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DIY Brazilian Blowout with my Bestie

I went to my best friend's house earlier today for a kikay hair bonding. This time we are doing a  do-it-yourself Brazilian treatment on our hair. She ordered this EpSA Brazilian Blow Out Keratin treatment set from Shoppee. See below for the direction on how to apply this treatment:

The Instruction:

  1. Shampoo hair using bottle #1 EpSA Clarifying Shampoo to open the cuticle of the hair for optimal results. 
  2. Wash hair twice for all hair types. 
  3. Towel dry hair leaving enough moisture. 
  4. Section hair into four parts. (IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Don't forget to wear hand gloves.
  5. Apply bootle #2 EpSA Keratin Blow Out into the hair using a brush, 1/8 inch away from the scalp to the ends. 
  6. Do not over-saturate, remove excess product using a fine-tooth comb. 
  7. Do not rinse, blow dry the hair up to 100% dry using a round brush. 
  8. After blow-drying the product on the hair. Proceed with ironing. 
  9. Using a flat iron with 230°c, start at the nape of the neck taking 1-2 inch sections (Paper-thin sections). 
  10. Slowly move the iron from root to end. Pass over each section 3-4 times for sensitized hair or 4-8 times for resistant hair. 
  11. After ironing the hair, rinse hair with water and apply bottle #3 EpSA Conditioning Cream, then rinse thoroughly. 
  12. Towel dry hair. Then finally, blow-dry the hair up to 100% dry before ironing again (optional).

The Result:

The product actually works. We like our hair after the treatment. We would definitely love to try this treatment again. 
I didn't get to take a before photo and also the process because we were in a hurry and busy talking. 😅 And the after photos are not really that great because it was already very late when we finish.  So the following are the after photos we got. 😆

HairFood Co Haul

HairFood Co hair Essential

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing a beauty haul from Hairfood Co...
Hairfood Co is a Filipino company providing natural and nature-inspired haircare products that are sulfate-free, paraben-free and are infused with the world's best nourishing ingredients.
After attending the blogcon meet-up that was hosted by Hairfood Co I got interested on the all natural products. And since the some of the products are not just for hair but can be use on the face and body. All the more exciting for me.
So here are products I bought from Hairfood Co: 
Hairfood Co. Black Back Shampoo - This shampoo boost the growth of the hair with the all-natural shampoo powered by a stem cell activator.
Crown & Glory Hair Reborn Revitalizing Conditioner- This will help regrow hair with a plethora of  natural oils and plant extracts that activate hair stem cell follicles and revitalize scalp. This conditioner also increases manageability, strength of hair fibres and shine.
Rosehip Oil - This is amazing scar remover, skin and hair rejuvenating properties. It also improves dull hair, brings back shine to the color hair, anti-dandruff treatment, and many more.
Tsubaki Oil - This famous Japanese oil for skin and hair beauty rituals. Traditionally nourish and protect tehir skin with native Tsubaki oil, shich is natural fast-absorbing.
Tsubaki beauty oil softens hair and makes it more manageable. It helps retain oisture, repairs breakage and split ends.

Hairfood Co. Black Back Shampoo
Hairfood Co. Black Back Shampoo 250ml (P550.00

Crown & Glory Hair Reborn Revitalizing Conditioner
Crown & Glory Hair Reborn Revitalizing Conditioner 250ml (P615.00)

Rosehip Oil
Rosehip Oil 30ml (P485.00)

Tsubaki Oil
Tsubaki Oil 50ml (P899.00)

Have you tried HairFood Co products?

Hairfood Co just opened it's SM Downtown Premier shop, located at the ground floor near Bread Talk 
You can also check them out online:

New Hairstyle

Hi everyone! I just had a new hairstyle. And im so back with bangs... ^-^
This time I tried a Mirangcurl Korean Salon at SM City CDO. I still have the same hair color I just got a haircut. Even though the one I wanted was not achieve (yes again) Im happy with my hairstyle. I like the service specially the shampoo treatment because hey massage your head as well. It's so relaxing and refreshing after. I don't like some of the staff though because I caught some of them talking and joking about the costumer. Although some other staff are very accommodating.
To maintain this hair style can be handful but I dont worry much because I have my Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush which helps a lot with keeping my hair  straight and in place specially at the end part of my hair.
With the Jade hair brush anti-scalding bristle its safe to contact on my palm so I can straighten the hair from the root to end. I can feel the heat but it didn't burn my palm.

If you're interested of Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic-Tourmaline Brush check it out at

Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush Review

Hi everyone! How was weekend?
Today I am sharing a gift I received from Irresistible Me... the Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush! This is actually my first to own one like this so I am very much excited when this arrive...
For now, I will be sharing a review on the product itself because I tried taking photos while using it and it turns out not so great (the photos I mean). Its a struggle taking photos on my own. 
I just realized Im gonna need to create a video to show you how I use it but will yet gather my confidence so as not to look awkward on camera. ^_^
However, one things for sure... I will be creating another post showing the before and after of using the hair brush
Added bummer is that I just had a new hair style that is cut short (Remember my dramatic ash gray post previously?), so you'll probably not notice the after effect.
Irresistible Me, is a growing brand of 100% natural clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools like flat irons and curler. I choose the ceramic straightening brush because (1) I am not really into styling my hair, (2)  I don't have much patience using flat irons, and (3) Im afraid of damaging my hair with flat irons. 
Besides being curious about this ceramic straightening brush, I've read and look for some video reviews in using this and I learn that its really a best alternative to flat irons.
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
I really like its color very attractive and chic!
It comes in a gorgeously designed and sturdy box with magnetic closure that you can use to store it with.
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
When you first switch it on the LCD screen light up. And it will start to heat up fast. The temperature start at the minimum of 350℉/180℃ and the maximum temperature is 450℉/230℃.
In the manual, they recommend the following:
350℉/180℃ for delicate, colored, and fine hair
410℉/210℃ for naturally textured hair
450℉/230℃ for thick or wavy hair
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
Its anti-scalding bristle is safe to contact on your scalp so you can straighten the hair from the root. I tried touching it with my palm and I feel the heat but it didn't burn my palm. 
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
It's very convenient to use because its lightweight, has a (8ft) long cord, and has a 360 degree swivel cord on the tip that prevent the cord from tangling. It also has a universal voltage (40 Watt) so you can take the brush when traveling. Just make sure to use an adapter to go in the socket.
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
I actually struggled using the hair straightening brush at first, but I eventually got the hang of it. And I just love that it not only straightens my hair it also make my hair feels so smooth. I like touching it every time.  
As for the shipping... It took 3 weeks for this to be delivered door-to-door. The country of origin is Germany. Its actually fast, because I saw in the stamp on the box that it arrived 2 weeks early in the Philippines. The usual slow part is our local postal office.

Have you use a  hair straightening brush too? Any tips you can share?

Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog. And looking forward to read your comments. :)

Weekend Haul: Fiesta Sale

Hi everyone! Today I will be sharing my hauls last weekend. 
Last weekend was just spent watching Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and then a stroll at the mall. And since there's a lot of sale going on in the city because of the month long celebration of Higalaay Festival 2015. We couldn't help but indulge into a little shopping. ;)
Hair Heroes Intense UV Thermal Barrier Shield from Snoe Beauty - Snoe Beauty is one of my trusted brand when it comes to hair care. I recommend the Hair Heroes! I use to buy their Hair Heroes Intense Argan 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner but I am trying out this Intense UV Thermal Barrier Shield because my hair is so dry. Probably because of the hair color. I love the smell its very relaxing.
Galaxy shorts at the Centrio Mall Bazaar - I forgot to get the name of the online shop that sells this galaxy shorts. I bought it for Php 180.00 (3usd). I love it because its stretchable, its cloth is spandex.
Sandals from Jellies by Mendrez -  This is on sale Php 499.00 (10usd). I love how light and comfy this sandal is... Perfect for casual hangouts and ofcourse for my maxi outfits.

Watsons Sale

Watson Haul_Fotor

I love it when Watsons has sale promos because I can save on some beauty necessities. Too bad though I didn't get to buy that flat and hair straightener which was on buy 1, take 1. If only I knew, if only I had the money. It would have been a huge saving and then I could just sell the free one. Previously, Bang and I was able to save a lot on the hair blower which was offered buy 1, take 1 also at Watsons.

Anyways, in this sale the items that I bought are wet tissues and hair brush.

I always buy Watsons wet tissue because it so handy and affordable. Bought this for buy 2, take 1.The hair brush, on the other hand, is in 30% off. Ive been planning to buy a durable hair brush and this sale gave me the chance to get it. It was really a huge saving.

You should watch out for sale promos at Watsons branches near you because it really save you a lot on beauty necessities.

Watson Haul Wet Tissue

Watson Haul Brush

Watson Haul Brush2

Watson Haul Brush3

Watson Haul Brush4

Affordable Hair Dryer from Watsons

Bang and I drop by at Watsons to buy some toiletries and hair color coz we are going to try to color our hair for the wedding. However, look what we found as we went through the shelves... Watsons hair dryer on sale for buy 1 take 1 with the price of Php 649.00. We couldn't believe it at first so we called the sales lady and when she confirmed it we ended buying a hair dryer too.

Watson Hair Dryer

Pantene Age Defying Shampoo

Pantene Age Defying is my shampoo now and I could say if you want to have a shiny hair use this shampoo. Im not kiddin, i'm talking from experience. ;) Every afternoon I usually tie my hair because its hot hair in our house I got no problem with it until I used Pantene age defying shampoo. This is because after awhile the tie on my hair just slide down and I have to fix it again. I am thinking if its good or not now since I can no longer tie my hair... :D Even an aunt love it too since she no longer spend extra money for a conditioner now that she is using Pantene age defying shampoo.

Love to hear about your shampoo too! Feel free to voice it below... I'll be waiting!