Goodbye to Plurking!

I just deleted my plurk account today. It hurts a lot since plurk has been my outlet to whatever it is that I feel. Its just sad that other people just don't understand me and my plurks and reacted to whatever it is that I plurk. I hate it but I cant control them because its a public networking services. Anyways I could create a new account, just for me to have freedom to express myself. But not for now. One thing is for sure though I will now pick people to be in my time line. I shall missed plurking.

My Only Wish This Year

This is a song of Britney Spears that is my personal favorite during Christmas. I always keep this playing and I never get tired of listening to it again and again. Hope you like it too. Merry Christmas!

Last night I took a walk in the snow.
Couples holding hands, places to go
Seems like everyone but me is in love.

Santa can you hear me
I signed my letter that I sealed with a kiss
I sent it off
It just said this
I know exactly what I want this year.
Santa can you hear me.
I want my baby (baby, yeah)
I want someone to love me someone to hold me.
Maybe (maybe, maybe maybe.) he'll be all my own in a big red bow

Santa can you hear me?
I have been so good this year and all I want is one thing
Tell me my true love is near
He's all I want, just for me underneath my Christmas tree
I'll be waiting here.
Santa thats my only wish this year.
oohhh... ohh.. yeah
Christmas Eve I just can't sleep
Would I be wrong for taking a peek?
Cause I heard that your coming to town

Santa can you hear me? (yea yeah)
Really hope that your on your way
With something special for me in your sleigh
Ohh, please make my wish come true
Santa can you hear me
I want my baby (baby)
I want someone to love me someone to hold me
Maybe (maybe maybe) we'll be all the love under the mistletoe

Santa can you hear me
I have been so good this year
And all I want is one thing
Tell me my true love is near
He's all I want just for me
Underneath my Christmas tree
I'll be waiting here Santa thats my only wish this year
I hope my letter reaches you in time
Bring me love can call all mine
(yeah yeah) cause I have been so good this year.

Can't be alone under the mistletoe
He's all want and a big red bow
Santa can you hear me (hear me?)
I have been so good this year
And all i want is one thing
Tell me my true love is near
He's all I want. just for me
Underneath my Christmas tree
I'll be waiting here (ohh, yeah) Santa thats my only wish this year
Oh Santa can u hear me? oh Santa
Well hes all I want just for me underneath my Christmas tree
Oh I'll be waiting here
Santa thats my only wish this year.

Foodtrip with Janlac

Last night Janlac and I had a crazy food trip. We headed to Limketkai since she craved for siomai and me for cake. we drop at Limketkai but it was already closed. We actually taught there is a midnight sale but instead it was Robinsons who was having a midnight sale. So we bought siomai there and a Crema de fruta from Cecil's.

And then ordered manhattan meat lovers pizza at Yellow Cab.

We were really laughing because we bought so much food and we haven't even finished everything since we're already feeling very full. It was one awesome night of girl bonding and sharing of everything including Janlac's passion to spicy sauces. OMG! My mouth was really in heat trying that spicy sauce in my pizza. I just realized that even if Janlac and I have different taste and likes we still manage to compliment with each other. The difference was never an issue for us to be closer with each other. :)

Breaking Down

"Its Ok!" "It will pass...." "You'll be fine..." "Just smile..." "Think positive..." Sometimes no matter how many comforting words said to you by your friends its still don't ease the pain and confusion. Problems drag us down and break us even if we tried so hard to keep on track and solve it. Negativity. The most powerful energy that I've tried so hard not to get caught up with. But its still in just one touch it breaks everything that I built. I've always been trying to stay positive. To always look on the brighter and lighter side of everything. But now everything seems to be blurry. Maybe because I kept everything inside. And little by little it grows up inside me that I couldn't take it anymore. Too bad negative energy catch me easily. I maybe vocal to everyone but when it comes to serious matters, pains and problems I kept it inside. I used to pour this out but now the one person who use to patiently listen to me is already far. I'm so tired of crying . My tears has been my avid comforter ever since. If only I'm not afraid to die I would have killed myself already. I actually tried this many times yet its unsuccessful. Its hard just to let everything out because I don't know if they will understand me. Ive been to so many things in my life. So many mistakes. So many heartaches and pains. So many sins. And behind all this battle I fought alone. Its hard but I had no choice, its do or die.

I don't know if there's someone who would understand and listen to everything I would tell. Its been a long, unhappy journey and I doubt it if there would be someone who can endure it. And in the end comforts me with a hug and wipe my tears. I don't know where, I don't know when and I don't know where... But one things for sure I need some one who will see me as I AM not for who I have and don't have.


As I was checking my old stuffs that I kept in a box I saw this letter that Teddy Bear gave to me. It was a simple Christmas letter with a message and poem attached in it. The poem is written by Teddy Bear (Cecilia Cagape) dedicated to Tweety (Marie Ann Amarille) and Bugs Bunny (me) dated December 17, 1999.


Friends are so wonderful
They makes my day beautiful
When I'm lonely...
They are there to comfort me.

They are special
They are not artificial
But best friends are more special
Because they makes my life more normal.

Whenever I feel sad
They will not make me feel bad
Instead, they find a way
to make me feel not dismay.

Even we made our self cry
We still do the best we
We try and hoping not to fight
Because we're afraid to lose our friendship like a candle light.

They are always there
Ready to help me so desr
They take away my loneliness
And pour my heart with happiness.

In them, I found the real meaning of a true friendship
It is more than a relationship
Which no one can break, even a spaceship.

Because of them, My life seems enjoyable
Without them, It would be questionable
So Thank you Lord for Having them
As my wonderful Bestfriends.

CDOBloggers 1st Year Anniversary Celebration

In celebration with CDOBloggers, Inc. first year anniversary, CDObloggers went overnight camping at Mapawa Nature Park last Saturday and a whole day bonding on Sunday. I wasn't able to joined the overnight but me and Cherry followed on Sunday morning. It was an enjoyable experienced while riding a motor vehicle up to the mountain. Both Cherry and me where busy laughing and at the same time was scared we might fall at the cliffs we've passed by. When we arrived we were having a good chat and big laughs again with the other's who were there at the overnight camping. They were talking about the past night's experiences and activities. It was fun seeing everyone again since organizing Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3! I've missed the bonding we had... :D

Happy First Anniversary CDOBLOGGERS!

My New Look!

Hey yah all! Got a new look today. These past few days I had been working from 9 in the morning to 12 midnight facing the computer because of some deadline to catch for work. The result is that my eyes aches and I have to wear my graded eyeglasses again. I haven't worn this for many years already and I’m not used to it anymore. But I have no choice I have to wear this until my eyes are not aching anymore.

Dinner Before The Big Day!

Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 Pre dinner party was sponsored by Loreto's Bar and Grill. It was fun dining with our MBS 3 host Migs Hipolito, PBA representative Juned Sonido, PBA volunteers and MBS 3 Organizers. We were expecting other guests and speakers of the MBS 3 to join us in that dinner but sadly, they didn't arrive. Anyway, the food was great; our stomachs were in full tank mode lols. At least for a while we had fun playing billiards and singing videoke before heading back to Pearlmont Inn and continue preparing for the event the next day.
Thank you very much to Loreto's Bar and Grill!

Photos from Juned.

Melissa's Despedida

Last Friday was Melissa's last day of work and so we had a beer night out. I didn't really believe that she was going to leave us at work when she chatted me her goodbye. I just knew it was true when I called up Janlac and she said that they are hanging out at Inilog Grill for Melissa's last day.

Melissa and I were not really not that closed at work yet I could say that we already had a strong bonding since we are team mates in our Thursday SMO task, shared common interest like shopping online and shared same birth month. But I am really happy for her since her decision was for her own good also. And I still remember what she said; "we will still be going out together even if we are no longer workmates anymore!".

Photos from Angela.

Trick or Treat!

Late Halloween greeting's! :-D

Photo by: Angela

After Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3

Hello Sunday!
Aching body and stomach, watering nose, hard cough and manly voice. This is what I get spending 96 hours sleepless, restless and not eating properly. Who could think of sleep, rest and eat organizing that bloody Mindanao Blogger Summit 3 event anyway? If only we had lots of money and just hire an event organizer to do it all, then no sweat. Sadly the funds are small and even though we have lots of sponsors 80 percent of them are all ex-deal. And hey! Where could you find an event where organizers itself paid their registration fee for the event also?!? It may sound funny but I'm not kidding... The CDObloggers were that committed that amidst the struggles, problems and difficulties we've had the past months we still manage to go on with the event.
And despite the effort some manage to gave their bloody hell feedbacks on their blogs. I haven't read it and have no plans of reading it for now. Maybe next year I might read it but thanks anyway since he manage to comment about the event (Yun nga lang bad comment!). I just need to heal my "pains"... hahahah Whatever! Even if they will turn the world upside down we cant bring the past and correct the mistakes anyway. Actually, in the event some commented personally that it was successful. Just so you know this event would have been much successful if not because of the misunderstandings and churvaness happened!
Oh by the way! Thanks to the SPONSORS for the support, to the SPEAKERS for sharing their knowledge, PARTICIPANTS for sharing their time and to my fellow CDOBLOGGERS ORGANIZERS.

Chill! Ok ra na maka-recover ra mo!

Mindanao Blogger Summit 3 Poster!

Thank you very much to our generous sponsors for helping this event possible!

SM City Cagayan Wifi launching

Yesterday the CDOBloggers were invited to the SM City Cagayan Wifi launching. The Wifi which is powered by Philcom can be access in the entire mall. At the launching there where computers provided by STI College that can be used freely by bloggers and visitors. There was performances of local talents and lots of prizes given to participating bloggers who have registered. There was also a live blogging contest about "Uptown Malling Experiences at SM City Cagayan" where my fellow bloggers joined. I myself joined the contest too even if I am not used in blogging on the spot. I cant concentrate in writing because there are people watching me writing and the sound system is so loud that I cant concentrate. Good thing I finished my post on time and submitted it. (Na-iraos din ang post! lols)
The announcement of the winning blog is said to be announced on Wednesday at the SM City Cagayan Blog.

Photo credits to Awatiro and Chiq Montes.

Feast of Desserts!

Today has been a feast of desserts. After Lunch someone treat me a halo2x from Tapsi.

And during our afternoon snack one of my workmate bought a Selecta Ice Cream, Rocky Road flavor. It was supposed to be Pistachio flavor but to bad its out of stock in the store nearby and I got lazy buying it in another store.(lols) Anyways we all love ice cream and we are thankful someone treat us!

SM City Uptown Mall Blogging Entry

My Splendid Experiences @ SM City CDO

I rarely visit SM City Cagayan and if I do I see to it that I would surely enjoy every minute of it. I find it advantage when I visit in SM City Cagayan on my own because I get to be anywhere I want to enjoy and chill.
I usually love to have fun at the Arcade and play games. It feel so good to just enjoy and be a kid again. I also love to sing my heart out at the videoke booth not minding if I got the tune right.
Next, I usually don't miss to drop and shop at Artwork since I love the designs of their blouses. And I also spend much time at Department Store where I could look for affordable things or anything to shop that would satisfy my craves for dresses and shoes. I don't really shop to much since I only got tight budget for my outfits. However, I like to stroll around the shops and boutiques and do some window shopping for me to have some ideas of new fashion looks that I could use when I mix and match the dresses I got in my closet.
And if I got tired of strolling and just want to rest. I watch a movie at the SM Cinema. I like to watch at the Cinema because its very comfortable and the atmosphere is freezing that you would love to hug the person next to you. Good for those who watch movies and have tag-along friend or lover.
My last stop is my ever favorite of all, the food shops. I usually ate at Jollibee and order my favorite value meal which is the burger, fries and softdrinks. Or If I want a full meal I ate Chowking and enjoy the Pork Chow Fan, drinks and halo-halo.
Thats it Folks! I hope you enjoy my splendid experiences at SM City Cagayan. Im looking forward for more wonderful shopping and chilling experiences at SM City Cagayan especially now that they already launched a mall wide Wi-fi access.

Philippine Blog Awards in CDO

I am looking forward for the Philippine Blog Awards here in Cagayan de Oro. Even if my blog wasn't nominated my fellow CDObloggers were nominated anyways. I do hope they would win an award. This will be held at Pearlmont Inn after the Mindanao Bloggers Summit. The following are the nominated blogs of CDObloggers:

Bloggers’ Choice Special Award

Travels and Tours

Best News & Media Blog
Cagayan de Oro News Online

Best Business Blog

Negosyo Ideas

Best Hobby & Recreation Blog

Pinoy Experience Mountain Biking and Outdoor Philippines
Best Beauty Blog

The Doctor Is vaIN

Check out Philippine Blog Awards Site for more details.

Thank You For Another Year!

Im very thankful that I am given another year to explore. I thought this year would just passed by just like the other birthdays but thank you to my newly found CDObloggers family for making this day extra special. Even if you did made me feel bad this day but as Chiq Montes said "wala man to gituyo" because you taught I already know that you are going to surprise me. Thank you for the candles I blow and my first ever cake. No im not kidding! I dont really celebrate my birthday. There's a reason for it and I just hope someone will change this dumb thoughts or atleast show me that its ok to celebrate... lols (Im being dramtic na!). Anyways, Thank you also for the unending greetings in my Facebook Wall. Gosh! messages flooded there! Thank you to my KMPH family, plurk friends, and to some high school friends also.

Check out more pics at Chiq Montes.

My First Wordcamp!

This was my first to attend Wordcamp Philippines 2009 with Cherry, Chiq Montes, Janlac and Magman today. We were actually delayed when we arrive since we woke-up already late, and the driver doesn't know where Asian Institute Management- Wordcamp venue is located. Good thing when we arrived the program haven't started and we were able to register and meet some of the soon to be speaker (Lyle Santos) and emcee (Migs Hipolito) of Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3. The event was all in all fun and exciting. We get to meet fellow bloggers and get to learn useful tips in using Wordpress, blogging, citizen journalism, and updates of Firefox.

By the way, I will share the program of the event so you will have some overview of the who and what in Wordcamp 2009. (lols)

8:00am - Registration
9:00am - Welcome Remarks & Backgrounder: Mindanao Bloggers Community by Blogie Robillo
9:30am - Meet the WordPress Family by Beau Lebens
10:30am - WordPress in the Wild by Markku Seguerra
11:15am - Citizen Journalism in the Context of the 2010 Elections by Danilo Arao
11:45am - A quick look into the Mozilla community through the lens of localization by Seth Bindernagel
12:25pm - Lunch
1:30pm - Vlogging Mythbusters by Coy Caballes
2:30pm - The Editorial Voice and Taste in Writing Tech by Jeff Villafranca
3:15pm - Advanced WP: Portfolio & Directory Sites by Gail Villanueva
4:15pm - WP: The Ultimate Content Management System by Karla Redor
5:15pm - Q and A with WP Experts

There were also games that we got to joined and I even won a Wordpress t-shirt! It was fun and yet tiring since its a whole day conference but I really learned a lot.

After Wordcamp we went to Greenbelt and stroll around. However Chiq Montes didn't accompany us since she still had a meeting with PBA organizers. It was also nice meeting fellow plurkers Crixxie and Evanne who are kind enough to gave us a ride back to Kabayan Hotel.
Thats it folks! Ill sleep now and looking forward for another bloggable activities tomorrow.

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Photos by Chiq Montes