Northern Mindanao Bloggers Centrio Mall Tour

Weeks from now Centrio Mall will be opening its door to Kagay-anons. Since it has been anticipated I bet it'll have a lot of people going to the mall. Good thing though that Centrio Mall gave CDObloggers along with Iligan and Bukidnon bloggers an advance mall tour.
When we arrived we were welcome by the marketing team and divided into 2 groups for the tour.
While The first group already on tour the group I belong in headed to the Marketing office at the 3rd floor of the mall for the introduction and overview of Centrio Mall.
Food served to us...

During our mall tour most of the shops aint done yet. Only a few shops who are already set-up and just needed cleaning and product display.

Heading to the Cinema. The cinema can cater 300 people. They have 2 2D cinemas and 2 regular cinemas.

The mall has a garden wherein you can find 2 acacia trees that they did not cut down during construction. It has playground for the kids. The garden is sorrounded with fine dining restaurants.

Here are some snaps of my fellow bloggers...

An yes lets end this post with a photo of myself. ^_^

Emotera Goddess Gifts And Treats Winners

Congratulations to the winners on my Emotera Goddess Gifts And Treats!
I am finally announcing the winner of my first ever blog giveaway! I want to thank all those who joined. There are a lot of entries but sad to say, some entries were disqualified for not following instruction and no clear entry details. Better luck next giveaway folks!
So without further adieu here are the winners...

1 Year Domain and Hosting 
Entry #3885 Ana M.

Eat-all-you-can at Chino's Deli
Entry #2931 Penda P.

5 Boyong's Special Bagoong (350 grams) 
Entry #1041 Zoan G.
Entry #3988 RiCalyn S.
Entry #5422 Marine R.
Entry #4579 Jimmy G.
Entry #1546 Gayle S.

2 Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (250ml)
Entry #1960 Jacques A.
Entry #166 Roxanne G.

Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion
Entry #6143 Mary A.

The Lovely Me: Ex Angle Skin Foundation

Just recently, I got interested in wearing light or just the natural everyday make-up that is not so thick but just for a natural which is perfect for everyday look. And from what I have watch on some online video tutorials, I learn that using liquid foundations is the trick for a all-day lasting make-up freshness and soft skin look.
So when a friend of mine traveled to Olongapo City for work, I asked favor to buy me a liquid foundation at The Face Shop since they don't have a branch here in Cagayan de Oro.
Wonder why from The Face Shop specifically? Will simply because I'm a self confess anything-Korean addict and it's what inspires me to put on make-up. :D

I was actually interested on the BB  cream liquid foundation but instead my friend bought this Lovely Me: Ex Angle Skin Foundation. At Php 395.00, it turns out a great buy! I like that its not greasy and so far my skin didn't get pimples after using.. Its one reason I don't usually put anything on my face because some products I used in the past gave me pimple after using. Aside from that it also smell good and really makes your skin feels so smooth. 
Last Wednesday, I had a pictorial and that's where I first wear the Lovely Me: Ex Angle Skin Foundation. Here's how it look right after putting it on with a light a make-up on...
The below is how I look after the 5 hours pictorial... Amazing right? I bet if I used the foundation powder it will no longer look like this smooth but rather dry and make-up fading already. And I would more likely do some retouch from time to time but instead with the liquid foundation I just had lipgloss retouch and that's it.
I know my face kinda look different from the first picture though its because of my eyebrow. I actually ask help at the studio because I don't know how to shape my eyebrow. Hopefully will learn on that soon too. Anyone willing to teach me? :D
Anyways, I haven't receive copies of my pictorials yet but will surely share it here when I have them. Im excited already!

Thanks Ati Bang for choosing this product for me!