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Our GIBI Shoes Story: From Excitement to Disappointment

GIBI Shoes

Hello there, friends! It's that time of the year again, the back-to-school season. I wanted to make sure my son had a nice pair of school shoes because his old ones were looking quite tired. So, off we went to Robinsons Department Store inside Centrio Mall for a little shopping adventure.

Weekend Haul: Fiesta Sale

Hi everyone! Today I will be sharing my hauls last weekend. 
Last weekend was just spent watching Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and then a stroll at the mall. And since there's a lot of sale going on in the city because of the month long celebration of Higalaay Festival 2015. We couldn't help but indulge into a little shopping. ;)
Hair Heroes Intense UV Thermal Barrier Shield from Snoe Beauty - Snoe Beauty is one of my trusted brand when it comes to hair care. I recommend the Hair Heroes! I use to buy their Hair Heroes Intense Argan 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner but I am trying out this Intense UV Thermal Barrier Shield because my hair is so dry. Probably because of the hair color. I love the smell its very relaxing.
Galaxy shorts at the Centrio Mall Bazaar - I forgot to get the name of the online shop that sells this galaxy shorts. I bought it for Php 180.00 (3usd). I love it because its stretchable, its cloth is spandex.
Sandals from Jellies by Mendrez -  This is on sale Php 499.00 (10usd). I love how light and comfy this sandal is... Perfect for casual hangouts and ofcourse for my maxi outfits.

National Bookstore Project Aral

School Supplies

Back to school is fast approaching!

My kiddo is officially enrolled and ready for the next school year. What's lacking though is the books and uniform but I'll worry on that later since school haven't started yet. Next stop is buying school supplies. It was very helpful that his teacher has already listed all the school supplies he needs at school coz it saves the time and money on shopping.

School Requirements

If you are going to buy school supplies at the National Bookstore, you might be interested in donating a school supplies for the children who are affected by the Typhoon Yolanda. National Bookstore Project Aral school kit includes 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, sharpener and eraser. This kit cost 25.00 (PHP). Your extra 25.00 can go a long way in helping kids in need.

National Bookstore Project Aral

How to Cure a Bad Day

My ingredients to happiness when I'm having a bad day...

So here's one of those days when you start of not good. I was just so disappointed that something I am excited with since last month came to a sad ending a few days before it supposed to happen. I was really upset and in a bad mood that I hate everything and everyone. So I decided not to go home until I cure this negative feeling...

1. Coffee and doughnuts. Sweets is a perfect comfort food for a person with a bitter heart. And Kaffe Kreme is a perfect treat to a coffee addict like me.
Krispy Kreme Centrio

2. Watch a movie that will make you laugh out loud. For the 3rd time Ive watched Diary ng Panget The Movie again! I know... I know... Ive seen this several times already on the big screen but it's just that my feet brought me to the mall and the only thing in my mind is that I need to laugh to erase the bad mood. Well, it was effective because after laughing out loud and feeling so kilig at Eya and Cross, I felt better.

Diary ng Panget The Movie

3. Shopping and grocery! The perfect cure I guess... ^_^ Well, getting upset and in a bad mood gave me an excuse to buy something for myself. :D Or it could also be my way of comforting myself since no one will comfort me... Okay lets just believe the first reason because the later sounds bitter. hehe... I also did some grocery after so atleast I wont feel guilty buying un-necessity stuff. And besides when I'm stress grocery shopping is my ultimate therapy. Well, atleast I don't fell sorry if I bought too much because my family can use and eat everything that I bought.

So I found this sale undershirts from Bench. Ah finally! I bought simple tees perfect for my skirts.

Bench Undershirts Sale (1)
Bench Undershirts Sale (2)

I also found this cheap tops from a boutique at the neighboring mall.


After the things I did above here's me, in an OOTD pose, wearing a smile and finally went home feeling better and now ready for work.

Monday OOTD

Payless ShoeSource Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Centrio Mall just had its first anniversary here in Cagayan de Oro. To celebrate this they are having a mall wide sale from November 8-10, 2013.

Got busy and lazy the past few days and so I was catching for a last minute shopping on the last day of sale. I was actually catching if that item for my new gadget was on sale but unluckily it wasn't. So I end up checking other shops and strolling  around the mall of which I spotted a lady with a big paper bag of Payless. And yes the shoeholic in me awaken. Ive been an avid shopper of Payless ShoeSource so I immideately went to the shop and voila look what I see...

Payless ShoeSource Centrio

Affordable White Shoes

I bought a cheap white shoes at The Night Cafe today. The original price is Php 120.00 but I got mine for Php 100.00. On a regular basis, white shoes will not catch my attention immediately because I don't like wearing it. Since its a requirement on my massage therapy class and its something I don't have in my shoe rack I now have the reason to buy for it. Luckily, I pass by a slipper and shoe vendor at the flea market at The The Night Cafe. I glance through and caught this white shoes behind the vendor. It was not displayed properly actually and was just stock behind the vendor. I saw a nice design and when I ask how much, it was offered cheap. I immediately grab the one design I liked, look for the size that fits me and paid for it... Impulsive huh?

I can't show you guys the style I picked coz I forgot to take a photo of it. I'll just show it when I already got a matching outfit or should I say wear it with the complete uniform. :) However, here are the other designs of the white shoes that I took.

Centropelle Shoe Sale Hunting

Visited Centropelle Limketkai with Jacqs to checkout their shoe sale. Thanks to mommy Grace for the heads up by the way.
Theres a lot of shoes on sale up to Php 149.00. Jacqs and I drooled at the shoes. Jacqs bought a new sandal for Php 299.95 originally Php 1, 299.95. Too bad I was on a tight budget that time I would love to buy this on-sale booty.
Here's another booty im eyeing also and is also on-sale in 30% off.

And Jacs also is drooling and dying to buy this booty.

Bonding With Couz And Niece

Earlier this afternoon my cousin called me up to go out for lunch. I was hesitant at first since I still have loads of work to finish but since this rarely happens and i'm not yet in the mood to work I decided to go out with her. We had lunch at Pancake House.

My cousin ordered for a Clubhouse Sandwich with Avocado shake...

I had a Mango Crepes with four season juice.

After lunch we went strolling at Limketkai Mall. Esa, my cousins daughter enjoyed the fun rides while my cousin went to buy a mouse and a laptop jacket like mine but unfortunately no size fitted her Dell lappy.

Next stop we went shopping for a lappy bag at Robinsons. I was browsing shoulder bags which is big and durable for my laptop while my couz went looking for backpacks. However, after looking around we both ended buying a very durable backpacks worth Php 1, 759 (originally Php 2 200).

It's already dark outside but couz still eager to buy accessories for her lappy. We found ourself at Handyman were couz bought a bed table for laptop.
And finally it's dinner time! We dine at Mooon Cafe were couz ordered for Porkchop and for me Mooon Steak.