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30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY 4 - The Super, Super, Super Late Birthday Blog Post!

Since I didn't get to blog about my birthday last year ill blog about it now as part of my 30 Days Blog Challenge - "Things that I did!"

I usually don't celebrate my birthday, it usually just another ordinary pass by and even forgotten day. The reason for that is that I didn't grow up with my birthdays being celebrated in fact the first birthday cake that I sliced and blown was the one CDObloggers gave me last 2009. :D
Anyways, last year I got to celebrate my 26th birthday at my cousins house. It was my nephews first month, welcome party and Christening. My cousin prepared food good for a small pack of visitors of which mostly the god parents of baby Angelo and my cousins relatives on the her fathers side.
My cuosin and the crying baby Angelo... He is actually not in the mood ever since he arrived from the Church thats because his sleep was disturbed.

I gate crash the celebration. I bought a cake for me and Angelo but unfortunately the Cinnamon's cake decorator seem to be at lost since she misspelled my name I didn't got to check it before I leave the store because I was in a hurry and they also didn't ask me if the lettering is correct. Frustrating! One thing I hate... my name being misspelled. (-.-)
Happy birthday to me...
A quick photo before he cried again...

The celebrations has not end yet later in the afternoon I crave for something cold and delicious and ice cream came to the suggestion box. lol My aunt and cousins suggest for an ice cream and so i gave in and we bought Selecta ice cream.

 And in the evening just when we are about to go home our baby Angelo ain't feeling well that he is crying non-stop. Justine had to sing and dance for him to keep him entertain. Well the baby seems to be entertained because he did stop crying and keep on watching his kuya dancing and singing in front of him. :D

Apple's 18th Birthday

After 3 weeks, January 22, 2011 finally arrived. Glad everything went well and everybody was happy with everything specially the debutant. Preparing this debut party has contributed a lot of useful knowledge to me. Rest assured though that I will still be blogging about some debut preparations details to help you out some information you need.

The give-aways which I personally made. I decorated them myself.

Cake from Cahatian Cakes and Balloons...

The free tarpaulin of De Luxe Hotel.... Its not so presentable. :(

Decorations in progress...

Complimentary room for the debutant...

Gown from Gil Macaibay...

Video and photo coverage...

The final venue look...

Photo Montage made by me...

More likely I handled more on the physical preparations (over-all look) of the debut such as venue, giveaways, video, decorations and cakes. For the program debutante relative handled it. And for the gown its the debutante choice to rent a Gil Macaibay's Collections.

Orion's Birthday Surprise!

Last Friday was the birthday of my freelance job team mate - Orion. It has been a month-long plan that boss is going to give Orion a gift with the help of the group. It took many gift suggestions before our boss agreed on giving him a surprise birthday instead. However, it was not a typical surprise birthday since Orion is from Pagadian and most of us or should I say the rest of the team are based here in Cagayan de Oro. So as per suggested by no other than myself ;) Orion traveled from Pagadian to Cagayan de Oro with free transportation provided. Our boss chatted him on the day of his birthday that he needs to travel Cagayan de Oro the next day for an emergency meeting with the rest of the team.

So Saturday Orion was pick-up at the terminal, treated to lunch, strolled Limketkai Mall, and enjoyed the teams company playing at the Worlds of Fun. Later in the afternoon they head on to Big Flat Bread for the supposed to be “Meeting”. A surprise Orion was shocked when he taught that BFB crew is just going to sing a Christmas carols at their table but instead they sung a happy birthday song for him. Sadly, I missed that part there! I was a late comer on that day... :P

So when I arrived I just grab a bite of BFB’s Godfather Pizza, finished two sliced of Red Ribbon Chocolate Cake, and took a sip on the Juice Coolers and then we headed to Willsbar Music & Video. The rest of the night was spent with music and a bottle of beer…

Surprise Greetings

I received a surprise card from JRS Express earlier, address from my senior VA. It was a birthday greetings from my boss and team. I was really touch for their effort, time and message. Thanks guys!

I did not celebrate my birthday actually but I did called KFC limketkai for a KFC bucket meal delivery. Justine loves it very much because the design of the bucket and 4 tumblers is inspired from the Movie: Legend of the Guardian.

Thank you also to all my friends who remembered and greeted me. ;)

Double Birthday Celebration

Every year this day would never pass without a celebration, may it be a big party or just a family get together. This is because 2 of the most wonderful person in the family celebrated another year of existence; Mama Susan and Manang Susie. They are special to me since I grow up with them along with 2 sister (Manang Nike and Maechell) and my uncle Papa Ading. They treated me (and my mom) as a member of the family; as a daughter and as a sibling. So for both of them heres my birthday message to Mama Susan and Manang Susie...

In addition to that this day was also the death anniversary of Mama Susan's mother.

Kuya Johnny's Birthday

I just had a food-filled visit at Kuya John's house today. It was actually a long overdue plan since a few weeks ago his wifey Ate Sharon got sick. Both ate Sharon and Kuya John has been a dear friend of mine and even if Kuya John and I are no longer workmates we often hangout just to chill and food trip. Its nice to hangout with them since I learned a lot about practical living and how to be a better mom. And I can be myself when Im with them too. They are my picture perfect couple because they may have opposite personalities but they always complement each other- my inspiration that marriage ain't bad after all.

One thing I will never forget about this couples is that napaka-caring, toughtful and maalaga. Just like today, its Kuya Johnny's birthday I didn't actually expect that they will prepare something but when I arrive at their house pina-ubos agad ako ng isang plato ng spaghetti kasi nga im too thin na daw. hehehe... The celebration was just simple pero busog talaga ako. Happy birthday Kuya John and thank you Ate Sharon for the yummy cakes that you baked, I so love it!

Speaking of the couples toughtfulness, when I went home they gave me a heart-shaped cake for pasalubong to Justine and my mom. ;)

Justine requested me to put on the icing flowers that I take home.

The Hugs & Kisses Sterling Silver Necklace Giveaway

Icay, a fellow blogger and mommy who is currently living in Las Vegas now is giving away “Hugs and Kisses” Necklace from Alexa’s Angels. This is her unique way of saying thank you for another year given to her on her birthday which is today, April 1st.

I first saw the necklace in plurk where Icay posted a photo of her wearing it. It really attracted me ever since. And when Icay posted the mechanics of the “Hugs and Kisses” Necklace from Alexa’s Angels contest on her blog I was happy to know that its going to be the prize and that I will have a chance to owned it too (if I win! hehehe). It's also good to know that this Alexa’s Angels is dedicated to creating, finding and supporting programs that benefit women.

So why do I deserve to get the giveaway? Well simply because Im a women and I really love to see the Hugs & Kisses Sterling Silver Necklace on my neck. ;)

Thank You For Another Year!

Im very thankful that I am given another year to explore. I thought this year would just passed by just like the other birthdays but thank you to my newly found CDObloggers family for making this day extra special. Even if you did made me feel bad this day but as Chiq Montes said "wala man to gituyo" because you taught I already know that you are going to surprise me. Thank you for the candles I blow and my first ever cake. No im not kidding! I dont really celebrate my birthday. There's a reason for it and I just hope someone will change this dumb thoughts or atleast show me that its ok to celebrate... lols (Im being dramtic na!). Anyways, Thank you also for the unending greetings in my Facebook Wall. Gosh! messages flooded there! Thank you to my KMPH family, plurk friends, and to some high school friends also.

Check out more pics at Chiq Montes.