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Snoe Selfie Beauty Makeup Workshop

Last Saturday, I attended a makeup workshop featuring one of CDO's best makeup artist, Paola Paladio. The event was presented by Snoe, a Philippine made makeup brand.
I was actually excited for this event because its my first time to attend this kind of workshop. 
The workshop was light and fun... And I really learned a lot not just the correct way to apply make-up but some tricks on how to make the make-up last. I know you can learn from YouTube University (borrowing Paola's term ^_^) but its still different learning in actual with the expert.
It also help that Paola is so friendly and approachable because we never felt awkward or shy in asking anything that bothers or troubles us.
You probably knew by now I love Snoe haircare products from my previous blog post.... In the event, I was able to try Snoe makeup products and I must say its pretty good. The reason I cant resist but had my shopping list... So if you thinking of giving me a gift on my upcoming birthday look no further. I have already listed my wishlist for you. Thank you in advance! ;)
Besobalm Lip Sugar Polish - 299
Rouge Deluxe Marsala 2015 - 399
Poudre Synthesis BB Liquid Powder Base 3D Matte Finish x3 - 699
What’s Up Brow! Tinted Eyebrow Pencil Wax in Khaki - 699
Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake in Peanut - 799
Poudre Extraordinaire SPF30 Perfect Beige (Medium) - 799
And oh! I just need to share this... I had a milestone in the event! There was prizes given and I won my first ever (yes I am not kidding!) Early Bird prize! This made me happy because I've always been the late comer... :D
After the event all participants was encourage to take their selfie photo and post it on instagram. The photo with the most likes wins. Please do like my instagram photo below so I can win for the #SelfieBeauty contest. Thank you!
Big thanks to sir Ralph and Kaye Layco!

With Miss Paola Paladio.

With Mia Durano of
With Miss Kaye Layco owner of Snoe Centrio branch.

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Chef Hasset's Baking Workshop Series

Last February 19, 2012 I along with fellow CDObloggers attended the  Culinary Institute in Cagayan de Oro Open House. This is actually my second time to visit CIC because I have also been invited to the All You Want Bars!  Pastry Workshop of Chef Hasset go.

This time around its another pastry workshop which is the favorite cakes cooking demo still with Chef Hasset Go. It started early in the morning and I was even late for the orientation. After that we were toured around there school rooms and facilities. In one of the rooms there was an on going class on international cuisine. Ahhh! I cant wait for April to come so I can start with my International Cuisine 5-Day Workshop. ;)

Finally, the workshop started. We were given the menu of each 4 cakes to be baked; Caramel Custard Cake, Concorde, Purple-Jackfruit Cake and Chocolate Truffle Cake. Since the baking is long we were able to witness the baking demo for Caramel Custard Cake and Chocolate Truffle Cake because the other half resume on the afternoon.


Its really fun and interesting learning on how to bake cakes. I myself would love to learn more of it because I want to bake and decorate it according to my taste. However, I opted for the international cuisine workshop this summer because I wanna learn cooking delicious cuisines from different parts of the world first.

That 2 workshops I have attended in CIC, hype up my interest and inspired me to really pursue cooking and baking class. Watching and listening to Chef Hasset Go made it more inspiring because he started young on the pastry industry which dubbed him the youngest pastry chef in the country.  Other than that, because of he knows how to cook different delicious food and he bakes pastries and sweets he found a career and eventually build his own business. And of course not to mention his good-looking features (you guys know what I mean. :D) which every girls weakness is already inspiring because you will be seeing Chef Hasset at CIC as one of the instructors.