My First Water Rafting Experience!

I paddled the water but I felt the pain after...
My body ache all over today after a very adventurous and fun activity yesterday. Together with cousins; Nike and Mitch and foreign friends; Craig (my cousins husband), Krystal and Kelly from Australia we went water rafting. It was actually our first rafting experienced for the 4 of us except Krystal and Craig who are already a pro.

We booked for advance 2 course which was Php 1, 500 per head at 1st Rafting Adventure. We started our rafting from Quarry to Brgy. Mambuaya passing 13 km river stretch with 13 major rapids. I was actually scared since I don't know to swim and advance 2 is next to extreme rafting (which is the more likely for experienced paddler). It was also raining so water is wild. Good thing in our boat only me doesn't know how to swim and everyone is watching over me every time we passed wild rapids. I almost fall once and I rolled over on the other side of the boat twice.

My rafting moments...
  • We passed by a long wire connected to the other side of the river and our river guide yell "it's a live wire!" and all of us 4 in our boat do the "matrix action" and lie flat to avoid the wire our river guide name Allan laugh his ass of seeing all of us really believed that it is a live wire.
  • Passing the second rapids I lost balance and almost fall good thing Kelly was fast yelling my name and hold me. For a moment I really thought I am going to fall on the rock... scarrrrry!
  • Our river guide Allan really practice his piece. While we are approaching big rocks with grasses all over he was telling about different snakes going out in the rocks and sometimes jumps inside the raft. As our raft approaches the rocks Allan throw a yellow stripe rope at us and all for of us was yelling and the guys almost jump out of the raft... hahahaha
  • Harvey one of our raft-mates was instructed to sit infront of the boat and hold still and as we are about to approach the wild rapids he already fall inside the boat just before wild waves starting to rock our boat. All of us almost lost our balance laughing at him as we reached the wild rapids. hahahaha...
  • Kelly's paddle! We were instructed by our river guide to stand on the boat while approaching the rapids and that no one is going to sit down. Kelly having hard time balancing drop her paddle on the water and rolled over inside the boat and we paddled forward trying to get her paddle and fighting the wild waves. We were like somebody fall from our boat.

After water rafting we went to SM City CDO to watch movie. Since Salt already started playing we decided to wait for the next show which is an hour after. So we first had dinner and enjoyed the basketball shooting at the Worlds of fun.