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Theme of the Year: #TryNewThings2014

This photo is from Bianca Gonzales instagram. She shared this article that she wrote for December 2013 Editor's Note for Meg Magazine. I find this more attainable and exciting instead of making a New Year's resolutions.

I was thinking of #Focus2014 to be my theme of the year but then I also like #TryNewThings2014. I ended choosing the later because I need to break away with some things in the past... Lets just say I tend to focus on certain things so much which most of the time gave me heartaches and not good feelings in the end. So this year as much as I want to focus on a to different aspects in my life I think I need to change some of it first before I will focus on it. And besides, Ive been dealing with diverting my attention to different aspects in my life that until now still unsuccessful. Guess this is a sign... ^_^

And so I will #TryNewThings2014!

What will your theme this year be?