Step Up Revolution Review & A bit Of Spoiler

Done watching Step Up Revolution on cinema today but I'm still not over it. I watched with my Sunday classmates Bang, Jacqs, Rox and along with our official bossing/driver Ding after our commercial cooking and massage class at Gaisano Mall Cinemaplex. We actually went first to Limketkai Center but its no longer showing there because they said it was not a hit. Thank God we didn't change our mind even if Bourne Legacy was also showing.

Man! The movie was damn excellent, probably my fave among the past Step Up movies. The dance choreography was awesome, as well as the cast dance pretty good! Yes there's not much to tell on how the story went but viewers is already entertain on the dance itself! The effects are terrific also.

Here some of my favorite scenes in the movie...
  • First on the list the handsome dancers, sexy abs and envious booty shakes from the girl dancers!
  • I love Penelope's (The DJ) trolley suitcase that reveal a huge set of speakers.
  • The cars on hydraulics and that part wherein dancers stand on top of it.
  • Mercury's "The Mob" arts;
  • The graffiti that he set up 5 huge panes of glass and starts spray painting with the word “The Mob”.
  • Sculpture out of forks and knives that reads “The Mob”.
  • Old scraps of which form into a giant flame-breathing sculpture monster that reads, “We are not for sale.”
  • Art gallery performances where dancers are painted to resemble life-sized sculptures and blends on the wall paintings.
  • The protest mob dance that use steel tube that spark against the ground along with a hip-hop style routine.
  • Dancers mimic a fall from an insane height and then leap and pulled back up by another dancer as if marionettes.
  • And lastly, how they plot the intro and exit of the mob really amazing!
Meet the talented cast....

Official preview of the choreographers exclusive behind the scenes...

For those who are curious about "The Mob" here's a spoiler and teaser at the same time. Check out video of the first and last mob performances.