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What I Wore | Twinset Ribbed Sweater & Knitted Skirt

I just realized that its been awhile since Ive posted and outfit post. So today I'll be sharing one...
I actually have lots of outfit post seating in my hard drive and Im so overwhelm which one to share first here in the blog. I've been a lazy blogger. >.<
Anyways, this outfit Im sharing now is the one I've reviewed in this post, few months ago, from I just thought its the perfect time to share this look now because I'm wishful thinking of colder Ber months in a our tropical country. I really love this knitted twinset and this is a perfect cozy outfit for cold days.
For now though, I've worn casually the knitted skirt but unfortunately not the ribbed sweater because of its thick texture.

How was the weather from your side? Is it cold or hot?

What I Wore | EricDress Wide Leg Pants

Hi everyone! How was the mid-week?
I had a lazy start in this week... And its a very busy week at work. What a great timing to feel lazy! (-_-)
Anyways, today I am sharing this very chic and gorgeous wide leg pants I got from The cotton blend cloth is thick but soft, very comfortable. Mine is size medium and it fits perfectly.
I love how you can elegantly wear it in formal occasions and modishly wear it on casual occasions too. Still thinking of more ways to wear it though. I'm having some challenging decision on what to pair with its printed design.

Any style suggestions?

By the way, if your interested you can buy this wide leg pants at at $13.96 now.

Halloween 2016

Hey everyone!
I know this is way too late post but I just want to share my Halloween adventures and costume for this year... 
The kiddo and I really had fun with our costume and look this Halloween. Even though the kiddo didn't really go all out with his costume compared last year. By the way, for my new readers, the kiddo was a vampire last year.
Initially Justine wants to be a vampire again this year, but we saw this mummy hoodie and pants at the newly open H & M. It was so cool and nice that I bough it for him and he was happy to wear it instead of being a vampire again. 
Justine attended the McDonald Halloween Party this year but it was not as much fun as last year. We're both feeling sorry over the kid who go all out with a Harley Quin costume because she didnt get any price. The winners not really that great. She was so fierce and got the spunk of Harley. :(
I on the other hand, received some Halloween goodies from (the dress and the blood drop choker) that I decided to wear them. I found this white wig at the old closet so I wore them for a more creepy look. 
While taking this photos... my son and I had fun scaring the neighbors kid who cried a lot after seeing us in this costumes. XD

How was your Halloween this year?   

Mummy Hoodie and Pants: H & M 

Weekend Plans: Trick or Treat

Hey everyone! Anyone excited for the weekend? 
I just realized, while writing this post, that there's a lot of things I look forward for this weekend. Halloween and long weekend to name a few... ^_^

Will spend trick or treat at the mall with the kiddo. And will also checkout the Dinosaur Expo. A friend of mine, Risa, is going to baptize her daughter Alexa this weekend also and I am going to be one of the godmothers.

What I Wore:

I bought this dress when Guess boutique had a big sale. I forgot how much was the cost, but I remembered, I got 70% discount on this dress as well as on a skirt  that I bought too. Me and my friend have no plans on shopping that time. We were about to go home when another friend, who just had shopping at Guess, inform us about the big sale. Glad we didn't missed the chance because it was such a fabulous deal.
Im not sure, if I've previously talked about this gorgeous cardigan from but you may have read this as one on my stylish cardigan wishlist. I love it's waterfall style and the aztec print, so stylishly chic!

What's your plan for the weekend? Drop me your answer at the comment box below.

Dress: Guess

Is Your Life A Best Seller Webtoon?

If your life was a webtoon will it be a best seller one?

Before anything else... Hello there! Happy hump day!
Yes. I admit this post was inspired from the Korean drama, W. ^_^
This question just popped in my mind while watching the drama... I commend the writer for such a mind-bogglingly twists in every episodes. Even though it made the drama interesting, I almost give-up at episode 5... I think or somewhere there. :D Not that its a bad drama, its just that my brain was aching trying to figure out the drama. I have so many why and how. hahaha
And I was watching drama while working with my online job, to entertain me... However, the drama added more stressful thinking. That is why I almost give-up. XD
Good thing I didn't stop watching it because it was amazing and exciting in the end.
By the way, for those of you who haven't watch and interested to watch this Korean drama... I watch it here.

Now back to the question... 
If my life was a webtoon will it be a best seller? 
Or atleast interesting? 
Or will anyone bother to read it?
To be honest, my life now is not really exciting and just plainly routinary.
That is in comparison to my  past life which definitely has it's own taste of bitter-sweet dramas. My past has so many ups and downs, struggles, disappointments, heart-breaks and challenging twist that thought me a lot of my life's greatest lessons. If anyone reading my life story I bet they would learned a lot just as I did.
My past made me a strong and thriving woman that I am today.
Made me appreciate everything that I have now.
Made me grateful everyday, for every blessings and miracles in my life now.

Nobody would probably bother reading my life now if its a webtoon.
But no matter how boring my life now. I am thinking positively that soon a romantic comedy will soon unfold. And I'm excited because that's my fave genre. <3 p="">
And even though in reality a happy ending is non-existent... (Because for me... as long we are alive the chapters of the book of our life goes on and the journey continues. And so possibilities are still endless.) I still believe that there is no reason for us to lose hope, if our life story is a best seller or not. As long as we wake up each day, we have the chance to recreate our life, make it more exciting in a positive way and also make it the best selling story.

Happiness is just around the corner easily given to those who are willing to receive and share.

Hello September!

​Hi everyone! Im happy because its a long weekend. 
August left with a bang, as I receive several part-time job offers. Which left the first weeks of September very busy. I may not be earning big but I just felt so blessed being paid working on things that I love doing and having cool bosses to work with. And the bonus part is that I own my time and I can work anywhere I want.  
Talking about owning my time... my friend and I had an unplanned date this week. We just started with an "I miss you" conversation on Skype and the next thing happened is that where strolling at the mall together. We had so much fun catching up, eating, and shopping for there was an on going sale at the mall we happen to visit.
We really miss doing this dates. Since we rarely see each other nowadays, because my friends are now new moms and spends more time with their cutey babies. Infact, while me and friend had our date her baby's third wheeling with us. Which made it more fun and exciting because we got new experiences more than just eating, talking, and shopping together. 
Ofcourse I didn't miss the chance for her to take a snap of my outfit... I wore the new cami dress which I got from The dress is so chic and comfy. I just love wearing it. If you follow me on instagram (@venussmileygal) you probably see it on my feed a lot. 😆
Sorry not sorry... Infact there's more to come. Hahaha 

 How was your first week of September?


A photo posted by Venus Smileygal (@venussmileygal) on

Oh by the way, for the first time I created a video for my outfit. Just triying it out actually... Im kinda awkward though. Forgive me. ^_^ 

Inlove with Maxis and Side Slit

Happy Monday!
Today marks the end of the long weekend. It's back to school tomorrow so I'll be waking up early to take care of the kiddo's needs.
The kiddo's birthday last Saturday was fun and tiring at the same time. The city is celebrating its annual Higalaay Festival. So many people in malls and everywhere in the city because of so many events happening. It's crowded and traffic. (>.<) 
I don't know when this all started but I seem to enjoy quite places and/or places with limited people around. I'm no longer use to dealing with crowds. Even with friends Im connected to just a few...
If I hadn't promise the kiddo I wouldn't have go out. Anyways, it was his birthday wish. And it was worth it because he had fun. Ive granted all that he wanted to do on that day from catching Pokemons, to eating at his fave restaurant, as well as playing at the arcade (which gave me muscle aches the day after.)  
What touches me the most, is that with all those activities we did he always asked me if I enjoyed it as well. My heart melts...Such a sweet kid! It's his birthday but his thinking of me.
About the look....
This was actually taken last May.
You may see this sleeveless top a lot for I have worn this a lot already. I just love mix and matching this Basic House top with anything.  
 I'm currently inlove with maxis and side slit. The skirt is my new addition in my closet. Found it at Centrio Mall Bazaar.

The Good Things

It's weekend finally! Looking forward to grab some rest this weekend since last week it was a working weekend.
Since the kiddo and I  transferred house... I've been very busy. I must admit I was having a hard time coping up with solo responsibilities. I was so used that my mom is there assisting me with house chores and meal preparation. It was hard but this teaches me to get organized, prioritized and focus. I have also learn to practice positive outlook everyday -- to only focus at good things of everything.
So for today, Im listing those good things that I gain recently...
* Breath fresh air. Well... yes, it is windy in this house I don't have to worry on the hot weather. Other than that though, the previous house kind of too small for me, my mom and the kiddo. So we gave mom a space to breath, without us relying on her on everything.
* Follow early sleep pattern. Since the kiddo goes to school early I need to sleep early to wake-up early. I was actually having hard time and only got less hours of sleep at first. And I'm always running out of time that even if I go to work early I still cant catch up at the end of the day. However, as I follow regular sleeping patterns I got used to it and slowly catch up with the rhythm of the time. I do catch up long hours of sleep on weekend though. :D
* Streamline important responsibilities. In order to help me catch up I have learned to say NO and work on identifying what's more important responsibilities to prioritize and focus on them. I learn to think first before saying YES to any commitments. 
 * Thought me to move. Oh yes! Having a bigger house means bigger responsibilities. I need to dust, sweep, scrub, clean the lawn, water the plants and so on....
* Kiddo learns responsibilities. Since I have so much responsibilities at hand, I have an excuse to ask him to help me with things. And he also learn to prepare his own stuff in school.   
* Having time out of the computer. The downside of working-at-home is that I can stay all day infront of the PC...Which is a really unhealthy lifestyle. Because now I found reasons to move away from my PC and have a little exercises.
* Enjoy the natures view everyday. I mentioned earlier that some of my responsibilities are cleaning the lawn and water the plants. This is because the house is surrounded with plants and fruit tress. And... oh yes... I can enjoy eating mango, makopa (mountain/water apple, santol (cottonfruit) and guava fresh!  
* Have more time to think. Since moving here I have done a lot of thinking on what I wanted in life. The peaceful ambiance gave me moments to realize things in my life right now. I wonder if this has to do with me maturing or lets just blame it to peaceful ambiance. :D

There you go! Didn't expect this post to be this long. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section...
Have a fun and relaxing weekend everyone! 

Bag: | Vest: Thrifted | Top: Basic House | Shorts: Jag | Sandals: Payless Shoesource