2014 Blog Wishlist

EmoteraGoddess 2014

What I want to achieve for my blog this 2014...

1. Blog more. Last year, I have so many things to blog for but was lazy to even just update pictures of it.

2. Find a "photographer". Since I started fashion blogging I realized it was not easy when your in this journey alone. You need to have supporters and paparazzi. :D Other fashion bloggers got their boyfriend, sibling and assistant who took their outfits shots. Sadly, I got none of the mentioned person. Hopefully I can have someone who will take my outfit shots this year. If you have the same dilemma I'm open for collaboration just message me!;)

3. Own a tripod. An alternative for number 2 is the tripod. Some fashion bloggers took their outfit shots with their tripod so why not try it right?

4. Video blogging. I have lots of videos stored in my external hard drive. It's probably not to late to edit and share them. And yes hopefully capture more and share it here in my blog. :)

5. Master photography. Last year, I manage to get some items in my wishlist one of which is a DSLR camera. This year I should make use of it and enhance my photography skills.

6. Plan! I'm not a planner type of person. I tried buying a planner before but it all ended in my drawer... Dusted and bored to death with no plans written on it. This year will yet again try to be a planner bit by bit until I'll get use to it. I didn't buy a planner notebook for myself but a blogger friend gave one as a gift. Now I have another reason to really use it. ^_^

7. Travel places. So I can use my planner! haha I should seriously try this to gave my life a different scenario. Will start with nearby places maybe in Cagayan de Oro and hopefully if budget permits go national and then international. (*crossing fingers*)

8.Share more. Until now Im still searching for reasons and trying to bring back my enthusiasm to blogging. I really can't figure out why it took me so long to find that enthusiasm in sharing things in my blog. Hopefully, this year I can share more in my blog with the help ofcourse of my "photographer", tripod, planner and travel experiences.

9. Companion. All this things I listed would be much more fun and possible if I have a companion who'll support my crazy adventures. It doesn't have to be a boyfriend (though I'm praying for one.. :P) but whoever who is willing to share their time with me.

10. Go out! I shouldn't just work in my home office, or dining room table. I should take my laptop to the mall, or coffee shop once a week or so.