My Personality Type

If you're a fan of Kpop or Kdramas, you might have noticed how Koreans often curious and ask about someone's MBTI. But what exactly is MBTI? Well, it stands for Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator is a pseudoscientific self-report questionnaire that claims to indicate differing "psychological types". The test attempts to assign a binary value to each of four categories: introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving.

Back in 2018, I had to take a personality test for a job application. This test is pretty interesting because it helps you understand yourself better – why you do things the way you do. 

Recently, I felt like I've changed a bit, so I decided to take the test again to see if anything had really shifted. And guess what? My personality had changed! It's pretty cool how our personalities can evolve over just a few years. I went from being more outgoing (an extrovert) to feeling more at ease with myself (an introvert). Isn't that fascinating?

Have you ever tried a personality test? 

If not, you totally should! It's free and super easy. Just hop onto this website:

Once you've taken the test, you'll get your results and learn all about your personality type and traits. They'll tell you about your strengths and weaknesses, how you are in relationships, friendships, parenting, and even at work. It's like getting a whole manual about yourself! Give it a try and see what you discover!

Life Lately: My blog has a new look!

Hey there! How was your day so far? Nothing much on mine. Today's just another regular day of me working at home...

Oh! My friend Dee visited me today. So we spent the afternoon co-working, ordered pizza and I made us coffee. She didn't stay long though since she still need to pick-up her son at his school. 

I actually don't know what to share on the blog today. No major agenda. Just trying to motivate myself to start writing and update this blog. Speaking of blog... 

My blog got a fresh look yet again. This time, I ditched the fancy theme and went with Blogger's basic template. You see, my old theme and Google Adsense were having a little feud, so it was time for a change. Anyway, the previous fancy look of my blog didn't get my creative juices flowing, as I hope. So fancy or simple, themes don't seem to be the magic potion for inspiration.

So, let's dive into another edition of the "Life Lately" series (if you haven't checked it out, you can read more about it here). It's my trusty go-to when I'm scratching my head for what to serve up on this blog.

Our GIBI Shoes Story: From Excitement to Disappointment

GIBI Shoes

Hello there, friends! It's that time of the year again, the back-to-school season. I wanted to make sure my son had a nice pair of school shoes because his old ones were looking quite tired. So, off we went to Robinsons Department Store inside Centrio Mall for a little shopping adventure.

Skin Care Routine Lately


Hello everyone! Today, I'm excited to share my skin care routine and the amazing products I've been using. Taking care of your skin is incredibly important, and having a regular skin care routine that you're comfortable with is key to achieving healthy and glowing skin. Let's dive into my routine and discover some additional information about each step!

Taeyang's New Song: Seed [English Translation]

Taeyang released two new music video today. These are songs from his new album called, Down To Earth. I just love listening to his song titled Seed, its so melodic and has so much emotions in it. 

I Need An Escape

Here's a throwback photos back when my bestie invited me to go swimming at Apple Tree Resort. 

A Journey of Embracing the Unknown

Three years ago, I made a big decision that changed my life. I felt happy and confident about it because everything went smoothly, and I didn't face many challenges while pursuing this change.