Loving The Firmoo Eyeglasses That I Won

Im wearing the Firmoo eyeglasses I won from The Bargain Doll. I didn't expect to win actually, I was even surprised when I was notified on twitter that I won. ;)
I was then given the chance to picked which eyeglasses and so I choose this Unisex Full Frame Memory Plastic Eyeglasses of which really attracted me at first sight. It's color is black with pattern designs on the handle.
The item arrived a little to late than expected, more or less 2 weeks. However, it was delivered right at our doorstep.

Since I had this eyeglasses i've been wearing them specially when im at work as well as when I go out. It actually adds a bit of twist to my get-up. I also like that its very light so you don't really feel burden wearing it.

Gym First Day Hi!

After a couple of gym hopping, in search for the right place to workout, I finally started going to the gym! I enrolled at Perfect Line Gym for an aerodance session every evening, Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I could still used some gym equipment's though like the abdominal bench, treadmill, exercise bike and figure twisting machine.
Below are pics with my gym buddy Jacques!

Perfect Line Gym monthly rate and dance instructor's schedule...
Waiting area and exercise equipment's inside the gym...

Affordable White Shoes

I bought a cheap white shoes at The Night Cafe today. The original price is Php 120.00 but I got mine for Php 100.00. On a regular basis, white shoes will not catch my attention immediately because I don't like wearing it. Since its a requirement on my massage therapy class and its something I don't have in my shoe rack I now have the reason to buy for it. Luckily, I pass by a slipper and shoe vendor at the flea market at The The Night Cafe. I glance through and caught this white shoes behind the vendor. It was not displayed properly actually and was just stock behind the vendor. I saw a nice design and when I ask how much, it was offered cheap. I immediately grab the one design I liked, look for the size that fits me and paid for it... Impulsive huh?

I can't show you guys the style I picked coz I forgot to take a photo of it. I'll just show it when I already got a matching outfit or should I say wear it with the complete uniform. :) However, here are the other designs of the white shoes that I took.

Pink Friday: My Selca and Strawberry Milk Tea Drink

It is yet another pink Friday thoughts! This time im a bit of excited for Pink Friday its because I unintentionally got an all pink selca with my strawberry milk tea drink.

For those who are confuse... Selca is a Korean language meaning a photo of yourself. ;) Another Korean language learned today right? :D

Last Wednesday, the some CDObloggers were invited for Tita Fanies-Xavier branch opening. After the delicious dinner we headed to the just recently opened Wang's Tea Fuzion to try the milk tea since most of us haven't try them. Honestly, it was my first try of drinking milk tea... They recommended Wintermelon Milk Tea and Honeydew Milk Tea, they said its tasty and my a fellow CDOblogger Bang who already tried it, agreed that it is tasty. However, when I look at the menu Strawberry Milk Tea catch my attention immediately and so I ordered it instead.

Verdict! At first I didn't like the taste, but eventually got used with it and its not so bad anymore. I think my coffee addiction has to do with me not liking it much and also the given fact that im not a fan of tea. I'll surely try it again next time to get use with the taste. There has been a lot of Milk Tea businesses arising in the city already and most of them including Wang's Tea Fuzion offered free wifi also. It's going to be a healthier alternative place to work or hangout other than the my suking coffee shops.

Does Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator Work?

Interested in Luminaze and asking does it really works? Even with no customer reviews featured on there official website, other retailers website showcase amazing product result testimonials. It can be a bit challenging in terms of the cost but it provides noticeable results which can be awaited in as soon as 1 week. Most costumers prefer Luminaze to use on their skin because it evens out marks of hyper skin discoloration as well as the product has a non-greasy formula that doesn't contain Hydroquinone.
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You can find numerous appealing skin lightening products available in the market today that you can use to help make complexion seem lighter even more youghtful. One must always think about all of the corresponding features of any skin lightener in the manner of that particular product’s special components. An excellent skin liightener will have to be designed by means of ingredients that relate provides lightening complexion, an ingredient which could also reduce the visibility of freckles and also sun spots. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the products and manufacturer.

Step Up Revolution Review & A bit Of Spoiler

Done watching Step Up Revolution on cinema today but I'm still not over it. I watched with my Sunday classmates Bang, Jacqs, Rox and along with our official bossing/driver Ding after our commercial cooking and massage class at Gaisano Mall Cinemaplex. We actually went first to Limketkai Center but its no longer showing there because they said it was not a hit. Thank God we didn't change our mind even if Bourne Legacy was also showing.

Man! The movie was damn excellent, probably my fave among the past Step Up movies. The dance choreography was awesome, as well as the cast dance pretty good! Yes there's not much to tell on how the story went but viewers is already entertain on the dance itself! The effects are terrific also.

Here some of my favorite scenes in the movie...
  • First on the list the handsome dancers, sexy abs and envious booty shakes from the girl dancers!
  • I love Penelope's (The DJ) trolley suitcase that reveal a huge set of speakers.
  • The cars on hydraulics and that part wherein dancers stand on top of it.
  • Mercury's "The Mob" arts;
  • The graffiti that he set up 5 huge panes of glass and starts spray painting with the word “The Mob”.
  • Sculpture out of forks and knives that reads “The Mob”.
  • Old scraps of which form into a giant flame-breathing sculpture monster that reads, “We are not for sale.”
  • Art gallery performances where dancers are painted to resemble life-sized sculptures and blends on the wall paintings.
  • The protest mob dance that use steel tube that spark against the ground along with a hip-hop style routine.
  • Dancers mimic a fall from an insane height and then leap and pulled back up by another dancer as if marionettes.
  • And lastly, how they plot the intro and exit of the mob really amazing!
Meet the talented cast....

Official preview of the choreographers exclusive behind the scenes...

For those who are curious about "The Mob" here's a spoiler and teaser at the same time. Check out video of the first and last mob performances.

Pink Santoki!

Another Friday passed by... And yes when its Friday its time to talk about something pink!

The pink stuff im sharing today is a pink bunny which my barkada in highschool gave me. Yes, this cute and pink tiny bunny is already old, in fact the message my friend wrote at the back of it is no longer visible.
So why pink santoki as title of the post? Its because when I'm about to start writing my post it crossed into my mine. The word "santoki" means mountain bunny in Korean language. You'll probably hear this on K-drama's and if you're a fan of 2NE1 because Dara (a.k.a. Sandara Park in the Philippines) use to be called Santoki. For those of you who dont know yet, I am a self-confess fan of Korean drama, pop music and food. :D

Anime And Cartoon Characters Drawing Collection

Im the type of person who value memorabilia's. So expect it that if you gave me cards and other small things in the past I still have it now. Even though we've transferred to several houses already I still have that one bag full of past memorabilia's from my notebooks, autographs, diaries, scrapbooks, cards, notes and many others. I'll be posting some of it soon but for now lets start with my drawing collections. The other day, Justine ransacked my bag from STI CDO convention kit. This bag is where I kept my scrapbook collections, stickers, stationery and drawing notebooks.

On the scrapbook collections and drawing notebooks I found my drawings. I was really amazed and fascinated seeing it. I totally forgot that I did have a skill in drawing in the past. And then suddenly my blogger instinct is alive! I immediately grab my camera coz I thought of blogging about it and sharing it to you guys. Though I'm not a pro in pencil drawing and I just used a regular pencil in drawing this anime and cartoon characters you'll be the judge and check it below.

Crafting arts has been a hobby and favorite past time of mine before. I guess technology take that away from me ever since I graduated college. Or maybe Im just busy with the new chapter of my life which is career hunting that I forgot my passion for crafting...
Ill be posting more of crafts I've made before since I just found my cross stitch kit and scrapbooks. Feel free to share your crafts in the past too ill be happy to know and check them out. :)