My New Laptop Bag

I've been planning of buying big and durable shoulder bag for my laptop. I know backpacks are good for laptops but theres a reason why I want shoulder bags, anyway im going to use it on certain occasions/days. And the reason is shoulder bags matches with kikay dresses. I love wearing sexy dresses almost every time I go out but now I often wear shorts, pants or something casual get-up when I'm bringing my backpack. I was thinking that with my laptop on a shoulder bag I could wear my sexy/kikay dress match with heels. Oh diba! ;)

Unfortunately, yesterday my couz and I went shopping for a bag and guess what I bought? A backpack! :D Yeah! But this time this backpack is more durable than my old one and its black. My laptop is safer because it has thick protection, it's waterproof, it has many compartments for chargers, phones and mouse and it also has its own rain cover even if its already waterprooof.

When I tried it on my back it feel so lite. Both Prexie and Machinegan (my 2 lappy's) can fit inside too. Originally its price is Php 2,200 but they are having a sale so I bought it at the price of Php 1, 759. Its still a wise investment since I love to go anywhere and travel with my laptop. Para kahit saan man ako mapadpad work is with me! ;)

The question now is... Is it okay wearing this backpack with a sexy dress and heels? What do you think?