My Day Ended Awesome!

When I arrived at Mbox Internet Cafe this afternoon I got a sudden change of mood and since I cant concentrate on work with such mood so I decide to go out and cool down myself. I am on a jeepney going Limketkai Mall when I realized why not go to SM City since I just read on plurk that there will be a Cosplay Tour Prelimenary and there is surely ice cream there (the main reason why I want to go to Limketkai Mall). While riding on a taxi off to SM City I was given myself a time to breath and cool down myself. I just don't know why but there are really times like this when I just felt sudden sadness and emptiness within me.
So when I arrived at SM City CDO I felt a little better already. The mall was full of people because its the 2nd day of there 3 day sale.

I just stroll around until I arrived at the second floor. The Event Center was crowded because of the Cosplay Tour Prelimenary.

I didn't miss the chance to take a photo of my fave anime Kakashi!

After taking pictures I went to worlds of fun and played basketball shooting. I really enjoyed this activity and will do this more often from now on...

Sweaty and happy me after playing...

Later at 7 PM along with friends Jane, Kuya Acckky, Ate Sharon and Kuya John we went to our friend Irene's newly opened business Katunggan Food Park in Opol.

Photo grab from Janlac: