Goodbye Smartbro! Hello PLDT MyDSL!

Last Monday I freak out when my internet connection is very slow or should I say close to no connection at all. Yes, I can open page for a couple of minutes but then I can't upload even a word document report. Ive been experiencing this slow internet connection for almost 3 months and I have reported the problem to Smartbro with no reply/action. So since my Smartbro plug-it plan is only locked-in for 6 months and thats going to be on September, I immediately applied for a wired connection through PLDT MyDSL. I choose the Php 1,300 per month package which already include unlimited DSL, landline, Watchpad, free installation and modem.

So I applied last Tuesday. They actually told me installation will be after 5 days but it only took 2 days and I am already using PLDT MyDSL now. I really thought it will took me awhile to get internet connection since I have friends whom waited weeks and months before internet connection was installed in PLDT also.

My landline phone can't make calls yet but internet is already working with the following speed:

It is fast. I have tried watch videos on Youtube continuously. I'm crossing my fingers it will be like this everyday.