30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY 4 - The Super, Super, Super Late Birthday Blog Post!

  • Wednesday, April 04, 2012
  • By Venus Gal

Since I didn't get to blog about my birthday last year ill blog about it now as part of my 30 Days Blog Challenge - "Things that I did!"

I usually don't celebrate my birthday, it usually just another ordinary pass by and even forgotten day. The reason for that is that I didn't grow up with my birthdays being celebrated in fact the first birthday cake that I sliced and blown was the one CDObloggers gave me last 2009. :D

Anyways, last year I got to celebrate my 26th birthday at my cousins house. It was my nephews first month, welcome party and Christening. My cousin prepared food good for a small pack of visitors of which mostly the god parents of baby Angelo and my cousins relatives on the her fathers side.
My cuosin and the crying baby Angelo... He is actually not in the mood ever since he arrived from the Church thats because his sleep was disturbed.

I gate crash the celebration. I bought a cake for me and Angelo but unfortunately the Cinnamon's cake decorator seem to be at lost since she misspelled my name I didn't got to check it before I leave the store because I was in a hurry and they also didn't ask me if the lettering is correct. Frustrating! One thing I hate... my name being misspelled. (-.-)
Happy birthday to me...
A quick photo before he cried again...

The celebrations has not end yet later in the afternoon I crave for something cold and delicious and ice cream came to the suggestion box. lol My aunt and cousins suggest for an ice cream and so i gave in and we bought Selecta ice cream.

 And in the evening just when we are about to go home our baby Angelo ain't feeling well that he is crying non-stop. Justine had to sing and dance for him to keep him entertain. Well the baby seems to be entertained because he did stop crying and keep on watching his kuya dancing and singing in front of him. :D

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