Why I Like Ganda Ever So Much

Being part of the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 gave me the opportunity to know fellow bloggers not only from Mindanao but also from other places in the Philippines. In that event also I met the famous Manansala bloggers from General Santos; Avel (Gensantos.com) and Orman (GandaEverSoMuch.com). And this is how I found out about Ganda Ever So Much by Orman Manansala.
When I first visit the blog I said "Wow I love the layout very unique!" yun talaga una ko na notice specially the hands on both sides of the blog and ofcourse the frog icon on the header which I fine weird at first. Hindi ko kasi gets eh… lols. Anyways, when I started reading his blog post I enjoyed it a lot. I remember the first blog post I read it was “Bakit katamad maligo pagweekend?” natawa talaga ako sa post na yun kasi nga totoo lahat. Since then I got caught up and then go on reading the past blog post. Ang maganda sa blog ni Orman is that the way he posted his blog post na patula so hindi ka talaga ma-bore sa kakabasa. Dalawa din sa sinusundan kung post ay ang emo-ness ever moment and the emo tips. Hehehe… Emotera kasi ako kaya relate ever ako sa mga blogs ni Orman. So whenever he shared his blog post on Facebook I click and read it talaga but not now anymore because I am already his subscriber. :P I admit hindi ko talaga na-isip eto not until I joined his first week blogversary contest which required to subscribe on his blog. ;)

Ganda Ever So Much!

Happy 1st Blogversary GandaEverSoMuch.com!

Meron pala kaming bonggang picture ni Orman during Summer Safari in Gensan. (Thank you Orman sa paalala.) Taken by Robstroy at Pacman's Sports Bar. Oh diba ang Ganda ever so much talaga kami! :P

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  1. venus unya nagmeet pa gyud tag usab sa summer safari... bongga ever so much ged ang rampa, eh!

    hahahahaha....thanks venus for being an avid follower... padayon lang kay daghan pang emo moments sa GandaEverSoMuch.com!

  2. Ai uu I forgot to mention that... Meron pala tayong bongga ever pic together! Update ko yan dito... ;)

  3. hahahaha!!! i love that pic! ang duha ka mga gwapong emotera in blog-landia!!!

  4. Huwag naman gwapo Orman... hehehe... Gwapa! Me too I love this pic! Thank you ever so much talaga ky Robstroy.

  5. venus heto pang kulang mo:

    1) include my blog in your blogroll
    2) put a link of the week #3 contest blog post anywhere in your entry...


  6. 1) include my blog in your blogroll
    --> Matagal na sa blogroll ko ang blog. Baka sa pages na blogroll ang na-check mo may problema kasi dyan kasi lumalabas ang links hindi ko nga lang natanggal ang Blogroll sa pages. hehehe

    2) put a link of the week #3 contest blog post anywhere in your entry...
    I admit eto hindi ako nakalagay akala ko link lang ng GESM.com hehehe

    Anyways, ok lang! Thank you Orman... :)


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