Kris Kringle Gift

Blogged earlier about CDOBloggers Night 2013: Thanksgiving Party... In connection to that will be showing you the gift I've received from our Kris Kringle. Before that though, let me tell you about the rules on our gifts. Everyone are encouraged to bring gifts and the gift must have an amount of PHP 49.75 excluding the wrappers or gift bag. You should also bring the proof of purchase for whoever cant bring the exact amount will be punish. Exciting right?

The gift that I've received is an awesome addition for my #OOTD's. A bracelet! It still had its tag on for PHP 49.75, bought at SM Department Store. It's so cool and I (obviously) like it.  The gift is from our newbie CDOBlogger member James. And speaking of, let me introduce to you our fresh and young newbie members of CDOBloggers... James and Andrew. James into food blogging and Andrew is into fashion.

CDOBloggers Night 2013: Thanksgiving Party

CDOBloggers Night 2013: Thanksgiving Party went punk fashion. I actually suggested the dress code because wearing punk will go well with the venue the Chills Music & Video Family KTV. ^_^ I went all black with my punk fashion, black off shoulder top and black shorts. My shorts has traces of brown threads which compliments my brown boots. For accessories I added a colorful spike bracelet, spike ring, cross ring and a rings chain necklace (which in this look I use as a belt. I just find it more comfortable to wear it as belt than wear it as necklace) to complete the look.
Thrifted black top and shorts| Romwe Gun Print Nude Tights| Tommy Hilfiger leather ankle boots

CDOBloggers Night 2013

Okay so what's with the last 2 photos?! Will they ask us (who are wearing punk fashion) to showcase our style. Seriously! Im not good at doing this. Anyways, here are some photos of the event.

Perfecting Your Party Look: Holiday Season Party Tips from Celebrities

Of course, you probably don't have the budget of your favorite stars, but that doesn't mean that you can't follow their fashion examples concerning holiday dressing.  From full skirts to leather and a departure from the Little Black Dress, celebrities often represent the leading edge where fashion is concerned. Take a cue from your favorite stars to shine at your next holiday gathering!

Invest in a Good Coat

Of course, partying during the holidays doesn't mean that you have to shiver. Invest in party-worthy outerwear, including winter coats, elegant leather gloves and a scarf in smooth cashmere. You will look great as you travel on your way to your holiday events, and make a grand entrance even before showing off your holiday ensemble.

Fitted Tops and Full Skirts

Maybe your bottom half is just a bit hippy. Or perhaps you've been overindulging in holiday treats continuously since Halloween. No worries. You can hide all your figure and dietary sins in a festive long or short dress with a fitted top and a long skirt. The fitted top and full skirt look allows you to show off pretty shoulders or a sexy d├ęcolletage and no one will ever know that you're hiding anything.

Daring Leather and Animal Prints

Sure, the Little Black Dress is foolproof and nearly every woman has (or should have) at least one, if not several. But if you're feeling a bit edgy and daring, try an animal print or leather ensemble. If you're not daring enough to have an entire leather or animal print ensemble, try an animal print or leather accessory, like a wrap or a purse. You might just bring out a bit of the beast in that very special someone.

Show Some Skin

Yes, it IS cold outside, but remember, this is a party. Especially if you are going straight from your heated flat or house directly into a heated car or taxi and proceeding to a party scene that may be overheated with all those bodies jammed together, there is no excuse for a head-to-toe cover up. Whether you go for a short skirt, a plunging neckline or a bare back, you must show some skin. Cover up with a coat when you're outside if you must, but once you are indoors, you have no excuse.

White Is the New Black

You can't go to a party without swimming in a sea of Little Black Dresses. Lately, Little Red Dresses and even Little Gold Dresses have begun to make an appearance. However, if you really want to stand out, white is the new black. Especially for daytime affairs, a Little White Dress allows you to look sexy without seeming like you're trying too hard.

Go for the Menswear Look

If it is simply too cold outside for a dress of any type, you can still look elegant at your next holiday event without risking frostbite. Go for the menswear look with a festive shimmery top matched with a tailored silk or velvet jackets and slacks. Finish the look with plain pumps or ballet flats in black or gold. You will be party-ready and elegant while keeping your arms and legs covered.

The Right Accessories Matter

You wouldn't think of lugging around a backpack instead of a purse as part of your holiday party ensemble. The accessories that you carry and wear can make or break your outfit, so it is worth your while to make the effort to choose the right accessories. A shimmery gold clutch or an elegant black shoulder bag matches nearly every ensemble. Your jewelry should highlight your outfit and your best features without overpowering the whole works. Even if you are wearing an overcoat, a wrap to protect your arms against the chill makes an elegant touch.

Take Care With Your 'Do

Whether your hair is short or long, your holiday hairdo should reflect the level of formality of your outfit. Splurge on a salon blowout or a full-fledged cut and style. For formal occasions such as evening dinner parties, a slick updo is appropriate. For more laid back affairs, loose waves or curls are sexy and touchable. Hair accessories such as tiaras or hair jewels add an extra touch of elegance.

Black & Stripes

OOTD EverBuying Casual stripe mini dress (1)

Today, i'm wearing a casual stripe mini dress with irregular bottom short sleeves which was one of my purchases from It was kinda big for me though but it was available in one size only.
Seems like I'm a fan lately of twinset dresses. Well, one reason im buying twinsets is that I can have lots of ways to wear it. Just like this dress I can wear it without the black short sleeves and I can use it with other tops or dresses. The short sleeves has a netted back which makes it stylish aside from its irregular bottom. I like the cloth of this dress because it's soft perfect for hot weather or summer.

OOTD EverBuying Casual stripe mini dress (13)
OOTD EverBuying Casual stripe mini dress (10)
OOTD EverBuying Casual stripe mini dress (4)

OOTD EverBuying Casual stripe mini dress (25)
OOTD EverBuying Casual stripe mini dress (24)
OOTD EverBuying Casual stripe mini dress (28)
OOTD EverBuying Casual stripe mini dress (27)

#OnlineShopping: Items Finally Arrived!

Blogged a few weeks ago about the online shopping department store Well, im happy to share to you that after 15 days from ordering, my items already arrive. I didn't expect that it will actually arrive sooner because from my experienced from and other online shops it takes a month or more. In fact, I actually taught that the package was from which I'm expecting to arrive already because it has been more than a month since I ordered my item. It probably matters on the location is from Shenzhen, China.

So far I was more than satisfied with's shipping service. Added to the fact that the items are in free shipping. The product is in good condition too.

So what's inside the package?
  • Casual Short Sleeves Women’s Twinset (USD 12.33) - The dress is nice but I guess it will be a bit big for me. I love the quality of the cloth!

  • Punk Style Fish Scale Shape Bracelet With Ring (USD 2.15) - the bracelets a bit too big but the lock can be adjusted. Thank God also that the ring is also adjustable because I have a small fingers.

  • Floral Print Shrug Style Chiffon Women’s Jacket (USD 10.71) - Was a bit disappointed on the jacket though... It was indeed specified that the cloth is chiffon and I can see it on the photo but I thought the the chiffon will be layered with another clothing material. However, it's basically a thin chiffon jacket and not as I imagine it would be. Will just hope I can pull it off well when I wear it.

Hello Krispy Kreme Cagayan de Oro!

Hello everyone! Krispy Kreme officially opens its doors to all Kagayanons. The long wait is finally over for us.

I was invited for an exclusive Bloggers Tour before the Krispy Kreme opens to the public. I choose this new thrifted dress which comes with a crop top layered on it coz the print on the crop top perfectly fits the occasion. Hello Krispy Kreme CDO!

CDOBloggers had so much fun on that day! We had the chance to tour on the inside kitchen, watch the donuts while it was freshly cook, design our own donuts and yes ofcourse (the most awesome part) tried any Krispy Kreme drinks and donuts.

They also have this game called Krispy Kreme Doughnut personality quiz which helps you find out the doughnut that matches your personality. My answers are mostly D's and my doughnut personality is Caramel Kreme Crunch.

Thank you very much Krispy Kreme for the invitation. Its was a blast day. Thank you also for the awesome souvenirs!! I had a big smile on after I tried my Krispy Kreme tshirt. Finally a freebie that is made for me! I usually receive a larger tshirts so I end up looking like a hanger when Im wearing it.

Webcam Toys

I discovered this cool website when I hangout at my friends house. She uses this desktop camera on her selfie moments when she’s board on her online work. Since there are 3 of us and using cellphone kinda hassle to position on a group shot we used Webcam Toy instead. We had a lot of fun posing to the camera who also has a timer which is perfect for group shots. There are a lot of filters you can apply on your photos too. And options like save to your computer and share to you social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

So if you love taking pictures and don’t want to hassle yourself with your phones small screen use this desktop camera instead. ^_^

Camille Co for Olay Conversations #OlayProudofmyAge

I saw this video of Boy Abunda interviewing fashion blogger Camille Co for Olay Conversations. Just taught of sharing this because I like thought of the interview in connection to blogging ofcourse. I do like and strongly agree with Camille when she said "that there's no wrong way of blogging. It's supposed to be really personal for you." If your blogging for the purpose of sharing what's your passionate about and sharing your personal experiences then its possible there are no rules in it. It can be sharing personal fashion, hobbies, sports, food, travels and more. And as Camille said "Its your blog, its your page, your own voice."

Watch the video interview to find out more...

Book: Your Mind At Its Best

Everytime I pass by at National Bookstore - Centrio I always go inside and visit my favorite spot... the Religion/Inspiration bookshelf. I am actually looking for a book called The Secret Daily Teachings but they only have The Secret on display always. I haven't checked other branches though if its available there because I often visit Centrio Mall and National Bookstore is in an area where I often pass by whether I'll go grab some meal or going to grocery. Most of the times when I visit other malls I always forget to check the National Bookstore.

Anyways, today I checked on the books on display and I saw Rhonda Byrnes newest book Hero (The Secret) is now available. I am tempted to buy it but I really wanted to own first The Secret Daily Teachings. So instead I checked on other books. There where a lot of new books on the shelf and I was attracted to this book... Your Mind At Its Best: 40 Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp by David Biebel, James Dill and Bobbie Dill. I got curios and so I run through the pages on one of the unwrap books. I find it useful and interesting to read and so I end up buying it instead.

Your Mind At Its Best Book

Your Mind At Its Best Book