Breathe Hope Bracelets

A few weeks ago a fellow blogger Dingexx shared a video and baby Jon Angelo Viado blog in plurk about a baby boy who is suffering from Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy(HIE). In order for this 2 year old baby to breath he is hooked to a mechanical ventilator 24/7. Baby Jon Angelo Viado's parents made a Breathe Hope bracelets to help them raised funds to buy for Baby Jon Angelo's own mechanical ventilator.
Along with fellow CDObloggers we purchased Breathe Hope bracelets in bulked. We also contacted friends who also wants to buy and help. For more information on the Breathe hope bracelets please do check baby Jon Angelo Viado blog.

Here is my little Justine wearing the Newport Orig Blue bracelet that I bought which arrived last week.