SM City Cagayan Wifi launching

Yesterday the CDOBloggers were invited to the SM City Cagayan Wifi launching. The Wifi which is powered by Philcom can be access in the entire mall. At the launching there where computers provided by STI College that can be used freely by bloggers and visitors. There was performances of local talents and lots of prizes given to participating bloggers who have registered. There was also a live blogging contest about "Uptown Malling Experiences at SM City Cagayan" where my fellow bloggers joined. I myself joined the contest too even if I am not used in blogging on the spot. I cant concentrate in writing because there are people watching me writing and the sound system is so loud that I cant concentrate. Good thing I finished my post on time and submitted it. (Na-iraos din ang post! lols)
The announcement of the winning blog is said to be announced on Wednesday at the SM City Cagayan Blog.

Photo credits to Awatiro and Chiq Montes.