My friends from college invited me for a Christmas party. It was a karaoke night since the party was held at Willsbar KTV. This gathering dont usually happen since lately everyone has been busy with each career and family, infact 2 are missing out because they are not in town.

This probably one of my few appearance on every events Dallavags has. Ever since before I have always been the "bee", jumping from one group to another group of friends. I could say I have lots of barkada's and they all stick together as time goes by while as for me I'm still flying everywhere. I more often miss out a lot so when I came in my usual reaction and response was "Really? I didn't know that?".


December is also the birthday of 2 of our barkada's Carol and Red so opted to celebrate it also. I even joked that in 2014 Christmas party should be celebrated in September so I can have my birthday cake too. hehe


I was so busy on that day that I really taught I couldn't make it. And since I had so many things to do, I opted for an outfit that is comfortable and casual. This probably my usual get-up lately, top with blazer and a shorts.

oot - Blazerz and shorts

oot - Blazerz and shorts (1)

oot - Blazerz and shorts (2)

oot - Blazerz and shorts (3)