CDOBloggers Cadayunan Outreach

Last December CDOBloggers, Inc had a Outreach and Feeding Program at Cadayunan Primary School in Besigan. I wasn't able to joined on that day due of my other responsibilities. My fellow CDOBloggers had an exciting experienced going there because they ride on a  Government dump truck, of which the only means of transportation. After the thrilling and bumpy ride they had to walk up to the mountain where the Cadayunan Primary School is situated.
When they arrived excited faces of kids are already waiting. A small program was held of which kids were able to win prizes and enjoy.

It was a pleasure seeing those kids happy with the presents they have received. We also donated some activity books and old text books we have gathered. In behalf of the CDOBloggers, Inc we would like to thank all the Paypal and cash donors for helping us with our cause. We would also like to thank the following sponsors for sending their products for our loot bags.
Guard Insect Repellent Lotion for the insect repellent lotion
Firefly Toothbrush for the toothbrush
Dhadha Garcia for the toothpastes