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Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.


Our simple Thanksgiving dinner... Sinuglaw (Singuba + Kinilaw) and grilled squid. 😋

The kiddo told me, that we should celebrate Thanksgiving for the continuous blessings that we're receiving.

Thanks to Food Panda for making the celebration possible, coz I'm busy at work and have no time to cook. 

And to our go-to restaurant, Mag SUGBA Ta Seafood & Grill thank you for the delicious food, big serving, and affordable price as always. Sulit kaayo every order! 2 thumbs up and really recommended. 

Photo A Day: Fish Ball and Squid Ball


Took this photo when my friend and I were dining at Boy Zugba. I ordered this fish ball and squid ball platter.

Catching Up With Friends at Cafe Viñedo


"Sometimes… Just spending some quality time with good friends is the only therapy you need."
Last Friday, I met with my gurls. It's been awhile since we've seen each other.
Usually it's Dee and I who often see each other in a regular basis but we've been so busy we haven't meet up. And so, were glad that Jara was able to come with us this time.
We first meet-up at the usual cafe that Dee use to hangout. And then move to a nearby quaint cafe that Jara recommended. The cafe is so nice and serves healthy food and drinks. See more of the place in my in CDO blog
Jara ordered dragon fruit with guyabano smoothie, I ordered the avocado with spinach smoothie, and Dee ordered for peppermint tea coz she's on a keto diet. We also tried their spinach meaty lasagna, which was indeed meaty, tasty, and affordable.  
We dine outside to enjoy the fresh air from the plants surrounding us. It was a perfect moment for catching up and sharing our frustrations in life, but often the mosquitoes ruins the drama.
It was a great time. We all go home with a happy face and a light heart, with some of our worries and stress were unloaded. Were hoping to do this more often coz it really helps a lot in facing mundane and stressful things in our lives.
And what makes it even more exciting is that we get to discover new place in the city. 


CDOBloggers Christmas Party 2015

Happy new year everyone!
Last December, I attended the year-end gathering of the local bloggers group here in our city. Its been awhile since we've gathered and so its exciting to see everyone again have fun and party. 
Boy Zugba hosted the Christmas party. It was actually my first time to visit the place since its opening early 2015. 
True enough the food is superb. I am not much into chicken inasal but I love the taste and texture of the chicken. Special mention on the delicious atsara that comes with it, I so love it that I've ate a lot. hehe A lot of boggers also rave on the cheezy chorizo they said its delicious, no wonder it was all gone in a snap. :D The dessert was good as well... I was able to finish the whole serve of leche flan when I usually just scoop a teaspoon on other occasions. The mango shake is made with real fruit so thats another plus factor to me. 
Will definitely comeback and try other food listed on their menu.

I was assigned on the games for the party... Glad they all enjoyed it and had a great laugh. The games were Chopstick game, find your Christmas song partner, Japanese dance using paper plate... There was a raffle draw also of where everyone got the chance to win a Jollibee giftchecks, Boy Zugba giftchecks and a box of Krispy Kreme donuts.

Got a prize for the Blogger with the latest CDO related blog post.
After that we also had our annual CDOBloggers Officers election. Im back to being an officer to the organization. 

We ended the party with an exchange gifts and a whole lot of pictures...

#Foodtrip: Roti Mum Singapore's Best Coffee Bun

Happy midweek!
Long day starts tomorrow, as I have too many things line up for me.
Will be going on field trip with the kiddo tomorrow, buy some baking stuff after and then work.
Then the next day will attend an event, after that work and then hopefully squeeze some test baking for the cupcakes I will need to prepare for the next day...
Will be making some minion cupcakes from scratch for the first time as requested by a friend for her nephew's birthday on Saturday. So that's kinda making me nervous, although Ive been baking cupcakes already. Its because of this nitty gritty details of the minion design that I will need to achieve.
Since its been a busy week, I am hoping to end it with a long overdue foodtrip that Ive been craving. It really frustrates me that Roti Mum's not in Centrio mall, of which is my go to place. This mall kinda like my extended neighbor already because I regularly visit here for leisure, errands, work and whatever purposes.
One of my favorite place to hangout and have coffee is Rotti Mum. Funny how I just ignore this kiosk in the malls before. However, when a friend invited me to rest at Rotti Mum after a tireful stroll at the mall, thats how discover my newest fave. My friend recommended to order the coffee bun with coffee combo. And she was right because after that it has always been my fave. I am not sure if it was me being a coffee lover, but all I know is I do love the taste of their bread!
Do you like Roti Mum's coffee bun?

Roti Mum SM City
Ground Floor Level of SM City Cagayan de Oro
Roti Mum Limketkai Mall
2nd Floor Level of Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro City

#Saturdate at Missy Bon Bon

Hello Monday! Another work week is here... but for now its a holiday!
If you have been following me on instagram or reading my blog, you already know that every Wednesday and Saturday my friends and I hangout. This is our way to catch up, relax and escape the virtual career for a moment. 
Working at home, alone can be stressful. Its good to talk and laugh with friends once in awhile... thats twice in a week for us. ^_^
Since me and my friends not only love shopping but foodtrip as well, hence what you often read here in my blog. In the photos we dine out at Missy Bon Bon Bakeshop for a Saturdate. 
I really love Missy Bon Bon! Good food, nice ambiance and outdoor dining. This is even a great place to work because they have a free Wifi! My fave is their all-day breakfast, mango float and gelato ice creams. My friend love their pastas. The pancakes too sweet though.
After an afternoon chat we headed to Lifestyle District. I didnt have much photos of it because its already dark and were having much fun that we only got less photos. I shall share about this place soon though because we also love to hangout here. 
Today's the last day of August...
Are you excited for the Ber months? 

#Foodtrip: Capricho Art Cafe

Happy flyday Friday everyone!
As I mentioned previously I will share more details about this new (to ourself that is) cafe we visited for our midweek chill.
Capricho Art Cafe is not just a typical cafe that serves refreshments and food to its costumer. It also offers art pieces which are painted by local artist in the city. This art pieces are also sold at an affordable price.
The food and drinks on the menu is not expensive. Probably because of its location, which is just outside Liceo De Cagayan University, wherein students are the regular costumers.
I ordered the frozen choco drink and bacon & egg sandwich while my friend ordered the strawberry drink and aloha burger (yes that's aloha burger... as you can see something is missing in it). Honestly, we didn't enjoy our order much besides the fries that we finish in a snap. :D
Tips: They have affordable combo meals/snacks, make sure to ask on the crew.
There are some food and drinks in the menu that are not available.

Address: Capricho Art Cafe
Rodelsa Hall, Liceo de Cagayan University
Rodolfo Pelaez Avenue, Carmen,
Cagayan de Oro City

Goodbye Stargate Dream Vacation Resort!

How was your weekend everyone?

Stargate Dream Vacation Resort is one of our go to place for swimming. Although we have several bad experiences here, we still found ourself heading to this place for a swim. 

What I dont Like:
Expensive pool fee.
Food serve longer.
Costumer service is 4/10.
Swimwear rules is not strictly applied. We've witnessed a few times others swim in tshirt and pants.
Can get crowded on weekends.

What I like:
Very nice ambiance.
Great view of Cagayan de Oro river in the pool area.
Enjoy the beauty of nature.
Instagram-friendly place.
Minutes away from the city.
Buffets on weekends with live bands.
Options to grill your own food.
They serve delicious mango float... :P

Lately though we dont go for a swim at this resort anymore because the last time we went for a swim they restricted the swimming pool. Its no loner available for individual walk-ins, only for a minimum group of 10 unless we will pay Php 2, 500.00 (which is the total fee of 10 people). Thus, this post title... me bidding goodbye to one of my go-to swimming place.  

Here's a photo of our last swim at Stargate Dream Vacation Resort...