Covid Vaccine Experience


First Dose 

November 11, 2021. I just got my Covid vaccine first dose. I initially didn't plan to get a vaccine but the city requires a vaccine certificate in order to go out. Since I am the one who does grocery and errands so I was forced to get one. 

I registered online and got my schedule immediately after 2 days at the nearest mall, SM City Uptown. When I arrive at the mall I was able to go directly to the waiting area and skip the line because I have a confirmation schedule. The people who did not register online and just walk in need to wait a long line though because they prioritize the people who already have a confirmation schedule. 

I anticipated waiting long because that's what I read on social media, so I brought with me a book, water, and a power bank. However, it was fast and well-organized. I was actually nervous and scared I might pass out, but thankfully I survived. I arrive home safe. 

It was at midnight when I felt the after-effect of the vaccine, I had chills, so I turn off the aircon thinking it was the reason, but the chills never stopped it took me a while before I fell asleep. And the next day, I had a fever, and my body was heavy. I feel like all my strength was drained out. Even though I did advanced reading and research online on the after-effects of having a vaccine, I still feel worried and nervous. But my body is too weak to think and get worried. All  I did was sleep most of the time. I don't like eating, but I force myself to eat and drink plenty of water cause I know it will help my body. 

With my body so weak, it reminded me that I hadn't had a fever for so many years already. Thank you, Lord, for good health! 

By the way, the vaccine I had was AstraZeneca.

Second Dose

December 14, 2021. I was supposed to come back in January, more or less 2 months after my first dose. But I received a text message about my second dose schedule a month before. I was really nervous because I didn't want to feel weak again, and I felt like my body hadn't fully recovered from the first dose.  

I had my second dose at the same mall where I had my first dose. This time I experienced a long line and long waiting. it was not organized, and even though I am scheduled to have your second dose, they still mix you with the walk-ins. What's worse is the security guard mixed up the line, and so the late to arrive was the first one to enter the mall. I was really pissed off because, this time, I did not prepare anything to keep me entertained while waiting. My phone battery is not full when I arrive at the mall, and I don't have my power bank with me. Arrghh! The irony!

Thankfully, the second dose was not that worse. I had body pains but no fever.