Pizza Foodtrip

Saturday, July 17, 2010

This month Ive been crazy over pizza. It started one lazy Saturday, I got hungry but I was so lazy to go out and buy something to eat. So I tried the pizza delivery service available here in Cagayan de Oro. I have several choices but I first tried Pizza de Oro. I ordered 1 box of De Oro Overload Pizza which left me craving for more because it was so delicious. I love the white sauce and the crunchy crust. And so the next day I ordered 2 boxes of De Oro Overload Pizza again. By the way, delivery is for free without any minimum purchase.

The second pizza delivery Ive tried is from Bianos Homemade Pizza. I ordered 1 medium Ham n' Pineapple and 1 regular size Hawaiian to accumulate an amount not less than Php 200 since minimum purchase of Php 200 is free delivery. If you purchase lower than that then they will charge a delivery fee of Php 30. My fave so far is the Hawaiian.

Next, pizza foodtrip with 3 friends at Big Flat Bread (BFB). We ordered the bigger size of Knickerbocker Pizza, Lasagna and a 2 liter drink cooler. You may wonder how we manage to finished it all. Well, there's what we all call "balot" or "pasalubong". lols... Supposed to be marami kaming uubos kaya bigger size inorder namin kaso iniwan kasi ng insan ko at ng boyfriend niya (LQ ang show kasi!) at hindi din dumating isa ko pang insan na naligaw saan ang BFB ( kaloko talaga!).

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