Kuya Johnny's Birthday

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I just had a food-filled visit at Kuya John's house today. It was actually a long overdue plan since a few weeks ago his wifey Ate Sharon got sick. Both ate Sharon and Kuya John has been a dear friend of mine and even if Kuya John and I are no longer workmates we often hangout just to chill and food trip. Its nice to hangout with them since I learned a lot about practical living and how to be a better mom. And I can be myself when Im with them too. They are my picture perfect couple because they may have opposite personalities but they always complement each other- my inspiration that marriage ain't bad after all.

One thing I will never forget about this couples is that napaka-caring, toughtful and maalaga. Just like today, its Kuya Johnny's birthday I didn't actually expect that they will prepare something but when I arrive at their house pina-ubos agad ako ng isang plato ng spaghetti kasi nga im too thin na daw. hehehe... The celebration was just simple pero busog talaga ako. Happy birthday Kuya John and thank you Ate Sharon for the yummy cakes that you baked, I so love it!

Speaking of the couples toughtfulness, when I went home they gave me a heart-shaped cake for pasalubong to Justine and my mom. ;)

Justine requested me to put on the icing flowers that I take home.

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