New Hairstyle from Ystilo Salon

New year new look as they say... #TryNewThings2014

Went to Ystilo Salon to use my gift certificate for a mani and pedi but I ended up having a new hairstyle after I went out at the Salon. :D Well, I was actually thinking of a hair spa with my mani and pedi to consume all the amount in my GC but then the people in the salon suggested why not a hair makeover for a new look this new year.

I know its marketing but they are so good at it that I ended having my hair dyed. They actually offer other services like hair relaxing and others but then the hair dying got me more excited. And for the record, this is my first to try hair color services at the salon. I usually just avail for a hair cut, mani, and pedi and dont usually mind the other services. In addition this is also one of those impulsive decisions I make when I go for a "me time" and bored thinking about my life.

I choose the color for my hair which was copper brown and Miss Lyn (the hairstylist) did the style for my hair. The haircut was not included in the services but luckily when I ask if they can also cut my hair a bit they charge it for free. Yes that is why Im lovin them! ^_^ I was a bit stunned at first when she didn't ask me what style would I like for my hair but then again I was thankful because I was having trouble on deciding what hairstyle would I be having this time that would ofcourse compliment my face and new hair color. And so I just let her do her thing on my hair.I am probably taking seriously my theme for this year #TryNewThings2014! :P

And so this is the result after... I have a new hair color and a new hairstyle. I may have already tried having that bangs last year and at some point that time even said to myself will no longer have it again but then again I find it great having it again right now. I honestly felt like a Koreana with this new look. ^_^ Anneyong Haseyo!

With Camera flash on.

Without Camera flash.

I took a photo a day after to compare the hair color. What I actually like is that my hair is smooth after having it dyed. Unlike others Ive seen which after having their hair dyed it was all dry looking.

Im sorry for that no-makeup-dry-face look.
Without Camera flash.

With Camera flash on.

Thank you Ystilo Salon! Will definitely be back because I like your costumer service. The staff are so friendly and accommodating.
Have you been to Ystilo Salon too?