30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY 2 - Something to Nibble On...

Monday, April 02, 2012

Earlier this afternoon my mom asked me if I like to eat Suman, immediately I replied yes! Then she went out and came back bringing Suman and told me the total amount payable for the suman. I really taught she's buying it for me but instead im paying it. lol Mom then made me a cup of coffee to match with my Suman. Forgive me this rarely happens that she served me snacks while im working. ;) I happily finished my snack while working even though the coffee is too sweet for me its like im drinking sugar not coffee, I usually prefer strong coffee thats why. Anyways its the effort that counts... :D

Later this evening im nibbling with this imported sweets given by a friend. I finished the Quacker Chewy Chocolate Chip in a snap. I love it coz its a chocolate coated with oats so it doesn't really taste so sweet. On the other hand, the Candy Cane still in my mouth right now, and ive been nibbling with this for about 2 hours, more or less. lol Its my first time actually to taste a Candy Cane and yes I love it but I am enjoying this slowly because I don't want to ruined my teeth. Im now at the curvy part so I guess ill finish this in no time and will hit the sack. ;)

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