Fire Fly Toothbrush By Dr. Fresh

Friday, July 16, 2010

I was interested with the Fire Fly Toothbrush By Dr. Fresh which I just recently discover online today. My little Justine is a type of kid that easily grow tired of things which doesnt interest him so I made it a point to buy toothbrush that has cartoon characters in it so that he will look forward in brushing his teeth. We have been advised by a dentist to let him brush his teeth more often and every after he eat sweets because his teeths are mostly broken. He likes candies to much and good thing lately he stop drinking milk on feeding bottle already because dentist said it's one of the reasons why his teeths are broken also.

Learning about Fire Fly Toothbrush By Dr. Fresh will definitely help me since it has blinking handles that attracts kids. This would really make my little bogoy brushing his teeth an exciting experience since it has features that will flash brightly for every one minute brushing on lower and upper teeth respectively. It is designed for 200 uses that reminds us to replaced toothbrush more often and it also comes in variety of colors that kids able to choose whatever it is that they like; Clear, Blue, Pink, Green, Red and Yellow.

Fire Fly Toothbrush By Dr. Fresh is available exclusively at Watsons and Beauty by SM Department Stores.

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