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Anime And Cartoon Characters Drawing Collection

Im the type of person who value memorabilia's. So expect it that if you gave me cards and other small things in the past I still have it now. Even though we've transferred to several houses already I still have that one bag full of past memorabilia's from my notebooks, autographs, diaries, scrapbooks, cards, notes and many others. I'll be posting some of it soon but for now lets start with my drawing collections. The other day, Justine ransacked my bag from STI CDO convention kit. This bag is where I kept my scrapbook collections, stickers, stationery and drawing notebooks.

On the scrapbook collections and drawing notebooks I found my drawings. I was really amazed and fascinated seeing it. I totally forgot that I did have a skill in drawing in the past. And then suddenly my blogger instinct is alive! I immediately grab my camera coz I thought of blogging about it and sharing it to you guys. Though I'm not a pro in pencil drawing and I just used a regular pencil in drawing this anime and cartoon characters you'll be the judge and check it below.

Crafting arts has been a hobby and favorite past time of mine before. I guess technology take that away from me ever since I graduated college. Or maybe Im just busy with the new chapter of my life which is career hunting that I forgot my passion for crafting...
Ill be posting more of crafts I've made before since I just found my cross stitch kit and scrapbooks. Feel free to share your crafts in the past too ill be happy to know and check them out. :)