Affordable White Shoes

I bought a cheap white shoes at The Night Cafe today. The original price is Php 120.00 but I got mine for Php 100.00. On a regular basis, white shoes will not catch my attention immediately because I don't like wearing it. Since its a requirement on my massage therapy class and its something I don't have in my shoe rack I now have the reason to buy for it. Luckily, I pass by a slipper and shoe vendor at the flea market at The The Night Cafe. I glance through and caught this white shoes behind the vendor. It was not displayed properly actually and was just stock behind the vendor. I saw a nice design and when I ask how much, it was offered cheap. I immediately grab the one design I liked, look for the size that fits me and paid for it... Impulsive huh?

I can't show you guys the style I picked coz I forgot to take a photo of it. I'll just show it when I already got a matching outfit or should I say wear it with the complete uniform. :) However, here are the other designs of the white shoes that I took.