After Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello Sunday!

Aching body and stomach, watering nose, hard cough and manly voice. This is what I get spending 96 hours sleepless, restless and not eating properly. Who could think of sleep, rest and eat organizing that bloody Mindanao Blogger Summit 3 event anyway? If only we had lots of money and just hire an event organizer to do it all, then no sweat. Sadly the funds are small and even though we have lots of sponsors 80 percent of them are all ex-deal. And hey! Where could you find an event where organizers itself paid their registration fee for the event also?!? It may sound funny but I'm not kidding... The CDObloggers were that committed that amidst the struggles, problems and difficulties we've had the past months we still manage to go on with the event.
And despite the effort some manage to gave their bloody hell feedbacks on their blogs. I haven't read it and have no plans of reading it for now. Maybe next year I might read it but thanks anyway since he manage to comment about the event (Yun nga lang bad comment!). I just need to heal my "pains"... hahahah Whatever! Even if they will turn the world upside down we cant bring the past and correct the mistakes anyway. Actually, in the event some commented personally that it was successful. Just so you know this event would have been much successful if not because of the misunderstandings and churvaness happened!
Oh by the way! Thanks to the SPONSORS for the support, to the SPEAKERS for sharing their knowledge, PARTICIPANTS for sharing their time and to my fellow CDOBLOGGERS ORGANIZERS.

Chill! Ok ra na maka-recover ra mo!

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  1. hmmm... over all, I think it was a success...

    And Venus, I have been in that exact position with organizing VDAY Cagayan de Oro City 2008 (Vagina Monologues)... flop pa gani ang fisrt show.. we had to do a 2nd show to pay up what we owed my dad... and the actors' guests had to pay also para macover lang ang costs... no complaints kay we have a very good cause at hand...

    Misunderstandings? Ay.. dili na mawala... it's all part of the adrenalin rush and egos that clash due to pressure and the goal of making the event a success..

    I am so proud of you guys.. Congratulations.. Grabeh.. Saludo jud ko sa inyuha dedication..

    Till next event...

    Take care and God bless...

  2. If there was one person that we didn't like, it's the guy wearing black shirt from Summit Media nga nagpakaulaw sa amua 3 ni Mommy phebie and Mommy Laine..

    Makakuha lang ko picture nga naa xa, iblog naku ang iyahang gibuhat...

    Ahahahha... bitaw ven, thank you..

    Barato ra ang P 500 para sa amua nalearn gahapon... and the freebies we got...

  3. You know what's the best answer to all those negative comments?


    If those weirdos who don't have anything to say except negative things still do not get the point, then don't mind them. They know nothing...because if they do, they won't put the blame on the organizers AT ALL.

  4. ah basta kay human na siya. Sa event nako nakita kung unsa ang mga tinuod na color sa mga CDOBloggers. kanya - kanya sad na nga opinion. don't bother if some people did not enjoyed it kay siguro taas ra sad kaau ang ilang expectations and or may be CDOBloggers promised a few things for the summit and wala man d i ikabuga. All in all, the summit is not a major phail noh. it's a big opportunity for the CDOBloggers to be known and a chance to do another events in the future ;)

  5. I really want to be with other bloggers kaya lang la jud ko time and chance as well as money para makaapil.Kanang mga summit pareha sa cdo bloggers summit og mindanao summit.kalagot jud.


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