Wish Granted

Hi everyone! 
Gong xi fa cai to those who are celebrating Chinese new year!
Isn't it so exciting to receive items on your wishlist? 
If you remember last December I posted a Christmas wishlist. Who would have thought Santa been reading my post as well that some of them was granted... ^_^
And this are...
Gladiator sandals - Thanks to Yoins.com for a great quality shoes. It was actually delayed on the delivery but it arrived in time for the new year. Talking about perfect timing!

Floral watch - The bestie knows where to look for items I want. She took reference from my wishlist blog posts. She ordered this watch via Lazada.com.ph for she cannot shop in the malls because she just gave birth to my new inaanak. 

Choker necklace - Last Christmas, the kiddo asked if we could buy a gift for me. He noticed that on our Christmas tree Ive bought and wrapped lots of gifts for everyone but no gift named for me. So he wanted me to have a gift to open as well even if I already knew what's inside.
What touches my heart the most is that, the thought that he wanted to buy me a gift, so I will have something to open for our New year gift opening tradition. He told me someday when he grow up he will surprise me with a gift. 
Forgive me for spazzing..... but my sons the sweetest ever!!
He wants to buy me a pair necklace that both of us can wear. We happily found this lock and key necklace along with this rare-to-find choker necklace at Vanity Box. 

Did you also have a granted wish on your wishlist? 
What are those items? Im excited to read them in the comments below.
Thanks for dropping by...