Life Lately: My blog has a new look!

Hey there! How was your day so far? Nothing much on mine. Today's just another regular day of me working at home...

Oh! My friend Dee visited me today. So we spent the afternoon co-working, ordered pizza and I made us coffee. She didn't stay long though since she still need to pick-up her son at his school. 

I actually don't know what to share on the blog today. No major agenda. Just trying to motivate myself to start writing and update this blog. Speaking of blog... 

My blog got a fresh look yet again. This time, I ditched the fancy theme and went with Blogger's basic template. You see, my old theme and Google Adsense were having a little feud, so it was time for a change. Anyway, the previous fancy look of my blog didn't get my creative juices flowing, as I hope. So fancy or simple, themes don't seem to be the magic potion for inspiration.

So, let's dive into another edition of the "Life Lately" series (if you haven't checked it out, you can read more about it here). It's my trusty go-to when I'm scratching my head for what to serve up on this blog.


I actually want to start a new Chinese drama but since it's a weekday, I don't want to compromise my focus on my work and my sleep. You know me when the story gets exciting I tend to binge watch the whole episodes. XD
I'll probably catch some Hallmark Movies in YouTube instead. I just love watching Hallmark Movies, there's just something about those feel-good vibes that can turn any day around.


Where to start? I have so many things I want to write here in my blog.


That I will continue updating my blog even if its not going to be as often as I hope but1-2 post per week is a good way to start fueling the consistency.


For creativity and productivity to flood into me this month and the coming months. I need this for my work.


I want to shop for new clothes. XD


I need a relaxing vacation or weekend escape. One where I will just relax, enjoy, and not thinking about the bills, responsibilities, and work.


Excited for 2025!


Black sleeveless top and shorts but I am thinking of changing to my pajamas now because it's so cola in my room.