30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 16 - Happy Foursquare Day!

First of all I would like to great everyone a happy 4sqDay! For those of you who doesn't know about what is this day about. Read this..
Foursquare Day is held every year on April 16th. A grass roots event started by Tampa Bay fans of foursquare in 2010, it quickly spread to communities all over the world. Foursquare Day is celebrated differently in each community. Some people have parties, some have lecture, and some simply check in. What would you like to do this year? Read more...
I wont deny, I am a foursquare addict! everywhere I go I made it a point to check-in, leave a tips for other to read and take photos of the place. For me its the best way of promoting local business and establishments here in Cagayan de Oro. It is also a unique social media sharing that enables people to share feedbacks and good info's on the place which is why I made it a point to also check-in and leave a useful comment and updates.
A lot of communities all over the world are celebrating Foursquare Day. Here in Mindanao, Davao and GenSan is even celebrating. Since we dont have the celebration here in CDO I just check-in on Foursquare to collect a badge. I also had 4sqDay 2011 badge also which made me happy that I did not forget to get 2012 badge. :)

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15 - A Quest For Healthy Food

Today I went to the grocery to buy fruits an vegetables. I realized that I really need to buy healthy food and overcome laziness in going to the grocery more often.
So when I arrived from grocery its already late and so I requested mom to prepare Eggplant salad. I really like eating eggplant salad specially if there's a lot of tomatoes on it.

One thing I also realized is that lately Ive been drinking to much of soft drinks. When I saw this Nestea Iced tea in the supermarket I immediately bought a couple of litro packs as substitute to softdrinks.

I do hope I can keep up and maintain this healthy lifestyle and slowly cut some unhealthy habits. Health is wealth as they say... 

CDOBloggers Cadayunan Outreach

Last December CDOBloggers, Inc had a Outreach and Feeding Program at Cadayunan Primary School in Besigan. I wasn't able to joined on that day due of my other responsibilities. My fellow CDOBloggers had an exciting experienced going there because they ride on a  Government dump truck, of which the only means of transportation. After the thrilling and bumpy ride they had to walk up to the mountain where the Cadayunan Primary School is situated.
When they arrived excited faces of kids are already waiting. A small program was held of which kids were able to win prizes and enjoy.

It was a pleasure seeing those kids happy with the presents they have received. We also donated some activity books and old text books we have gathered. In behalf of the CDOBloggers, Inc we would like to thank all the Paypal and cash donors for helping us with our cause. We would also like to thank the following sponsors for sending their products for our loot bags.
Guard Insect Repellent Lotion for the insect repellent lotion
Firefly Toothbrush for the toothbrush
Dhadha Garcia for the toothpastes

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8 - National Bookstore Book Sale

Its Easter Sunday today! While everyone is heading to the beach family just stayed at home we are not really a fan of beach specially at this day wherein beaches are surely jam packed of people celebrating Easter Sunday.
The other day I bought ingredients for a simple salad; cream, condensed milk and fruit cocktail but my mom wants it to be made into Tapioca. And I headed to the market to buy Tapioca. And just when I pass by at National Bookstore. They have great books on sale! There were a lot of books I should have bought if I had an extra cash ro spare. Too bad im on a budget. :(
This books is published way back 2008 - 2010 but there is still a lot of good tips on it.
Now this next books aint on sale.. but just taught of sharing it! ;)

I know your thinking why most of the books are mostly about love and relationship. Lol I dont know why but i just like reading this stuffs too. I was actually looking for the secret's daily teaching of which are out of stock when I saw this love/relationship genre books.

30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY 5 - CDOBloggers Relief Operation For Typhoon Sendong Victims Part 1

When typhoon Sendong devastated Cagayan de oro the CDObloggers, Inc did our fair share of help also. We help disseminate and relay  important matters that needed attention online. Through social media and blogging we were able to update everyone on the city's current situation, knock on National Media's doors for coverage (because they hardly news feature on any of the national tv because they are busy having Christmas parties) and also raise funds through online donations.

On the 3rd day of Sendong's devastation, I and along with few CDObloggers volunteered at Xavier University. We brought in our un-used and still wearable clothing for donations and then help on packing relief packs.


30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY 4 - The Super, Super, Super Late Birthday Blog Post!

Since I didn't get to blog about my birthday last year ill blog about it now as part of my 30 Days Blog Challenge - "Things that I did!"

I usually don't celebrate my birthday, it usually just another ordinary pass by and even forgotten day. The reason for that is that I didn't grow up with my birthdays being celebrated in fact the first birthday cake that I sliced and blown was the one CDObloggers gave me last 2009. :D
Anyways, last year I got to celebrate my 26th birthday at my cousins house. It was my nephews first month, welcome party and Christening. My cousin prepared food good for a small pack of visitors of which mostly the god parents of baby Angelo and my cousins relatives on the her fathers side.
My cuosin and the crying baby Angelo... He is actually not in the mood ever since he arrived from the Church thats because his sleep was disturbed.

I gate crash the celebration. I bought a cake for me and Angelo but unfortunately the Cinnamon's cake decorator seem to be at lost since she misspelled my name I didn't got to check it before I leave the store because I was in a hurry and they also didn't ask me if the lettering is correct. Frustrating! One thing I hate... my name being misspelled. (-.-)
Happy birthday to me...
A quick photo before he cried again...

The celebrations has not end yet later in the afternoon I crave for something cold and delicious and ice cream came to the suggestion box. lol My aunt and cousins suggest for an ice cream and so i gave in and we bought Selecta ice cream.

 And in the evening just when we are about to go home our baby Angelo ain't feeling well that he is crying non-stop. Justine had to sing and dance for him to keep him entertain. Well the baby seems to be entertained because he did stop crying and keep on watching his kuya dancing and singing in front of him. :D

30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY 3 - Sun Cellular's Meet and Greet

This isn't what I did today but what I did last March 27, Tuesday also. CDObloggers had a meet and greet dinner with Sun Cellular's executives; James and Jocel at Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant.
While waiting for the dinner to arrive we talk about a lot of things including some great news from Sun Cellular. One of them is, Sun Cellular is expanding its network coverage in the Mindanao area to bring its best value services to more customers in Southern Philippines. And following its intensified network expansion program, Sun Cellular launched its first salvo of new and better value postpaid plans, the Postpaid Plan 250 initially available in Mindanao.
To learn more of this exciting news from Sun Cellular just visit the following links:
Sun Cellular Expands More Coverage in Mindanao
Sun Cellular Launches New Postpaid Plan 250

I would also like to thank Sun Cellular for the freebies that they gave. It'll be exciting to try Sun Cellular's internet connectivity since I have heard a lot of good reviews on its connection speed. This is also perfect freebie since my Smartbro plugit just recently died a few weeks ago.

30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY 2 - Something to Nibble On...

Earlier this afternoon my mom asked me if I like to eat Suman, immediately I replied yes! Then she went out and came back bringing Suman and told me the total amount payable for the suman. I really taught she's buying it for me but instead im paying it. lol Mom then made me a cup of coffee to match with my Suman. Forgive me this rarely happens that she served me snacks while im working. ;) I happily finished my snack while working even though the coffee is too sweet for me its like im drinking sugar not coffee, I usually prefer strong coffee thats why. Anyways its the effort that counts... :D

Later this evening im nibbling with this imported sweets given by a friend. I finished the Quacker Chewy Chocolate Chip in a snap. I love it coz its a chocolate coated with oats so it doesn't really taste so sweet. On the other hand, the Candy Cane still in my mouth right now, and ive been nibbling with this for about 2 hours, more or less. lol Its my first time actually to taste a Candy Cane and yes I love it but I am enjoying this slowly because I don't want to ruined my teeth. Im now at the curvy part so I guess ill finish this in no time and will hit the sack. ;)

30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY 1 - The Samaritan Blogger

Im supposed to spent my day today catching up with my backlogs but I remember I need to finish the designs on my fellow CDOBloggers blog themes. Basically what I do is hunt a theme for their blog, install, customize and often I design a logo also.
I have actually started working on this yesterday but I din't get to finish because we had out March monthly Meet-up. And so here's what I did...

IBlogUCDO.com is own by Mommy Dharlz. I changed the theme and added Labels since she didn't put any labels on her post. This labels are important  for categorizing your post of which I did in this blog. I specifically place a category on the navigation menu for readers to easily check on the specific things they want to read on her blog. As you can see the featured post slider ain't finished. I leave it to her to personalized but I did send her instructions on how to change it. I'm excited also to see what she come up. :)

Teacher Roxanne's blog TheKagayanon.com is the next one I did for finishing. Yesterday, I bought the domain, import-export her posts from Wordpress to Blogger. Why I choose Blogger? Simply because they offer free hosting and Roxanne dont want to invest for a hosting yet. She just paid me for buying the domain... So today what I did is finalized the theme layout then design and add her header logo and banner ads. And here's how it look... tadddaa!

This 2 blogs are not the only ones I helped in setting-up, personalize and installed as ads ready theme. I have also worked on 3 other blogs before. Yeah! That's how generous and helpful I am... But honestly, after today I realized I should charge a fee on the next one. :D I mean not necessarily big just enough maybe to reward my appetite who has full of cravings. lol

Anyways, last year I helped Macky on his MyMindanaoLifestyle.blogspot.com too... And I have teach him some basic how--to's on his blog as well as how to have more visitor on his blog.

Then just early this year I'v worked on Vic's Vicmadz.com and design his logo.  ;)

As well as Jacqs' CagayanDeOro.info... This one is in Wordpress so I also installed must-have plug-ins for her. The name of her blog before is Cagayan de Oro but I change it to CDO Info Guide which I think is more nice. Watchatink?

Thanks to Btemplates.com for all the blogger themes and Fabthemes.com for the Wordpress theme.
For those who also wants my services on your blogs and websites just message me through my contact page. ;)

My Own 30 Day Blog Challenge

I've read a fellow CDOBloggers blog about her 30 day blog challenge and she is currently on her 1st day. After reading her first day post I thought to myself why not do a 30 day blog challenge to myself also to motivate myself. You see I've been having a lot of backlogs since last year and until now I haven't recovered yet. I thought time will come ill be back on track but as time goes by its becoming worst. There has been a lot of things to blog and share but still I cant find the words to say. So this time Im taking action. I'll start my own blog challenge too.
I will blog every day about things I did for the day. And since today is April 1st, its a perfect time to start my 30 Day Blog Challenge. Hopefully this will be effective and would bring back my enthusiasm in blogging.

Goodluck to myself!

Region X Tourism Director's Locally Made Tokens

CDOBloggers group had a courtesy call to Regional Director Catalino Chan III at Department of Tourism office last February 21, 2012. This is part of the preparation of eXtreme Mindanao that the group will be organizing this coming May.
The moment we arrive at Director Chan's office I was already entertained at the decors displayed around the room. Some of it are local made products and some are noticibly from foreign countries. As we progress on our discussion about CDOBloggers organization, eXtreme Mindanao event and Mindanao's tourism status mommy Dharlz couldnt help but about the locally dress doll token behind me. Director Chan enthusiastically explained to us that it was indeed locally made and was given as a token at one of Mindanao's tourism caravan last year which was held at mall of asia.

 He also showed us some of other locally made tokens he got when he travela and attend tourism events and comferences in both national and international affairs.
This one Director Chan's holding is from Palawan.

This Abanika is locally made in Bukidnon of which he brought in a conference in Japan as his tokens to other delegates in representation of Mindanao.

This flower made from corns skin is displayed in the table in front of me. Its so nice that you wouldn't even notices its made from corns skin.