Mobile Blogging Via My iPhone 3gs

Hey readers! Im blogging right now via my iPhone 3Gs... Its nothing new actually coz I used to blog via my iPhone before. I just didn't get to share my experiences mobile blogging via iPhone 3Gs however I did shared my first ever experienced with my first smart phone Samsung S5230W Star WiFi.
So what is it I'm going to share now? Well, I just recently migrated to Wordpress and this is the first time I'm using the Wordpress mobile app. I've downloaded this app for awhile already but I just use it now. ^_^ Its very convenient actually so as long you have an internet connection you can publish a blog post. I will surely be using this more often now that my personal blog already in Wordpress. Back then I've usually utilized my Blogger app in updating this blog where it was freely hosted before. I will just make a separate post on my blogging experienced with Blogger app.
Here is the snapshots I got when you access your self hosted blog via mobile.

Now here's a snapshots when I started blogging. You can see above the options cancel and publish. Next are the title, tags and categories. Options below on it is the write, settings, preview attachments, videos and image. Tap the screen below categories and now you can start blogging.

Selecting the categories in your blog...


Lets go to uploading photos...

Now this is how it looks when you finish uploading the pictures... Html code. Be sure you dont any letter or delete anything from to the /a> coz it will be the reason your image wont display.

After adding photos you can now preview and publish your post!

Have you tried blogging through your mobile? What smart phone are you using? Will looking forward to hear your experience too! :)

I Want To Try The PLDT Telpad

Ive been curios about this PLDT Telpad before but didnt really mind about it coz I was thinking that if I subscribe ill have another add-on payments on my bill. Having a landline subscription to my internet bill has been heavy on my pocket because I dont use my landline much. Why use a landline when you have a mobile phone? Anyways, I just endured the monthly bills believing that if I go for wireless broadband its not the best option for my online job.

Now back to this tablet landline from PLDT. I just watched the PLDT Telpad AVP. After watching I seem to get interested in owning one. Ive been eyeing on buying a tablet for home use but Im still weighing things up and also the budget. If Im going to buy a tablet meaning I need to buy 2; 1 for mom and 1 for Justine since they keep on fighting over things. With this Telpad, I seem to have an option for both of them not going to fight coz Ill give them the impression its a landline for work and not meant for personal use. They usually respect it if its for my work. :) With this Telpad its actually handy also coz mom is not techy, So it'll be easy for her to navigate through the touch screen. Another thing also is that most of the time if I go out im connected online so in circumstances like this I can still get to call home via online even if I dont have a load on my mobile.

I could say a lot more advantages from what has been said also at the AVP but first I want to try PLDT Telpad to really have first hand review on it.
It seems like yesterday I bid my goodbye to Smartbro and say hello to PLDT MyDSL. Come to think of it Ive been a PLDT subscriber for almost 3 years already. Yes that long! Ever since I didnt recieved any gifts as loyal subscribers but more heartaches on the billling issues. If it hadnt been for the stable internet I would long be gone and subscribe to other networks.
I just hope that PLDT will offer this for free or even give a discount. I visited the PLDT website to check on how to avail the PLDT Telpad and here's the info that I got...
The Telpad Plan Includes:
Telpad Plans on myDSL
  • FREE Telpad Unit
  • FREE myDSL WiFi Modern
  • FREE Calling Features
  • Caller ID
  • Caller Forwarding
  • Caller Waiting
  • Speed Dialin
  • 3-Party Conferencing 
The cheapest is Plan 1849 which offers up to 1.5 mbps and with the following add-on:
  • Php 859/month for mydsl Plan 990
  • Php 550/month for myDSL Plan 1299
  • 3 year lock-in period
Im currently subscribe to myDSL Plan 999 which is bundled plan of Unlimited DSL + Landline. I wonder how flexible would they be with my currently plan. I still dont consider myself adding 550/month on my bill and Im not comfortable on the 3 year lock-in period.

Sun Cellular CDO Bloggers Get Together

CDOBloggers had a get together party with Sun Cellular last night at the Seafood Island, Centrio Mall. Everyone had fun on the Q & A portion specially that the prize was a Sun Cellular Plug-it.
The highlight of the evening was the food... Tadaaa! Boodle feast! :D 
 I actually recommended the place when Carrisa Flores from Sun Cellular asked help for the venue. It was a perfect choice... (I guess) Most of us was a first time diner at Seafood Island so before anyone can touch the food, everyone do the bloggers oath first which is the picture2x!
Right after dinner bloggers are now busy with chikas and on their gadgets. Tweeting, Facebook and the latest CDObies craze - Phewtic. I had a chance to chat with James Lim, Sun Cellular Senior Manager for Digital Marketing, about CDObloggers Org and also on Sun Cellular promos and updates.
With Carrisa Flores and James Lim of Sun Cellular
All in all it was fun night, full of talks and laughter. Thank you so much Sun Cellular for treating the bloggers and for giving us an excuse to go out on a Monday night and enjoy with each other. Thank you also for the freebies! I Got My Personalize Sun Cellular Mobile Number!

And yes lets not forget my outfit on that night...

I choose a yellow top to match Sun Cellular's color which is yellow. That was my first time to wear this feathered black skirt, since I bought it around December last year. ^_^ I added a Firmoo eyeglasses to have a nerdy look. I love how my look turns out!
After the party CDOBloggers still cant get enough and had some camera tripping on some huge posters around Centrio Mall, wherein we copy how the model/artist pose. And I did not missed the chance to have a copy-cut pose also. ^_^  

Got My Personalize Sun Cellular Mobile Number!

I just activated my personalize Sun mobile number. I was a bit disappointed that I was not able to get my online nickname... Here's the number ive tried to register.

0942 EMOTERA - Sun Cellular can only lets you personalize the 6 digits of the number. So this is X.
0942 8 SMILEY - Taken
0942 8 PRETTY - Taken
0942 8 FIERCE - Taken
0942 8 BEAUTY - Suggested by a friend in Facebook but its taken also.

Unlucky me everything that I want is taken already, so I just opted for another more personalized one. This time thank God its available! And my number is.......
Drumroll....... 0942 800 ****
I will leave you guys to guess what that is! ^_^

Sexy Bachata Dance

I've been watching a lot of Salsa dance videos lately because of my work and everytime I search for some Salsa dance video I always see this video of Tanja La Alemana and Ataca Jorgie performed their sexy Bachata dance routine. This has been my fave Bachata dance because aside from the very soulful music they are dancing in, I also like their connection when dancing as if nobody is watching them. The dance actually makes the women look more sexy. Its very sensual and its like seeing to people making love on the dance floor. lol More than that, Bachata is all about the body movement, the playful footwork, being at one with your partner. A dance full of sensuality, partner connection and musicality inspired by the soulful melodic rhythms.
Bachata is a dance from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean islands. Both the music and the dance have been influenced by Cuban Bolero, the Merengue (also of Dominican Republic origin), Salsa and Cumbia.

I will also add this other dance performance of Tanja La Alemana and Ataca Jorgie. They both are great dancers of Bachata.

I am actually thinking of going to my fave hobby dancing. And then learning to dance any Latin dance but if given a chance to learn Bachata I probably would provided I have a suitable dance partner. ^_^ What do you think of this Bachata dance? Are you interested to learn it too?