A Journey of Embracing the Unknown

Three years ago, I made a big decision that changed my life. I felt happy and confident about it because everything went smoothly, and I didn't face many challenges while pursuing this change.

Day 1 of Year 2022

Happy new year y'all!

Same as last year I welcome the new with just me and Justine. My mom was supposed to join us but for health reasons, she wasn't able to come.

Even with just the 2 of us here in the house we still welcome the new year with a bang. Complete with decorations and food. This year the fireworks were a bit wild because it was raining ashes in the sky. Literally, the fireworks above our head because the neighbors next door or next block lit it up. It was so exciting watching them up close. Back at our previous house were just looking at it from afar because our house is overlooking the city.


The kiddo and I stayed up till 4AM just eating and talking. And then, I woke up around 11AM to prepare because my bestie and her fam will be visiting us. When they arrive we ate and then after that went swimming at the clubhouse.

While swimming the bestie convince me to come with them to the downtown mall. I was hesitant at first because I usually don't go out on the first day of the year. But the bestie and the kiddo keep convincing me to go. When I said yes, both of them were so happy. Part of my decision to say yes is that it's been a long that we visited downtown, especially the kiddo, who hasn't been to the mall for a long time already this can be an opportunity to let him go. And I miss Coffee Bean Tea Leaf date with the bestie, this has been our official bonding cafe. I thought it wouldn't be so crowded at the mall since most of the people still celebrating the new year at home. 

However, I was wrong there were still a lot of people in the mall. But unlike the past year this time, many shops were closed especially the department store and furniture shop which was supposed to be the main reason why we visited the mall. The bestie was so disappointed. 

The disappointment doesn't end there... Because our fave drinks at Coffee Bean Tea Leaf are not available even our second go-to drinks and the cold drinks as well. Bummer! And then kiddo had to shop for new shoes because the one his wearing is damaged. Good thing Bench has a 50% off sale.

So basically, only the kiddo fully enjoyed the day. He was very happy and positive the whole time. Which made me happy also.

So that's how my first day of January went. A day spent with people who care and matter to me.

Even though today wasn't the usual and ideal way of spending it but I'm still happy and had fun.