Blogging My Frustrations On Pizza Delivery Service

I actually don't like blogging this because its a negative feedback but just to calm myself I will blog my frustrations. While I am blogging now I am waiting for the pizza that I have ordered from Bianos Homemade Pizza almost 2 hours ago. :( It's so frustrating they should have inform me that my pizza will arrive 2 hours after. I ask them how many minutes will the pizza arrive right after I ordered but they did not answer me. So its not my fault if im so mad and sad about them. They should informed me for the delay but instead its me keep asking them when is it going to arrived. They texted me awhile ago that pizza is on the way but its almost 1 hour past and pizza still did not arrive, to think my house is 10 minutes from Bianos Homemade Pizza place. If I wasn't busy with my work I should have bought it myself! And to think I was supposed to choose other pizza delivery services but thinking that Bianos Homemade Pizza is just a few minutes ride so I choose them.
I remember a friend too experienced the delay of delivery and cancelled her order. So just a tip to anyone who is going to order at Bianos Homemade Pizza expect a long delay of there delivery. Don't order if you're already hungry.

****My pizza finally arrived exactly 2 hours but my appetite for pizza was already gone and the pizza is not hot anymore. Frustrating! :(