even though I'm not much of a texter this plan is perfectly suited for me. It has always been a hassle to me when you run out of load in times that you needed it the most and I have to disturb friends, cousin and neighbor to load for me. Now I dont have to worry for that anymore! As well as that frustrating feeling when promos you subscribe in is already expired without even making use of it to its fullest. (sucks!)

CMX Cosmetics for my Eyes

My blogger friend Jacques invited me to join Splash Direct Sales months ago. I actually thought that there’s not much I can purchase because I'm not much of a user of whitening and exfoliating cosmetics.  However, I thought wrong. Splash Direct Sales offers wide variety of products, they have lotion, cleansers, moisturizer, shampoo & conditioner, detergent powder, dish washing liquid, perfumes & cologne,  insect repellent, feminine spray, hair moisturizer, supplements and make-up.

Since I am interested on this make-up thing I check out there CMX Cosmetics make-up selections. It was a bit expensive for me since I'm not much of a big spender on makeup. Thanks to my membership I got to avail 25% off everytime I purchase. Great deal! :D

So here’s what I have purchased on the make-up…

CMX Cosmetics Brow & Liner Kit (Php 550)

Since I have this kit, having my eyebrow done is exciting to me already. Before I use to struggle because im not much of a pro on putting on eyebrow. I should have known brush is much easier than pencil. And it looks more natural on my eyebrows than pencil.  I also love that the kit also comes with a cute eyebrow puller in it.

CMX Cosmetics Brow & Liner Kit

#OOTD: A Night of Glitz and Glamour at Seda Hotel

Recently got invited at the Seda Hotel VIP Night. It was an event to formally launched Seda Hotel to the public even though it already opened last December 2012. Lots of Kagay-anons attended the party which took place at the Misto Restaurant, 4th floor of Seda Hotel. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, overflowing cocktails and alcohols serve to all.

Me with the General Manager of Seda Hotel, Lorenzo Tang.

With Michael Ray of Tsadagyud.com

Fellow CDOBloggers and blogger friends from Iligan also attended the party.

Before the party started I was able to catch the press con and then the tour Seda Hotel's rooms and facilities. Learn more about it at my in CDO blog.

Thanks to Phebie, Joan and Judy for my solo pictures and CDObloggers group shots. ^_^

Bohemian Dresses

Hello Goddesses!  Lately, I'm inlove with Bohemian fashion style. I was browsing for some outfit ideas and the lucky me bump into an online shop that offer affordable clothing, Martofchina.com. I signed up in an instant after picking several items that I like. When They have a wishlist option that I have added lots of dresses and shoes. I do hope my budget will permit me to buy all of it soon. (Im such a shopengera!)$_$

Will try to post my own Bohemian look but for now let me share to you the Bohemian dresses that I like.

Bohemian Layering Flouncing Totem Beige Chiffon Mini Dress
Bohemian Fashion

Monday Wishlist: Bagable

I discovered this website who sells different types of bags, the name is Bagable. As I browse into the site I've had a several bags that I want to own and so I created this wishlist post. :)

Here are my top picks:

Fossil Key-per Flap Satchel Bag (ROSE) - I dont have a bag like this yet so im excited to own one. :)
Keyper flap Satchel bag

Basic House Soon To Open its First Mindanao Branch in Centrio Mall


Was one of the bloggers invited at the Basic House media lunch. I was actually excited when I received the email invitation. As far as you know, I'm a Korean fanatic and learning that the famous Korean fashion boutique - Basic House will open its first Mindanao branch here in Cagayan de Oro I felt ecstatic to attend the media lunch and share first the news to my readers. Yes! You heard me right Basic House will soon to open at the 2nd level of Centrio Mall this coming June 5, 2013. Excited? So do I!

The  Basic House media lunch took place at Italiani's Restaurant. After the lunch I tag along with my blogger friends Irene and Edu at Seda Centrio Hotel where I got the chance to have a little tour at this newly opened hotel. Will talk more about it on a separate post.  So since the place  has a nice view I didn't miss the chance to take a picture of myself. Teheee... ^_^

Thank you by the way to Basic House Philippines, Robinsons Specialty Stores and Miss Precious Heradura for the invites and the freebies.

Affordable Hair Dryer from Watsons

Bang and I drop by at Watsons to buy some toiletries and hair color coz we are going to try to color our hair for the wedding. However, look what we found as we went through the shelves... Watsons hair dryer on sale for buy 1 take 1 with the price of Php 649.00. We couldn't believe it at first so we called the sales lady and when she confirmed it we ended buying a hair dryer too.

Watson Hair Dryer